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Fat Burner Reviews

NZD 17.53 NZD 13.14
Irwin Naturals Green Tea Fat Burner

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The acceptance of the product was very positive, especially in its detox effect and how much its ability to "burn fat" results are poor. But the product is worth it mainly because it is a great antioxidant and metabolic accelerator.
- Osni Carlos Gali


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NZD 58.48 NZD 38.98
Natural Research Innovation Acai Burn

Great product and staff

Fast delivery and Acai Burn worked within 1 week. I will definitely purchase it again and would recommend this supplement to anyone looking to lose weight or get an increase in energy!
- Anonymous

Weight loss within two weeks

Great product and I see results within two weeks. Only need one to two capsules for positive results. Just as good as more expensive brands. I felt nauseous when I took the first dose but that only happened once. I have lost weight since starting this supplement. Highly Recommended. The green coffee extract is a real bonus!
- Rachael A
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NZD 77.98 NZD 41.49
eVitamins 7-Keto

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I loved it

I highly recommend this product. This is the product. Speaking of myself, I'm still well over my weight. With 7-keto your metabolism increases and so your body works faster, so fat burning is faster. I am taking two 100 mg capsules a day. I felt improvements in mood, skin, almost no physical tiredness. If possible, use at the same time as physical activity, even a light walk, to enhance results and achieve a fast and healthy weight loss! About evitamins, the site is amazing, I received the products extremely quickly and very well packaged. Highly recommend! Loved it and will buy again.
- vivian lima reis

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Convenient format for essential extras

I always take 7-keto which is an active metabolite of DHEA to keep the metabolic levels of youth after climacteric. 7-keto's e-vitamins have the best cost-benefit: they are small and simple capsules to swallow and have the advantage of not coming combined with caffeine and / or other thermogenics that make it unfeasible to tommar in the evening. That is: I can take them at any time of the day.
- Simone Pinto DiMeglio
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NZD 50.60 NZD 31.65
Universal Nutrition Super Cuts 3

Super Cuts 3 really does the job to complete your body look

Great product that works really well with a good solid bodybuilding workout program. Worth the money.
- Maureen Asten

Yes they are large tablets, yes they smell and taste less than "attractive", but they work!
- JJf
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NZD 77.98 NZD 44.64
Natural Research Innovation Lexatrim 2

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Quickly lose a couple of pounds before the holidays!

Great thing! I drank a month twice a day. In the complex with elcarnitine during training. Over the week, dropped 3 kilograms. In the first days of admission, I was dizzy - I began to drink more water and everything returned to normal. In order to quickly lose weight and normalize yourself before the holidays, what you need. Enough for a long period.
- VitaminsFan

Like it

Its nice to get energy. Doesn't look like Lipo-6, but still works, I recommend.
- Lourdes L. da Mota Badu
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NZD 115.03 NZD 82.82
Garden of Life fucoTHIN

I have used fucoTHIN for at least two to three years now. I find it helps me not to feel so bloated and "fluffy." It keeps my hips and belly down. Fucothin is an absolute staple for me!
- Tonya L.

I'm 41 and have been a yo-yo dieter since I was 17. I have lost and gained a lot of weight over the years. I started Healthy Toledo just over 8 weeks ago, and started the FucoThin 6 weeks ago. I have lost 21 pounds as of today, feel great and love FucoThin. I have used other diet pills and had the jitters, creepy, crawly head and withdrawal, not to mention the rapid heart beat and headaches. I have been changing my eating habits to make this a life-style change. I was reading other reviews on other sites and think many people are trying to take a pill and lose weight without the effort of making a change in their eating or exercising habits. Changing my eating habits and exercising alone would have lost some weight, but what I have been losing I haven't had much success with until now, "the belly fat, and back fat". I still have a long way to go, but am loving the results this early and will continue.
- Donna
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NZD 81.88 NZD 59.51
Maximum Human Performance Anadrox

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For what, and how to use! Product top

I like to use for vasodilation very good product relaxes the blood vessels thus transporting but nutrient and oxygen to the musculature. I use 2 capsules in the morning and 2 before the workout. It also has a thermogenic effect that burns those "fats"
- Jefferson Jesus Benito Lopes

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Very good product, burns fat naturally and gradually.
- Alex Mello
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NZD 116.98 NZD 79.08
MuscleTech Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

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Very good product
- Paola Estefania Nuñez Avila

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Best thermogenic on the market, it helps me a lot in training and fat burning, without doubts will help you
- Gabriel Avelino
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NZD 28.43 NZD 22.20
Natural Balance Super Fat Burners

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Best fat burner

SUPER FAT BURNERS gave me a good result and within days I saw that the product was working well on my body. If you follow the product guidelines right along with a rich diet and plenty of water it is impossible not to have a good result. In 28 days I lost 8kg and left the mannequin 42 straight to the mannequin 36. In addition to the weight loss gained self-esteem and I am already thinking of using again to lose even more fat and then focus on gaining lean mass and maintain a good shape. Recommend with eyes closed.
- Daphne Souza

Dieting the way it should be

This product is great. It works and does not cause Jitters and is all natural.
- Heather Hartwig
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NZD 48.65 NZD 36.64
Natural Research Innovation Raspberry Ketone Extreme

I lost seven pounds in two months!
- Tammie B.

Zero results. I have taken the entire bottle at 2 capsules, twice daily, and have seen no results. I would not recommend this item.
- Nathan Johnston
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NZD 38.98 NZD 21.16
Now Foods MCT Oil

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I felt a good difference.

It may or may not be directly connected but I felt a decrease in weight.
- MarcoBrandao

Worth-testing supplement for weight loss

Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are fats derived from coconut and palm kernel oils. They are rapidly digested than other types of fats. MCTs are absorbed from the GI tract and from then very quickly they are metabolized by the liver. The studies show that from the liver they encourage the use of fat for energy rather than for storage. A number of studies suggest that including MCTs oil in a healthy diet may help to support healthy weight and body re-composition. I am currently still experimenting with this supplement. Usually, I take up to 5 grams MCTs oil capsules with a meal. This product has no smell, the softgels are not too big and they are relevantly easy to swallow. I would suggest you start with a lower dose per day - 1-2 softgels and then increase the dosage up to 5 grams per day (5 softgels = 5 grams). Also, take this supplement with a fat-containing meal.
- Militsa Chervenkova
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NZD 45.83 NZD 29.56
Universal Nutrition Ripped Fast

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Very good

Very good, speeds up your metabolism. In addition to not contain caffeine, being a better option for people who do not respond well to it, unable to sleep at night.
- Lindamir Michalski Delfrate

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Liked it.

I can not take thermogenic with strong stimulants. So I opted for Riped fast. It's a quiet thermogenic that helped me a lot.
- Emanoel Pereira Souza
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NZD 48.65
Premier Research Labs Lean Advantage

Love This Formula!

This formula works well to keep me energized and feeling full longer. After losing weight, this was just what I needed to stay on track and keep the weight off. Recommended by my weight loss coach and well worth it.
- Yvonne Thomson

Great product and site for all your supplements

I could really see a difference 1 week using Lean Advantage. No jitters and felt amazing. Thank you for allowing me to share. I would recommend this site for all your supplements.
- Leslie
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NZD 36.45 NZD 23.72
Natural Balance Super Fit Burners

I have always been a thin person, but a few years ago, when I started college, I did not have a lot of time to exercise, and I noticed that I had fat on my stomach, arms, and legs. A friend gave me Super Fit Burners, and it was amazing. He told me that I needed to exercise when I was taking Super Fit Burners. I had less of an appetite. I began to feel stronger. I really lost a lot of fat. I recommend this product.
- Yarimar
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NZD 52.83 NZD 40.42
Natrol Tonalin CLA

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Does Natrol CLA Support Weight Loss? I did not find it!

I used this product for a few months and I honestly did not like it, I thought it was not as effective as other brands I've used. Being highly concentrated I thought I would get better results. One thing I liked a lot was that it does not leave any taste and it does not even come back. I will buy again and use more than one package for more time to see if I change my mind and then share it with you.
- Tata
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NZD 65.33 NZD 45.73
Source Naturals Garcinia Plus 1330 mg

Weight control supplement

Great product - really helps keep your weight down as it increases the body's fat metabolising rate - recommended.
- Sven Parker
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NZD 48.73 NZD 26.83
Now Foods LipoTrim

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I can indicate

It did not meet all expectations, but for those who want something not very strong is good.
- Fabiana Marcondes Buzanelli
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NZD 97.40 NZD 74.67
San Nutrition Tight

I took Tight and felt like I was on a strong speed drug. I also got pimples on my back. I started wondering if it's a steroid.
- Anonymous
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NZD 93.58 NZD 75.60
Optimum Nutrition CLA

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Support weight loss

Consuming this CLA as weight loss support and is being great because it helps in the functioning of metabolism and healthy levels of insulin. I tried many brands but what I liked the most was that of optimum nutrition.
- Talita Oliveira
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NZD 114.95 NZD 79.22
Jarrow Formulas 7-Keto DHEA

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Supplement for life

I'm not without this supplement. You've been taking it for more than a year and you've only got benefits.
- Paulo Edson Castro de Sousa
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NZD 65.48 NZD 50.09
FitMiss Burn

Excellent Product

An excellent product, highly recommended. I have used it for 3 weeks and the results are amazing. It's one of the best fat burning I've ever tried. My metabolism works faster and I always have energy to work out.
- Clara Ximena Quiroga Borrero
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NZD 107.23 NZD 78.73
Optimum Nutrition Daily Fit

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Daily Fit Review

I have not been taxed, and the products have come clean and well packaged. In fact, it's already the third time I ask and I've never been taxed, another good thing! If it were to buy the same product here in Brazil it would beem more expensive! I really liked the quality of the product. Regarding the effects of the product, I bought with the purpose of assisting in the process of slimming. Of course, this process must be associated with a healthy diet with caloric restriction and practice of physical activity. I particularly did not feel much difference as to the disposition (the famous stimulating effect). With regard to weight loss, I confess that I expected better results due to its very complete composition! I intend to test other products from the site evitamins to find one that best suits my goals. I highly recommend the site and I am very satisfied with the products purchased so far. I intend to make other requests soon.
- Vanessa Cavalcante Lima
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NZD 77.98
CodeAge Instant Keto

Great for ketosis

This will get you into ketosis within a few hours, at least it did for me and I tested it with the ketone strip. It's a lot easier to take than powders which do not taste great and It's easy to bring with me when I'm traveling.
- Karen Duvage
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