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Key E Suppositories

Carlson Labs Tecla E Supositorios 12 Unidades

Precio: Mex$140.51

by Christina Bishop on 20 January 2016
I had radiation in my pelvic area and my gynecologist said I would have to use HRT for the rest of my life. I asked her about using KEY E suppositories and she said they would not help but would not hurt. Three months later on my next check up, she was amazed and said that if she had not known I had received treatment, she would not have believed I had. She wanted to know what I was using and she googled this product. On my subsequent visits she has said she would have to get more women on to this. Great product!
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by FIOR DALISA LEFRANCOIS on 11 December 2014
Excellent Product, specially for those women with menopause, you will notice the difference immediately, I would recommend this product to anybody!
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by Roseann on 3 February 2013
I am 56 yrs old & I had a dryness issue until I found this product. Everyday I use them & they have changed my life. Please never stop making this product. This is a product every women should know about.
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by Linda on 11 November 2012
Key E Suppositories have been an answer to my prayers. I tried just about every other lubricant out there for vaginal dryness. I was irritated by the hormone creams, didn't work for me. I use this nightly, have done this for nine months, and have no problems now. I hope they never stop making this product!
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by Anonymous on 6 November 2012
This item is wonderful!
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by R Wade on 9 August 2012
☑ Compra verificada
I was diagnosed with atrophic vaginitis after 5 1/2 years on Arimidex. Arimidex had been prescribed as an estrogen blocker following my breast cancer treatment. I am now cancer free and off of the medication. The problem I have now is how to best manage the atrophic vaginitis. After reading comments posted on the internet of other women with the same problem, I found the frequent recommendation was Vitamin E Suppositories. I did not want to use any estrogen products, so I thought I would try the KEY E Suppositories. They have helped so much. I feel much better and do not have the burning pain I was having to deal with. I definitely would recommend them to any woman searching for help with this health issue.
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by Linda Howarth on 10 March 2012
I live in New Zealand and I have had no problems with the delivery of the product. I think I usually receive it with in 2 weeks of ordering, with plenty of confirmation of order e-mails. I use half of a suppository at night to relieve vaginal dryness during the day. I wouldn't be with out them.
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by Anonymous on 4 February 2012
I am 35 yrs old and have had problems with vaginal dryness and my physical therapist told me of about Vitamin E Suppositories and bought some for me to try and Yes! It works! This product has truly made a difference in my day to day.
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by Anonymous on 2 February 2012
As a women dealing with menopause and the discomfort from dryness, I must say that this product is a miracle. I have tried many lubricants and this one is by far the most natural. Occasionally, I also use Swiss Navy Water Based Lubricant in conjunction with the Key E product. A great pair.
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by Anonymous on 15 January 2012
I have been in the holistic field and a yoga practitioner for over 30 years and nothing beats this product. This is the time the baby boomers hit the other side of menopause and, if you are not taking some kind of hormones, the area around the vagina thins and it's no fun after sex when that area cracks or splits even a tiny amount. The hormone creams are not worth the risk of cancer. This suppository is chemical free and does the job. EVERYBODY is happy. Also interesting is that this is time when the man may be suffering from prostate problems and this adds to the problem because sex may become less frequent but the more you use it (female) the better shape the area stays. My husband had a radical prostectamy 2 years ago and hated the viagra stuff (headaches). So one day in the kitchen, we got creative and found olive oil(the virgin kind of course) and WOW! It served both of us. So now we have a fancy ceramic pump jar in our bedroom. At night I do the suppositories every 2 or 3 days and I'm as good as gold. People are afraid to talk about stuff like this but we need to. Working for the holistic doctor, we had to deal with this all the time. i just tell it like it is. I wish this product was available or known more. An ad on TV would be perfect and I know it would take off.
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