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5 Ways to Accelerate Your Metabolism Now

As it burns through calories and fat, your metabolism supplies your body with energy and fuel to live healthily. If your metabolism is a bit on the slow side, you may have trouble losing weight, but there are several ways you can change that. Learn more at eVitamins Peru.
Metabolism. You probably hear the word all the time in regard to weight loss and health-related topics, but do you really know how it works? Your metabolism is comprised of processes that help your body to break down foods in order to produce energy, burning calories and shedding fat along the way. If you have a fast metabolism, this typically signifies that your body is able to blast through a significant amount of calories, making it easier for you to lose weight. If you have a slow metabolism, this means that your body doesn't burn as many calories as quickly, making it a bit more difficult for you to drop unwanted pounds. While a large portion of what determines your metabolic rate is based on genetics, there are several quick options you can try right now to contribute to accelerating your metabolism.

1. Eat metabolism-boosting foods.

The foods you consume can contribute significantly to the way your metabolism burns through calories. Foods like high-fiber cereals, protein from lean meats like chicken, avocados and tree nuts can all add to your body's fat-burning abilities. Cereals that are rich with fiber help keep you full for a longer period of time so you are less inclined to snack frequently or overeat, and fiber also helps you to maintain healthy insulin levels, reducing the storage of fat. Chicken is packed with protein, which can contribute to building muscle and revving up your metabolism because it requires so much energy to digest. Avocados contain essential amino acids along with omega-3 fatty acids that are beneficial for your health and, according to research by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, consuming nuts has been shown to have positive effects on metabolic rate. Nuts also contain the amino acid L-arginine that can help build muscle and speed metabolism.

2. Reach for zinc.

This supplement can help reduce your hunger so you're less likely to reach for unhealthy snacks in between meals or even have an extra helping at dinner time. Zinc naturally increases your levels of the hormone leptin, which notifies your body when you're full. Therefore, taking zinc supplements can help enhance your body's alarm system so you don't eat more than you should.

3. Drink caffeinated coffee.

Caffeinated coffee works to stimulate your central nervous system and can help boost your metabolic rate. The stimulant caffeine can help increase your energy and endurance, allowing you to work out for longer periods of time and contribute to bumping up your metabolism; decaf does not yield these same results.

4. Take a fish oil supplement.

Fish oil supplements that contain the fatty acids EPA and DHA have been shown to boost the activity of enzymes that burn fat, according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. When taken in conjunction with regular exercise, fish oil supplements work most effectively and can help you to lose weight. 

5. Try interval and strength training.

One of the benefits of interval training is that it forces your body to maximize each workout for a designated period of time, increasing your body's overall intensity in completing the exercises effectively. Alternating exercises in 20-minute intervals, as compared to performing one exercise steadily for a longer period of time, may encourage a fat-burning response in your muscles, according to Ethyln Gail Trapp, Ph.D., a leading researcher in an Australian study. Lifting weights and performing strength training exercises can amplify your muscle growth, and muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue does. Try incorporating some lifting along with your interval training to keep your body constantly moving and utilizing different muscles.
While many people may think their metabolic rates are set in stone and there's no changing them, the opposite is actually true. Foods, exercises and supplements can all provide assistance in kicking your metabolism up a notch so you can better burn through calories and fat, reaching your desired weight and physique.
Check out our selection of healthy living products and supplements that can bump up your metabolism at eVitamins today, and have a great day!
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