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Very Finest Fish Oil

Carlson Labs, 생선 기름 (fish Oil), 최고급 피쉬 오일, 천연 레몬 맛, 6.7 fl oz (200 ml)

가격: 23,522 원

I loved this
by Jessica Billitteri on 13 March 2018
☑ 구매자 검증
I loved this stuff, about to reorder another one. No fishy after taste. Tasted fresh and the hint of lemon made it so sleazy to take every day!
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Joint recovery
by KLW on 24 August 2016
☑ 구매자 검증
My husband has been taking Carlson's Very Finest Fish Oil, Lemon, for a couple of years now. He is happy with the results of it. He use to have joint pain in his knees. He no longer experiences these achy joints and is able to participate in all the sports he wants to, without the pain.
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Fish Oil
by ShadowSpirit on 19 July 2016
Fish Oil, I like the way I felt after a few days of taking this. It did a good job to my skin.
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Άριστη ποιότητα και αποτελέσματα
by Eva C. on 16 June 2015
☑ 구매자 검증
Πιθανώς να είναι συνδυασμός και άλλων παραγώντων όπως ρύθμιση ύπνου και προσεγμένη διατροφή αλλά απο την πρώτη εβδομάδα χρήσης του Ιχθυέλαιου της Carlson ένιωσα με περισσότερη ενέργεια. Επέλεξα υγρής μορφής λόγω του ότι απορροφάται γρηγορότερα απο το σώμα και γενικά είχα ακούσει καλές απόψεις για την μάρκα. Η γεύση λεμόνι είναι πάρα πολύ καλή, σχεδόν δεν αντιλαμβάνεσαι την μυρωδιά ψαριού. Εκτός απο τα επίπεδα ενέργειας, η διάθεσή μου έχει επίσης αλλάξει προς το καλύτερο. Το έχω ήδη προτείνει σε συγγενικά πρόσωπα και λυπάμαι που δεν το είχα χρησιμοποιήσει νωρίτερα.
45 people found this review helpful.

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by Anonymous on 6 November 2012
Carlson Liquid Omega 3 oil has a very light, mild lemony flavor. Amazing- impossible to believe it is a fish oil. It's a real pleasure to take.
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by Mo on 23 July 2012
Liquid Omega 3 is one of my supplement staples. What better way to get the most flavorful, affordable, absorbable & highest potency form of DHA & EPA? You can tell the stuff really works when you go without it for a while. I did an internet search on Carlson's fish oil & several well known physicians highly recommended it over other brands.
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by Carol on 15 June 2012
I have had high cholestrol for many years and since I have been taking this Carlson Labs' Very Finest Fish Oil my cholestrol has dropped. It's fantastic and it does not taste like fish.
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by Harold Boxenbaum, Ph.D on 17 January 2012
This is an excellent product, high in omega-3 fatty acids, which has several benefits (simply search Google, for example). Although the product claims to have a pleasant lemon taste, I find it almost tasteless. Presumably this oil is derived from cold water ocean fish, as opposed to farm cultivated salmon. The latter are contaminated with environmental pollutants, derived from the food fed the farm cultivated fish. is the least expensive source I could find. Many other sites do not even stock the 500 mL size. Please note, I have no financial interest in either Carlson Labs or
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by Daniel lopes on 5 January 2018
Ótimo produto muito bo pro saude do coraçao.
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by PriscilaR on 30 March 2016
Pra quem não gosta de tomar comprimido esse óleo de peixe é perfeito e não tem gosto de peixe como muita gente pode pensar, ele tem um gostinho de limão delicioso. A única parte estranha é que ele tem uma textura de óleo então quando você toma é como se fosse um óleo mesmo, que você acaba acostumando depois de 1 semana. A Qualidade é excelente e eles tem a versão pra crianças também!
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