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Best Gifts for Your Pets

By , Managing Editor
Thursday, November 29, 2012
1.Dancing Paws Pills 2 Go Organizer - Orange

You've checked almost all the names off your holiday shopping list: An anti-stress microwaveable neck pillow for your hardworking spouse, fitness equipment for your teen athlete and a gorgeous candle for your mom. But what about your furry friends? If you're a cat or dog owner, don't fret, we've got some great ideas to keep your pets happy and healthy all year long!

Your pets are irreplaceable members of your family, so show them how much you care this holiday season. These top sellers make great gifts for your pet, no matter their personality:

Freeze-Dried LobsterThe Diva: Freeze-Dried Lobster from Bella Lucy -- 1 oz for $13.16
For the pet that appreciates the niceties of life, these lobster treats come wrapped in a sophisticated brown box with delicate pink ribbon and crystal charm. These treats are made with only USDA-certified lobster tail meat without wheat or artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors. Freeze-dried to preserve taste and texture, these decadent bites provide plenty of protein to keep your pet strong and energized. The best part? No bib, butter or messy cleanup. They'll know they're being spoiled -- after all, that's what they deserve.

Herbal CollarThe Scent-sitive Type: Herbal Collar for Dogs or Cats from PetGuard -- 1 Collar for $3.99
If your dog or cat is a bit more high maintenance when it comes to their grooming, make sure they smell their best between baths with these great collars. These collars contain a natural blend of herbal oils without any harmful chemicals to keep them smelling clean no matter what they get into. Just put the collar on and enjoy the fresh, minty fragrance. Stop dousing your precious prince or princess with your perfume or fragrance and everyone will be wondering how they smell so good.

Breath-A-LiciousThe Kissy One: Breath-A-Licious from Dancing Paws -- 10 Small Bones for $5.69, 6 Medium Bones for $5.43 or 6 Large Bones for $7.58
Your pet loves to lay the wet ones on you every time you come home from work or right when you wake up in the morning. Their affection is adorable, but not when their breath makes your stomach turn. These bones are your solution for a stinky mouth -- and your dog will think they're a delicious treat! Made with sodium tripolyphosphate to remove tartar, they also contain peppermint, parsley, dill, fennel and chlorophyll to freshen breath. Just one bone daily makes a huge difference and they also support digestion to prevent upset stomach and another stinky pet problem -- gas.

Soothing Therape Pet SoapThe Spa Lover: Soothing Therape Pet Soap from Organix South -- 4 oz Bar for $5.04
If your dog has sensitive skin, or just loves to feel pampered, this luscious soap is perfect for them. They'll love the rich lather with ingredients like coconut, olive and sesame oils along with organic neem. It's also made without any chemicals or synthetic ingredients and is safe for even the most sensitive skin. Say good-bye to irritated or dry skin after a refreshing bath. Soothing herbs like lavender and rosemary also help calm your pet, just like an aromatherapy treatment! Treat your pet to a spa-like experience instead of fighting through every bath.

Shampoo and ConditionerThe Adventurer: Shampoo and Conditioner from PetGuard -- 12 oz for $7.16
Your dog or cat can't resist a good adventure, whether it's a journey to the attic or rolling around in your freshly planted garden. You can't always help what they get into, but you can keep it from making them sick. This two-in-one shampoo and conditioner gently removes dust, excess oil, debris and dead skin cells without detergents, alcohol, artificial colors, fragrances or additives that can irritate your pet's skin. Your pet's coat will shine, free of knots and tangles and glistening with health. A great product like this means they can continue their active and adventurous life without getting sick -- just wash it down the drain.

These great pet gifts and so much more are available now at eVitamins. With everything from treats to digestive aids and coat treatments, we've got your pet needs covered this holiday season!

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