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Pro-Gest Cream

Emerita Pro-Gest Cream Paraben libre 2 fl oz

Precio: Mex$ 575.18

by Moira Mulvey on 7 February 2015
☑ Compra verificada
A god send. After struggling with peri menopausal symptoms for a couple of years, this has proved to be the final piece of the puzzle. I now sleep through the night and the mid cycle psychological issues have gone.
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by Lorraine K. on 11 January 2013
☑ Compra verificada
Pro-Gest Cream is a life saver.
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by Jane Ashby on 4 December 2012
Pro-Gest Cream (Paraben Free) is a boost for peri-menopausal women! After 5 years of poor sleep and hot flashes, a friend recommended this cream to me. It's been a life-changer. I now sleep through the night, have more energy during the day, and can think more clearly!
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by Sofia on 15 November 2012
Pro=Gest is a great product! I was a bit skeptical, but am convinced it works after using for 1 month.
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by Anonymous on 10 November 2012
I was prescribed HRT by my consultant some years ago and underwent the usual tests. I was assured I was the perfect subject for HRT. I began using HRT with tablets - they were awful and gave me morning sickness, bloating and joint pains and I was constantly breathless and gained around 20 lbs in weight. This continued even when I was prescribed patches and I found it difficult to breathe but the connection was never made until I collapsed with a pulmonary embolism. This apparently was caused by the HRT. Following my recovery, my 'new' consultant prescribed natural progesterone in the form of this cream to be administered daily. I felt great! I recovered from the embolism and have used this cream ever since. It stopped the hot flashes and other symptoms associated with the menopause. I have no irritation and my libido is as good as it was when I was in my twenties, probably better! I would highly recommend this product - it would appear to have no side effects, other than a feel good factor and the cream makes your skin nice and soft too.
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by Anonymous on 5 November 2012
I have severe hormone imbalance, so my doctor recommended Pro-Gest. I have only recently started using Pro-Gest and believe it's a great product. I started seeing results a few days after using, however, the side effects started almost immediately. I'm sleeping better, a lot more in fact which is good but I have a severe reduction in my energy level. I'm finding it difficult to stay focused and recently I've started experiencing dizziness and nausea. I'm hoping things will get better in time. I don't want to stop using it because its working for me.
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by Elizabeth on 10 October 2012
The Paraben Free Pro-Gest has produced miraculous results for me! I was having incessant hot flashes every 5 minutes for months--within 10 days of using Pro-Gest, my hot flashes were totally gone, and my water retention vanished! On the first night I took it, I slept 8 solid hours without waking--something I hadn't done for 8 months! What a wonderful find! Thank you, Pro-Gest!
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by Donna on 10 September 2012
Upon hitting perimenopause, my libido skyrocketed as sensitivity diminished in my 'girly bits'. Prior to Pro-Gest, my husband and I tried Zestra and were very dissapointed. I skeptically ordered Pro-Gest cream after reading about it online on two different menopause-related forums. I can strongly endorse the affect the cream has had on clitoral sensitivity. I am happy if it does nothing more! All I can say is wow! This product was not dissappointing.
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by Catherine Nicol on 1 September 2012
I have been using Pro-Gest cream for three years. At first using the full amount suggested, then tapering to only 1/4 teaspoon a day for the perimenapausal cycle. I believe the higher dosage caused blemish breakouts on my face and upper body. As soon as I lowered the dosage the blemishes disappeared.I use it to regulate mood swings. Along with other improved lifestyle changes (diet and increased movement), I find it has worked very well in keeping me emotionallly level. If I forget it for a day I feel less 'up' and become irritable and 'blah'. I am very grateful for this product.
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by Anonymous on 28 July 2012
☑ Compra verificada
I was having problems with heavy bleeding and Pro-Gest helped immensely. I was scheduled to have surgery to relieve the problem and after trying this cream for about a month I was able to cancel the surgery - yeah!
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