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5 Reasons to Drink Lemon Water

Lemons are a highly nutritious fruit and drinking lemon water is an easy way to get some of their benefits. Here are five reasons not to overlook that free slice of lemon that comes with your water at a restaurant. Learn more at eVitamins Peru.

It's no secret sugar-filled sodas, energy drinks and coffee creations aren't the best choice for hydration throughout the day. But not everyone enjoys drinking plain water all day long, despite its benefits.

If this sounds like you, or if you're interested in a better way to get your daily H2O, consider adding some lemon to your water. Refreshing with an invigorating scent, lemon water not only helps the body stay hydrated, but it comes with some additional benefits as well for your health.

Whether you drink it warm first thing in the morning or chilled after a workout, here are five reasons lemon water should be your beverage of choice:

1. Antioxidant Protection -- Lemons, like all citrus fruits, are packed with vitamin C. One lemon has about half your daily requirement, in fact. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant and antioxidants protect all the cells of the body against the damage of free radicals, which we encounter on a daily basis. Free radicals can weaken the immune system which lowers the body's resistance to illness.

2. Healthy Skin -- Make water your beauty secret. The vitamin C in lemons also supports collagen production and, as previously mentioned, fights free radicals that can damage the skin and lead to visible signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, etc. Water is always the best bet for clear, bright and hydrated skin and adding the lemon amps up its effects even more.

3. Weight Management -- Now, there are lots of theories about lemon water actually causing weight loss, but no substantial evidence thus far other than the fact lemons contain pectin, a type of fiber. Water is however great for filling you up during and between meals and can keep you from overeating. Adding the lemon will also make the water more satisfying and perhaps remind your taste buds of less healthy options that can cause you to gain weight.

4. Liver Support -- Lemons contain compounds like D-limonene that support the function of the liver, which is responsible for detoxifying the body on a daily basis. Drinking lemon water daily assists the enzymes within the liver in ridding the body of harmful substances. Supporting your liver's function on a each day means you can skip out on more drastic detox practices -- just let the body do its thing.

5. Less Bloating -- Bloating is one of the most frustrating symptoms, effecting how you feel and look. If you're retaining water due to high sodium consumption, digestive issues or premenstrual syndrome, drinking water with lemon will help your body flush out the extra fluid naturally. This is also a way of assisting the body in its natural cleansing processes.

Fresh from a whole lemon is the best way to start if you're interested in adding lemon juice to your water, however, you can also find pure organic lemon juice in a bottle. Just keep it in the fridge after you open it so you can add a splash to your water anytime. You can also freeze lemon juice (fresh or bottled) in your ice cube tray for use at home or on the go. Lastly, combining lemons with other fruits or even herbs can have additional benefits. Mint, for example, can help with digestive issues.

It's important to note lemon water isn't a cure for any chronic medical issues you may be experiencing. The citric acid in lemons can also upset the digestive system if you consume too much, so make sure to properly dilute lemon juice and, as with any change to your routine, pay attention to how you feel.

We carry lots of great water bottles to help you enjoy lemon water on the go. Shop today at eVitamins and we'll see you tomorrow!

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