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Amazing Health Benefits of Red Wine

If you indulge in the occasional glass of red wine with your nightly meal, you're doing more good for your body than you might realize. Learn more about all the amazing health benefits of red wine. Learn more at eVitamins Peru.

Everyone likes sitting back and sipping on a nice glass of wine after a hard day's work. But what if your favorite wind-down ritual was actually recommended for your overall health and wellbeing?

Well then, your dream has come true. When consumed in moderation, red wine has the possibility to increase your overall health in a variety of ways.

1. Support Heart Health
Polyphenols are the antioxidants found in red wine which help keep blood vessels open and reduce the risk of unwanted clotting. Red wine also increases the amount of HDL ("good") cholesterol in your blood while eliminating the LDL ("bad") which normally ends up getting deposited in arterial walls and forming plaque. This plaque causes arteries to stiffen and blood pressure to rise, increasing your risk of having a heart attack.

2. Increase Life Span 
One of the main benefits of red wine is resveratrol, a compound which boosts the activity of a protein known as SIRT1. SIRT1 improves how our cells operate, making them faster and increasing their resistance to a variety of diseases such as diabetes. A study conducted by Nankai University in China found regular consumption of red wine can help protect the elderly from many diseases, such as osteoporosis. (Note: If you do not drink alcohol, some other foods which contain moderate levels of resveratrol are grapes, peanuts, blueberries and cranberries.)

3. Improve Digestion
A recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed red wine helps eliminate the bad bacteria in your body to boost health while fostering the development of good bacteria, thanks to the abundance of polyphenols. Researchers from Spain found your body will only absorb about half of these polyphenols during the initial phase of digestion. While this may sound like a bad thing at first, the excess polyphenols become food for the good bacteria, helping them thrive.

4. Lose Weight
The compound piceatannol, which is converted from resveratrol, prevents the growth of fat cells. It actually binds to the insulin receptors of fat cells, blocking the necessary pathways needed for immature fat cells to mature and grow.

5. Prevent of Tooth Decay
Red wine contains certain properties that strengthen enamel to prevent tooth decay. A hardened enamel helps resist the bacteria Steptoccus mutans, the enabler of tooth decay. The polyphenols, which helped your digestion, can also prevent gum disease by reducing the inflammation.

6. Reduce Your Risk for Cancer
Studies are now suggesting the antioxidants found in red wine can help prevent the oxidative damages called by diseases such as type 2 diabetes and certain cardiovascular diseases. Quercetin, one of those antioxidants, has been known to combat cancer. A study conducted by the University of Puerto Rico has shown resveratrol may also have the ability to kill cancer cells.

If you want to reap the benefits of adding red wine to your diet, try adding a 4 to 6 oz glass of red wine to your nightly routine to improve your overall health. It's important you drink red wine in moderation, as too much alcohol can have adverse effects to health. Drinking excess amounts of alcohol can increase your risk of high blood pressure, high triglycerides, liver damage, obesity and certain types of cancer.

Be sure to consult your doctor to ensure your body is healthy enough to regularly consume alcohol.

While eVitamins doesn't sell wine, we do offer a variety of resveratrol and antioxidant supplements to support health. Check them out today!

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