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Omni Cleansing Softgel

Puriclean Omni Cleansing Softgel 1 Disolver Fast Softgel

Precio: Mex$ 622.57

by Ashley on 12 March 2014
Omni cleansing pills DOES NOT WORK for drug urine screenings! Save yourself the embarrassment and money.
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by Mel Hatcoc on 28 October 2013
Omni Cleansing softgel did not work for me. I followed the directions and my results came back as diluted so I had to go retake the test again, with no cleanser. I sure hope I passed and would not recommend this product.
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by HOWARD on 18 May 2013
Because I don't have Medical insurance I have been taking pain medication for back problems (Methodone and Roxycodone) that are not prescribed to me. I went for a job interview and they sent me for drug test within 24 hours. Picked up Omni Soft Gel at a store someone told me about (I paid a lot more then online), drank lots of water and cranberry Juice, woke up at 6:30 am took softgel, drank about 3 bottles of water, and urinated a lot. I went for drug test at 10:30, took the cup same day 5 panel test. I just got a call! COME IN AND START WORK, PASSED!!!!!!!! THANK THE LORD and OMNI SOFTGEL.
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by JE on 13 April 2013
WARNING: I took the Omni Softgel in the morning along with 64 oz of water. I had not eaten any food since the previous night. After about 45 mins I had to urinate, and did so 4 times. After 90 minutes I collected my urine to test with a home test strip (I ordered two Softgels so I could do a test run at home before the "actual" test). The results on the test strip showed a very weak control line and no line in the test line area which means a positive result. If you know something about tests you'll know they check for specific gravity and creatine levels. If you have watered down urine you are not going to pass the specific gravity test. You might past the creatine one but only if you've been loading it for a few days before. All in all I would NOT trust one of these to save me for an important test.
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by Jenn on 31 March 2013
I have taken it once and passed my test. I am about to take it tomorrow hoping it works again for me.
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by Brian on 25 March 2013
Took it 2 hrs before test drank 5 bottles of water and didn't eat. Passed!
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by Anonymous on 23 March 2013
This product is amazing. I have to be tested almost monthly and it has saved me 8 times already. A little expensive but totally worth it considering the alternative I used to be worried that it wouldn't work but time after time it has proved to be effective.
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by Happy on 20 January 2013
I love Omni Cleansing Softgel caps! I have to test monthly for my job. I love my job & I really love to smoke. I use Omni every month. It has never failed me. To make the pills work better, you should not smoke (or whatever it is you like) for at least 48 hours before hand. Plus drink a lot of water and you will pass with flying colors!
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by Anonymous on 20 December 2012
The Omni Cleansing Softgel let me down. I recommend the drink. It has never let me down.
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by Anonymous on 4 December 2012
The Omni Triple Strength softgel is the best cleanser ever!
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