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15 Benefits of Drinking Water

Water is the healthiest beverage out there and many of us are not drinking enough of it on a daily basis. If you need more motivation, read this post for 15 reasons to drink more water.

The body craves water and for a multitude of reasons. In fact, our bodies are made up of approximately 60 percent water, which needs to be replenished on a daily basis to keep all of the organs hydrated so all the systems of the body function properly.

If you're still more a fan of soda, juice or alcohol than water, we have 15 reasons water will make you feel and look better to motivate you to drink more.

1. Clearer skin

Water helps flush out bacteria and toxins than can lead to breakouts of acne. It will also keep the body's largest organ properly hydrated -- dehydrated skin looks less plump and is more prone to wrinkles.

2. Faster metabolism

Drinking water may help increase the body's thermogenesis, or metabolism, to burn more fat throughout the day.

3. More energy

If you feel tired throughout the day, no matter how much sleep you get, you're probably dehydrated. A glass of cold water can wake you right up and help you be more productive.

4. Proper muscle function

Without the proper amount of fluids in the body, the muscles don't contract and relax properly, leading to fatigue. Stay hydrated during your workout for better performance.

5. Detoxification

As mentioned in the first benefit, water assists in the body's natural detoxification process, supporting the work of the kidneys and liver.

6. Weight loss

Another way water can help you lose weight is by filling you up so you consume less calories. Drink a full glass of water with each meal and snack.

7. Digestive regularity

Keep the digestive system moving by drinking water with your meals. This will help the body properly break down food and release waste in a timely fashion to prevent constipation.

8. Nutrient absorption

Going hand in hand with the previous point, water's assistance in the breakdown of food means the body is better able to absorb nutrients for optimal benefit from the foods we consume.

9. Pain reduction

Pain is another common symptom of dehydration. If you experience frequent headaches or discomfort in your joints or muscles, try upping your water intake.

10. Boost immunity

Assisting the body in the absorption of nutrients and the flushing out of waste also supports the immune system by providing the nutrients it needs and removing what slows it down.

11. Temperature regulation

Keeping your body at the ideal 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit is a whole lot easier when you're properly hydrated. Drinking lots of water will also help bring down a high temperature.

12. Reduce cold symptoms

When you come down with a cold, help you body flush out congestion by drinking water.

13. Support respiratory health

Along the same lines of the previous point, drinking water will keep the nose and throat moist which can reduce irritation and inflammation.

14. Aid supplements

If you take supplements, be sure to take them with a full glass of water to easily and comfortably transport them through the body so they can be broken down and the nutrients within absorbed.

15. Hangover prevention

Drinking one glass of water with every alcoholic beverage you consume can prevent a hangover. If you overdo it and still wake up feeling awful, drinking water will help you feel better, faster. 

We carry a wide selection of water bottles to make getting your daily water easier than ever. Check back soon for more health news and stay well!

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