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6 Gym Bag Essentials to Get Now

Want the best bag at the gym? Never leave home without these six items and you'll be set up for a successful workout any day of the week. Learn more at eVitamins México.

What's in your gym bag? Dirty clothes aside, do you have the right supplies to get through your workout and enjoy the healthy benefits of your hard work?

These six products are improvements on items you may already have in your bag or need to add for a more comfortable, healthy workout:

Aqua Zinger1. Water Bottle: Aqua Zinger from Zing Anything -- $25.99
Drinking water is one of the most important aspects of proper training. However, drinking enough plain water can be challenging if you're a fan of sugary sports drinks or soda. Make your water more exciting with this amazing water bottle from Zing Anything. Just add fruit, herbs or whatever else you like to the bottom portion of the bottle, shake and let steep until the flavor is as intense as you want. No more artificial ingredients or extra sugar! This bottle holds 20 fl oz and comes in blue and pink. Use it time and time again to come up with new combinations that will have you craving your eight daily servings of H2O.

Natural Stevia Water Enhancer2. Beverage Booster: Stur Natural Stevia Water Enhancer from Stur -- $3.69
Just like the idea behind the previously mentioned water bottle, beverage enhancers allow you to add flavor to your water to help you enjoy more of it throughout the day. These small bottles fit conveniently in your bag and just a 10-second squeeze infuses your flavor with water. Available in six flavors -- Purely Orange Mango, Honestly Lemonade, Only Mint Cucumber, Proudly Tea + Lemon, Simply Strawberry and Truly PomeCranberry -- these water enhancers are sweetened with stevia and free of sugar and calories. You even get seven essential vitamins per serving.

QuestBars3. Protein Bars: Quest Bar from Quest Nutrition -- $24.95 for 12 Bars
Protein is essential for a successful workout. Protein helps you feel energized by fueling your body and helps you build lean muscle mass and lose fat. Eating a protein bar before or after your workout can help you get through you training and assists in muscle recovery. These delicious bars are made without artificial sugars, are low in carbs and fat and packed with 20 g of protein and 17 g of fiber (at least). With 12 different flavors available to choose from, including Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Strawberry Cheesecake and Vanilla Almond Crunch, you'll never get bored and never be without a protein boost.

Neem Lip Therapy4. Lip Balm: Neem Lip Therapy from Organix South -- $4.24
Gyms are full of germs which can lead to some unpleasant issues. Sweating and losing moisture during your workout can also lead to dry skin and chapped lips. Keep a tube of this medicated lip balm on you and you won't need to worry. Coconut oil, jojoba oil and shea butter keep lips moisturized while beeswax provides a protective barrier for your lips. This lip balm goes beyond others, and is made with lysine and neem to strengthen the immune system and even fight off cold sores, should someone snag your water bottle by mistake. Made without a tint or fruit flavor, it's serious therapy without the fuss.

Deodorant Spray5. Deodorant: Deodorant Spray from Weleda -- $6.01 for 1 fl oz and $9.77 for 3.4 fl oz
We all sweat and we all stink from time to time and working up a sweat can only make it worse. If bar deodorant isn't your thing or you're just looking for a new, natural alternative to stick deodorant, which can contain aluminum, try this deodorant spray. This non-aerosol deodorant contains natural plant extracts to help fight body odor and provide an aromatic lift. Available in three scents -- Citrus, Sage and Wild Rose -- you can find the perfect one suited to your taste that also won't be overpowering in a public gym or fitness class. Just spritz and go!

Lavender Hand Sanitizing Spray6. Hand Sanitizer: Lavender Hand Sanitizing Spray from Dr. Bronner -- $3.59 for 2 fl oz
Just one more reminder that gyms and fitness studios are a haven for germs and bacteria. One rub of your eye or nose after dropping a dumbbell and you could be out of the game for days with a cold or the flu. Spritz this lavender-scented spray on your hands after handing equipment or weights of any kind until you can get to the locker room for a good scrubbing. You can even mist it on handles and other surfaces you will come in contact with, especially if the gym doesn't provide antibacterial wipes for the equipment. Certified organic and free of harmful chemicals, you can feel good about spritzing again and again.

Pick up these gym bag essentials and more at eVitamins and share your favorites with us!

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