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ReBoost Nasal Spray

Heel BHI for Homeopathy Reignición Descongestión spray 20 ml

Precio: Mex$ 227.07

by Jeffrey Feller on 17 April 2013
☑ Compra verificada
This Nasal Spray is really good stuff.
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by Anonymous on 23 December 2012
☑ Compra verificada
Both anti-bacterial and anti-viral, this homeopathic Rx (Sinusin) has all natural ingredients including mucosa (something or other) which made my ENT (who said to continue it use) chuckle!
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by Anonymous on 22 December 2012
Noticed improvement immediately, for the winter months with the vast spread of sinus pressure, I have to say I am absolutely impressed!!!!!!!!!
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by Kim G. on 6 October 2012
I start using Sinusin Nasal Spray at the slightest hint of a sinus infection. I use it up to 8 times the first day and it literally prevented the infection from turning into anything! When I first was introduced to Sinusin Nasal Spray by an acupuncturist I was on my 4th day of a horrible sinus infection. I used this and it improved my symptoms almost overnight. This product is worth every penny! It's a miracle product!
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by kas on 25 August 2012
My acupuncturist recommended I try Sinusin Nasal Spray for my herpes simplex (cold sores) and also a wart I had on my scalp. I have suffered for a year with herpes simplex and used everything known to man to help get rid off it. Finally, a product that I can use to prevent the outbreak before it happens. Spay it on the tingling area and the sores will not pop up. Use 4 times per day with Lysine tablets. Warts will dry up and shrink away. I will try for a cold and sinus issue as soon as I have an episode. It is an anti-viral so I will try it for any viral infection in the future.
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by Lorri on 16 August 2012
Euphorbium Sinus Relief Spray may be good for sinus relief, but I only use it for nosebleeds. My husband and daughter have frequent nosebleeds from the dry climate during the winter and recently during this summer with the heat in Texas. It works immediately to stop the bleeding with just one spray in the bleeding nostril. Miracle cure for our family - we love it.
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by Judy Eldredge on 15 June 2012
☑ Compra verificada
I absolutely love Sinusin Nasal Spray. I have chronic allergies and after using this Sinusin Nasal Spray for a week, I got instant relief. I use it once a day to keep my allergies in check and now live a life as if I don't have allergies. No dryness or sore throat or buzz feeling from chemicals. Give Sinusin Nasal Spray a try and you'll never take another allergy tablet again.
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by Anonymous on 22 May 2012
I recently purchased Euphorbium Sinus Relief Spray while I was in the middle of a horrible sinus infection. This product helped to clear me out in a few days. I use it twice a day, everyday, along with my regular allergy medicine. It's a great product.
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