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The 10 Physical, Mental Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore

You know your body better than anyone else. If you notice any of these 10 symptoms, make sure to get them checked out ASAP. Learn more at eVitamins Peru.
You’ve had a cold before. You’ve had the flu. So you know when something is out of sorts and “different” about your body. The messages your body is giving off can mean the difference between a small health issue and a major one.
It’s always important to check in with your body on a regular basis to stay on top of your health and wellness. These 10 symptoms are red flags that shouldn’t be dismissed:
1. Irregular heartbeat
Also known as arrhythmia, an irregular or abnormal heartbeat can be a common symptom of getting older. However, if it’s accompanied by breathing issues, chest pain, fatigue or lightheadedness, it could be a sign of a more serious heart issue.
2. Difficulty breathing while lying down
Have you ever sat straight up in the middle of the night gasping for air? This isn’t like when you awake from a nightmare—this is a feeling of complete breathlessness that can make you panic. Known as paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea, this could be a symptom of heart or lung problems.
3. Chest pain
Any tightening or pain in the chest is a red flag for heart issues, like a heart attack. Don’t wait, get it checked as soon as possible.
4. Wheezing
If you suffer from asthma, wheezing is a sign your airways are constricted and you need to use a rescue inhaler to open them back up again. But if you don’t have asthma, or the symptoms persist, you need to see a doctor to rule out an infection or pneumonia.
5. Confusion and/or loss of speech
One of the most recognizable symptoms of a stroke, if you find yourself struggling to put words together into sentences or feel disoriented, seek medical attention immediately.
6. Severe, persistent headache
A severe headache is one that immobilizes you, bringing with it sensitivity to light and sound and nausea. If you experience a severe headache that lasts more than a few days or if they recur often, it’s important to be checked for any neurological or circulatory issues.
7. Stiff neck
The most recognizable sign of meningitis. If you aren’t feeling well, with cold or flu-like symptoms, make sure you can touch your chin to your chest.
8. Changes in vision
Another possible sign of a stroke is vision loss or changes in vision such as seeing multiples, flashes/spots or blurred vision that cannot be helped by glasses or contact lenses, drops or rubbing your eyes.
9. Blood in stool, urine or vomit
Blood in the stool can be a sign of colon cancer while blood in the urine can indicate kidney or bladder issues. While most often this isn’t a life-threatening symptom, it should still be looked at when first noticed.
10. Nagging cough
If you smoke or are exposed to secondhand smoke on a regular basis, a persistent cough can be a sign of lung cancer and should be checked right away. It can also be a sign of acid reflux disease, which isn’t life-threatening and can be managed with medication and dietary changes.
If you notice any of these symptoms, make some notes about the onset and duration to take with you to your doctor, if you can. They can help you determine any changes in lifestyle you need to make or identify an existing condition.
Your health matters. Stay on top of it. Check back tomorrow for more of the latest health info at eVitamins.
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