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Memory Reviews

NZD 39.58 NZD 21.49
Now Foods DOPA Mucuna

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Great alternative to upgrade dopamine! I realized clearly after a few days of using this supplement, a significant improvement in my motivation, focus and energy. I am a racing and swimming practitioner, my performance has clearly improved a lot. I can fulfill my goals in less time, with more agility. I was really surprised and happy with this product. Dopa Mucuna really works for me. Their vegetarian capsules are easy to ingested with a little liquid. I use it in the morning and my income stays optimized all day. This is another great product developed by Now (a brand highly regarded for the quality and reliability of its products). I recommend! Very good! Congratulations.
- FKL81

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I'll buy more.

Very good. Helped me giving more strength and energy on the day. Improved my willingness and attention at work. I have always had a lot of sleep during the day, but with this product I have slept better and according to more disposition.
- Emanoel Pereira Souza
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NZD 39.58 NZD 21.49
Now Foods True Focus

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Good product

Good product, leaves you more awake but I didn't notice any difference in yield
- Fabiana de Oliveira Morais Carvalho

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I have been using it for more than three months and will definitely continue to be part of my supplements. I feel diminished in mental fatigue, and that increased concentration I feel more active and willing. I think it was the missing vitamin in my mind. I recommend it and I will not be without it. Outside he arrived fast.
- Ricardo Teodoro
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NZD 95.02 NZD 51.60
Now Foods DHA-500

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No taste of fish.

I'm taking it by medical appointment. It gave me no side effects, and it left no fishy taste in my mouth. I like NOW a lot, although the price is not very attractive.

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Great product and website.

I am very satisfied with my purchase. This omega 3 from Now is great and has an amount of DHA and EPA that I didn't find in Brazil, nor manipulated. It has helped me a lot in concentration and memory, I am pregnant and my doctor said I can continue taking it, because it is great for the brain development of babies. I also need to thank e-vitamins for the service, in a purchase had a little problem and was answered promptly, and the resolution was very fast and the attentive very attentive. I buy from the site without fear because it is a reliable site. Delivery is also fast to Brazil. Super recommend it.
- Naraiana Elis Custódio Serrano Kato Pauluzi
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NZD 43.56 NZD 32.67
Life Extension Pregnenolone 100 mg

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Great antioxidant! 3

I've been using it for 3 months, and bought it by my doctor's recommendation, as it is a potent antioxidant, it went with the goal of improving brain functions since I'm forgotten, to improve sleep quality, reduce fatigue and stress, to increase concentration and stamina - which was great because I'm getting back to the gym - and it improves mood and is a natural antidepressant. In the course of my treatment I am seeing all these benefits in me!
- Maíra Larissa

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Excellent product. Make the promise. His memory was very weak, and after use he improved greatly. It has also greatly improved TPM.
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NZD 63.26 NZD 53.78
Nordic Naturals DHA Xtra 900 mg

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Best cost x benefit.

Great result. Excellent quality product. I did the freezer test and it really is pure Omega 3 because it didn't freeze. My son who is autistic has been taking about 30 days and we are seeing a fantastic evolution. Much more focused and willing to learn. All the school's therapists and teachers are praising the sudden change in my son's behavior. I recommend everyone who has a child with some kind of disorder to try to use Omega 3 as a supplement, but use it at your own risk as I am just reporting the positive experience I had with my son who is currently three and three months. If you decide to give Omega 3, prefer those with high DHA rate, as it is the most important element for good mental health of children and adults. I recommend this brand that I am evaluating, because it was the one I used and it worked super well. I tested some brands sold here in Brazil, but the amount of DHA is very small and the amount of capsules that should be taken daily is very large which makes it impossible for use in very young children due to the difficulty in swallowing. Brazil above all, God above all!

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Quality product and arrived fast

Excellent product. Very good quality. It is worth buying via website because the delivery is very fast. I recommend. I'll buy more.
- Flavio Ramos Brandão
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NZD 25.64 NZD 20.51
ChildLife Pure DHA

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I recommend DHA

Great supplement DHA supplier for your body and mind. The human brain is made up of about 60% fat and supplementing as a good source of DHA means health and optimal functioning at the same. I recommend.

I think Pure DHA is great! I give it to my one year old in his milk. The capsules are soft enough to cut open to add to the milk. I also like that it's berry flavored and not smelly like my DHA supplements.
- Victoria Manson
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NZD 49.30 NZD 39.44
Carlson Labs Super DHA Gems

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Memory and power

It makes a huge difference in brain performance and memory.
- Juarez Mozarch

Super DHA Gems is a great product! No aftertaste, and the price is right.
- Burton B.
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NZD 118.78 NZD 70.95
Now Foods Phosphatidyl Serine

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Improves concentration, physical and memory

Amazing!!! It greatly improved my focus concentration. Amen to have helped with the memory. After 40 should be mandatory consumption. If I was helpful, leave your like.
- Ulisses Gomes de Sá

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Complete product

I recommend! It has choline and inusitol in the formula. Worth it!
- Eliana
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NZD 31.58 NZD 26.85
Nordic Naturals Daily DHA 450 mg

Unlike most fish oils, when you burp, it smells like fresh strawberries. No fishy aftertaste at all!
- Anonymous

I trust this brand of fish oil the most for their safe practices in producing a quality product. I have been taking Daily DHA during pregnancy and plan to take it while I am nursing as well. I enjoy the fact that there is no fishy aftertaste when I take this product which helped during the first trimester when I was more sensitive to tastes.
- Shyla P.
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NZD 38.12 NZD 32.39
Nature's Plus Ultra Pregnenolone

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Good product but with few capsules

Great product, I liked it a lot. Too bad it comes a few caps.
- Francisco Marcelo da Silva Oliveira

Great Supplement

Excellent product, and still comes with Bioperine which helps to improve its absorption!
- Marcos Andrey
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NZD 66.31 NZD 56.37
Buried Treasure Neuro Nectar

Clear mind with Neuro Nectar!

We love Neuro Nectar! It mixes well with juice. Helps keep your mind clear and focused.
- Daleena Nichols

I am very impressed with this product. I was having issues with being confused because of my dyslexia, I got this thinking oh what the heck, gonna try it. I am on my 4th bottle now, and I notice a difference in my thinking process. I am more gathered with using Neuro Nectar. Thank You!
- Candi Heavrin
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NZD 23.74 NZD 12.89
Now Foods Ginkgo Biloba

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Good tones brains

It tones up the brains well, especially during the training and the preparation of material for performance. The brain works like a clock and no side effects. True, the number of capsules is small, not convenient. One can is not enough for a course. Took with a complex of Vitamin "B" - the effect is super!
- Valentina Harchenko

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Desired Effect

I started to store information better, memory improved and reasoning as well.
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NZD 59.30 NZD 46.26
Mushroom Wisdom Super Lion's Mane

Awesome product - Will order again

Great product, excellent quality. I will definitely be ordering it again. You have to take up to 4 capsules a day so 120 don't last so long, but the price is good so it's no problem.
- Ciara Sherlock

A life saver

My wife suffered a head injury 4 years ago. Since that time she has been in constant "headache" type pain, suffers from mental fatigue, and has sensory gate issues, particularly with loud mechanical type noise (ex. a fan). I heard about Lion's Mane on a Joe Rogan podcast and decided to do more research on it. With no listed side affects, we decided to try it out based on the great results with Alzheimer's and Dementia sufferers. Within two days of taking just one pill per day, her "headaches" stopped. She has been on this product for 3 months now, and is improving in leaps and bounds each month. If you have any form of head injury, give this a go.
- Martin Fredrickson
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NZD 25.72 NZD 16.72
MRM Pregnenolone

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Excellent product!

Excellent product, improves mood, mood, strengthens muscles and more.
- Rodrigo Lopes Busato

Loads of energy!

I bought this bc I have been running low on energy when I do intense physical exercises and I took this product and it definitely delivered. Thank you. I ran out of it and am low on energy again so I shall reorder soon.
- Elina
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NZD 25.72 NZD 16.74
Now Foods Mental Focus Oil Blend

Minty Scent that's Not Too Over the Top.

One of the better "minty" scents in my opinion. Works well in a diffuser and I can see how it would help you focus. It's a relaxing scent.
- Bruce Kent


This smells more like cough drops or gum to be much use to me. It's not a bad scent, very minty with a hint of citrus. It just is too distracting to me to promote any kind of mental focus. I'd prefer something more subtle or earthly but it's probably personal preference. I tend to like my own blends anyway. This one is more balanced than others, though the wintergreen is very prominent to me.
- EK
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NZD 51.48 NZD 38.61
Life Extension Pregnenolone 50 mg

Quick results

Pregnenolone is very powerful stuff! After couple of days of using this I can see the difference. I highly recommend this!
- Meiju Turne

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Great appraisal

Excellent quality, I indicate with tranquility to those who seek quality
- Luiz Henrique Pinke Filho
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NZD 87.10 NZD 47.30
Now Foods Magtein

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It increases mental clarity and calms down during the day, as well as helping to relax and fall asleep.
- Rene de Lima Barboza

This Product Works Well For Me

This is absolutely one product that does what it is said to do. There is much research that has been done to show how effective this is for a variety of issues. For me, it works really well to lower my stress levels, and even lowers my blood pressure. I feel much more relaxed in social situations, which helps a great deal. Highly recommended for anyone with these or other issues which this product addresses!
- White Bear
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NZD 275.22 NZD 247.70
Neurohacker Collective Qualia Mind

Great product

Great product. It totally helps my mental clarity and focus.
- Bill S


You have now idea how remarkable this is until you try it. It works immediately the very first time you take it but only gets better with use. The effects that show up immediately are amazing. The focus, the energy, the feelings of motivation help to get so much done. After extended use, the new effects that show up are even better. The emotional resilience piece kicked in at about month 3 for me and that was a huge game changer. This is truly a game changer and you simply must try it.
- Ben Cote
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NZD 78.51 NZD 66.73
Nature's Plus Adult-Active

My 50 year old ADD husband has been taking Adult-Active for ten years. He could tell the difference with the first dose and we can all tell when he has not taken it. It had made a unbelievable difference at both work and home.
- Anonymous

I had to write something about this product to help others suffering...I am a 50 year old man and have had some insomnia/issues sleeping for at least 20 years. At night my brain would race with thoughts. I had a problem quieting my brain to fall asleep. I was also a light sleeper waking up several times a night to go to the bathroom. I would always wake up tired and unsatisfied with my sleep. I had read that the older you get the worse your sleep gets. At night I would look at my 6 year old son and envy him sleeping...thinking of how I also used to sleep sound like a baby. I am fit and have taken a lot of supplements over my life time (used to be into body building/a fitness nut). A few weeks ago I started reading about brain supplements and it made sense so I saw this product and gave it a try. To my surprise, after about a week I started having a deep sleep and LUCID dreams. I cannot remember the last time this happened. I also only got up only one time at night to go to the bathroom. Another benefit is I feel good during the day. This is the BEST SUPPLEMENT I have taken in my LIFE. I am sure you can buy other supplements with the same ingredients. But my thought is, if it isn't broke why fix it. What makes me SO UPSET is, out of ALL the doctors that knew about my insomnia, NOT 1 suggested a over the counter supplement like this... of course I was offered sleeping pills. Please try this product if you are under stress and/or have problems sleeping. I think you will be VERY pleased with the results. NOW I SLEEP like a baby. My only regret is not taking this product years ago. ENJOY YOUR SLEEP ZZZZZ...Your WELCOME!
- Javier
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NZD 39.58 NZD 21.49
Now Foods Ginkgo Biloba

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I started using this supplement by medical prescription 3 months ago and today I feel an improvement in daily memory with increased cognition in daily activities.
- Ricardo A Gianesi

Translate  Original
Good quality product.

Good quality product. Increases disposition and concentration. The price has an excellent cost-benefit.
- Ewerton Jose Ribeiro Beltramini
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NZD 43.54 NZD 23.63
Now Foods Brain Elevate

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Good for memory and concentration!

My wife is taking along with True Focus, and is feeling improvements in concentration and memory. Seems to be really good, really!
- Isaque Fancelino

Alertness boost

Very good product gives a much needed lift in morning. Take it in the morning as it may interfere with sleep, I have felt alert while on it. Note: I am saying alert by that I don't mean Cognitive focus!!
- Rishab Mahajan
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NZD 37.01 NZD 28.84
Life-Flo Pregnenolone Cream

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Nice product. Easy to apply on the skin. It smells pleasant and does not irritate the skin. Good results at the end of the first bottle. I recommend to all who need to supplement pregnenolone periodically. In the form of a cream, the periodic use seems safe to me. Thanks to Life-Flo and E-vitamins for such a wonderful product. Recommended!
- Sandro Longo

Good Product

It is nice and useful product. The cream form is easy to administer and also contains good ingredients.
- Elena Fitenko
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NZD 44.93 NZD 27.51
Kal Deep Thought

Translate  Original

The product brings a feeling of being active, I particularly felt very stimulated, which brought me anxiety.
- Hilana Mara Beniste do Nascimento

Excellent product

Excellent product, can't recommend anything better then this one. Great focus during the day, if you carefully and not taking after 4-5pm you will sleep well. I'm ordering another two now.
- Anonymous
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NZD 31.26 NZD 23.74
Natrol Alpha Lipoic Acid

Translate  Original

Wonderful antioxidant, improves your handling of ingested carbohydrates, improves your skin, hair and general appearance, is like a kind of eternal youth pill.
- Martha Yaneth Becerra Prieto

I really like this product, especially the fact that it has a time release benefit. My doctor recommended it and I feel like it helps me being a Diabetic. I won't get another variety than the time release, I've done it in the past but don't feel like I'm getting the same benefits.
- Bill Burkel
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