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Optimum Nutrition Melatonin 3 mg

"muito bom"
- Anonymous

"This melatonin works great. 100% guaranteed."
- claudemir marquiori
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$10.49 $7.56
Natrol Melatonin 5 mg

"I'm simple. I want products to work. These dissolve quickly and work just as fast. Very little wait time so you don't have to clock watch and plan when to take one. "
- Erik Starr

"Excellent product. Stops me from waking during the night."
- Rachael Allen
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$12.23 $6.41
Now Foods Melatonin

"This melatonin helps our kids settle to sleep. "
- John Hogan

"This is a great product. Works wonders on my son that needs it. Otherwise he only gets 2/3 hours of sleep a night. "
- Yvonne Conkie
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$9.29 $7.08
Natrol Melatonin 3 mg Fast Dissolve

"It helps our kids settle to sleep. They like the flavor too!"
- John Hogan

"Sleep aid, Easy to use & great for travel. "
- Arlene Friedman
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Esteem Sweet Dreams

"I believe the reason Sweet Dreams isn't working for anyone anymore is because it doesn't contain the same ingredients that it previously had in it. It used to be made with kava kava root and salvia but now 5Hydroxytryptophan is being used in it instead."
- Heather Thomas

"I usually take 1 mg of Natrol Melatonin and it put me to sleep But this product did not work for me. It's just waste of money.!"
- Salah Almazroa
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$5.30 $3.98
Now Foods Melatonin

"I've suffered from insomnia for years and decided to give melatonin a try since it's non habit forming. It works incredibly well and I always wake feeling refreshed."
- Valentyn

"I take melatonin for over two years every day. And I proved this wonderful supplement for people who want to have a quality sleep effects."
- Marcos A.
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$10.19 $5.34
Now Foods Melatonin

"Works really well. I used to find it really difficult to sleep and now with this product I have no problems. I haven't had any side effects either."
- Sean Horgan

"The reason I love this product is because it is a natural supplement I can use to help me sleep through the night. I have tried Melatonin pills as well as NOW's liquid Melatonin. I believe the liquid does seem to work quicker than the pills. So when my mind won't stop, I just take a couple drops of this and I will sleep like a baby. "
- KHiller
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$8.00 $6.12
Life Extension Melatonin 3 mg

"The headaches disappeared and I do not feel sleepy during the day."
- Simone Ribeiro Bittencourt

"Its been great for my son who has Autism! Helps him sleep easier."
- Kelly Jaensch
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$9.59 $6.90
Natrol Melatonin 3 mg

"I slept very good while taking this Melatonin. Very good price and this supplement is certainly a must take at night or when I have trouble falling asleep. My only complain would be that sometimes I wake up feeling like I overslept."
- James

"Makes you tired and puts you into a deep sleep! As someone who falls asleep easily but has trouble staying asleep (broken sleep) causing me to usually wake up feeling exhausted, melatonin is a godsend. "
- Peter Constantinides
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$9.17 $4.81
Now Foods Melatonin

"So far it has a positive effect on my sons sleeping. "
- Rachael Smith

"Melatonin is a great sleep aid and it doesn't take long before the effect takes place. Also it will aid in more vivid dreams. "
- Spirit
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$7.13 $3.74
Now Foods Melatonin

"Easy to swallow. I took mine with a slow release one. I slept all night. Used for a few months without any issue."
- Rachael Allen

"Melhor sono dos ultimos 5 anos."
- Carlos Eduardo
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$20.39 $10.70
Now Foods Melatonin

"Definitely I recommend this!!!, This is really excellent. I used to use Melatonin a few months ago when I was struggling with insomnia and it really helped but I had to take 2 pills a day according to the instructions and it costed me a lot! That's not a problem with these ones. You just take one pill a day, they're obviously more potent and they are very effective. Definitely I recommend this!!!"
- Edelmar

"Great night of sleep, Used nightly, easy to use and goes down well. "
- PenPen
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$18.35 $9.63
Now Foods Melatonin

"Does what melatonin should do but regretted not buying 3 or 5 mg bottles (or liquid) since 10 mg is unnecessary high dose after reading more about it."
- Robin Ehrlin

"An excellent product. Does not "knock out" Gives more of a natural tiredness. Lots of yawning!! I will definitely be buying this product again."
- Rachael Allen
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$3.88 $2.91
Applied Nutriceuticals Melatonin

"I feel good using it every day. My sleep has more quality now."
- Monica Rubinho

"This melatonin works pretty good! With it my sleep became deep and relaxing."
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$7.89 $5.64
Natrol Melatonin 1 mg

"It use to take time to fall asleep and melatonin helps me a lot. I take it half a hour before going to sleep, around 7:30 AM because I work a night shift."
- Emanuele Allegretti

" I've been using this brand of Melatonin for awhile now, and it works perfect for me. My advice is to take one tablet(1mg) 20 minutes before you want to go to sleep, and within that twenty minutes do something very relaxing like read a magazine or a book"
- Salah Almazroa
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$7.89 $5.70
Natrol Melatonin Liquid

"This is a great natural sleep aid. Great to help you switch off with a busy active brain. It is really easy to use, just a dropper or two in a small amount of juice and works after about half an hour. "
- Kristina Broomfield

"It really has helped my sleep and I have tried several types of sleeping tablets. The drops have a pleasant taste, too."
- Sean H.
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$19.29 $14.73
Natrol Melatonin 3 mg

"Awesome, Works like a treat for both myself and my son. "
- Amanda Guthrie

"Excellent, works really well for me. I've been able to sleep finally because of these :)"
- Danielle Brown
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$13.19 $9.48
Natrol Melatonin Liquid, 2.5 mg

"My child can't take tablets. So this liquid form is ideal. It smells and tastes terrible. But my child is brave and doesn't mind. We use it nightly and it works well on our child who has severe autism."
- Louise

"A very good product, very peaceful sleep and awoke feeling far more refreshed. I would recommend it. Well packaged and fast delivery."
- Helena Dean
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$16.58 $8.04
Source Naturals Melatonin

"The Best, Source Naturals Melatonin is the best for getting to sleep. "
- ckid

"I had another brand of melatonin and it always helped me not only to fall asleep, but to wake up too. Once the sunlight comes to my room - I was ready to get up. With this melatonin I just sleep for 9-10 hours, even if it means sleeping till 1 pm on a sunny day. I guess, it's good for people with insomnia, but it's not really how melatonin should work. "
- Ksenia
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$8.79 $6.30
Natrol Melatonin TR Time Release 1 mg

"Very good product, it helps me a lot. I used to take 1 tablet of the normal 1 mg time release half an hour before going to sleep in the morning (I used to get off work at 7.30 am). Quick delivery!!"
- Emanuele Allegretti

"I initially ordered Melatonin immediate release which worked fantastic but then I needed something that would help all night. I've struggled for the past 15 years to sleep so I changed my GP who recommended I order melatonin. This table ensures I have a great nights sleep - all the way through the night. I take it before I go to bed before the immediate release. That gets me into a deep sleep beforehand and this keeps me in a good sleep. I've never felt this refreshed in a morning. I highly recommend it. It arrived within a week and a half to the UK and I barely paid any costs - you can't argue with that!"
- Sam
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$5.00 $3.83
Life Extension Melatonin 1 mg

"Good to sleep, My boyfriend's sleep has improved a lot since he started taking it daily. Recommend!"
- Beatriz Rossi Corrales

"ótimo produto para repouso tranquilo. Ela proporciona um sono tranquilo e recuperador."
- Paulo Afonso Lourenço Simas
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$8.99 $5.40
Natrol Melatonin 1 mg Fast Dissolve

"It is very good. Really fast dissolve. It makes me sleep much better."
- Paulo Afonso Lourenço Simas

"Ajuda a ter um sono profundo sem a sensação de cansaço no dia seguinte. Não necessita de água e dissolve facilmente na boca, gosto muito bom de morango. Recomendo!"
- Carlos Eduardo
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$12.99 $7.80
Natrol Melatonin 10 mg Fast Dissolve

"Excellent product. Makes me feel naturally tired rather than knocked out. Works every time."
- Rachael Allen

"Works very effectively to allow sleep to be regained when I awake prematurely. As a 59 year old this is an increasing problem as the pineal gland releases insufficient amounts as you age so you awaken early all too often. Some days I need only half a tablet - others even two tablets seems to have no effect. But in general a life and sanity saver!"
- Neil Moffatt
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$9.17 $4.81
Now Foods Melatonin

"Excellent way to get a good night sleep without being addictive. Have bought some for my husband who has disturbed sleep, and 1 mg is enough to regulate his sleeping pattern again, even he said that it has helped him to sleep better. Since then I've recorded to make sure we have plenty to share with friends and family."
- Kim Whiting

"Muito bom, tive ótimo resultados com esse produto, meus problemas de sono acabaram. "
Read 2 Reviews >
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