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Medical Futures Inc Iberogast 3,4 fl oz (100 ml)

Precio: Mex$863.72

Great Product
by Gayle on 4 February 2018
☑ Compra verificada
This product helps to slow down my GI tract so that the food is digested better. It is a great natural product. Having had a colon resection from cancer, it helps to slow down the rate of bowel movements from a high of 1 per hour to a more normal frequency. It helps to reduce gas which can be embarrassing. It allows me to be able to keep my job and live life more comfortably.
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Great product!
by Eugene Visman on 27 December 2017
☑ Compra verificada
Best remedy to soothe your stomach. I use it for nausea,acid reflux and the general discomfort. Highly recommend it! And this product is pretty hard to find.
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Seems like an effective remedy for heratburn and stomach issues
by Iberogast User on 18 December 2017
☑ Compra verificada
Been taking Iberogast for about 2-3 weeks. Seems like it is effective in relieving heartburn and stomach pain. Hopefully the effects will be longer term and I will not observe any adverse reaction. Based on the list of ingredients should be harmless. I will check with a primary care physician and will try and update the review if I am told otherwise. Wish there would be more choices in terms of US sellers for the product.
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Iberogast Review
by Regina Landa on 16 October 2017
☑ Compra verificada
I am suffering from IBS-D for many, many years, and finally, this is the first supplement that give my tummy relieve and comfort.
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I think it's working!
by Troubled Stomach on 12 October 2017
☑ Compra verificada
I started using Iberogast for the first time 3 weeks ago on the recommendation of my gastroenterologist for functional dyspepsia after ruling out all other possible GI disorders. For the past week I have noticed that my stomach is not feeling immediately full after eating a meal and I am not waking up with my stomach hurting. I use 20 drops in water that I drink with my main meals. It has a mild, not unpleasant, herbal cocktail taste due to the alcohol content. I am hopeful that I will continue on the road to recovery and have fewer flare-ups of stomach pain and nausea. It's worth a try!
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by Robert Moore on 2 October 2017
☑ Compra verificada
Iberogast was a supplement suggested by my doctor. This has been one of the best things I can take for my Hiatal Hernia and Gastroparesis. Takes the full feeling out of your stomach and aids with digestion. Have recommended even to my pharmacist and she now uses it.
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This is a game changer!
by Kathi Hulll on 24 September 2017
☑ Compra verificada
It helps with the digestive issue accompanying Lupus SLE
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This product really does work.
by James R Schultz on 18 September 2017
☑ Compra verificada
Product works as described. I recommend it.
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Has helped with morning belly pain.
by Suzanne Newman on 3 September 2017
☑ Compra verificada
I was having abdominal pain almost every morning, and since I have been taking Iberogast before breakfast I haven't had the pain and cramping. It also has helped with regularity. The only thing I wish that it did a better job of is stopping gas.
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Beat the bloat
by A Jackson on 11 August 2017
☑ Compra verificada
Terrible taste if you take it straight (per Dr.'s orders) but does seem to help prevent severe bloating or at least reduce to a more tolerable amount.
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