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Now Foods L-Tyrosine, 750 mg

by Now Foods

가격: ₩12,020.42

Excellent I recommend I feel great.
By CARLOS ARAKAKI on 3 July 2016
구매자 검증
I recommend. I feel great.
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By Jayanne on 24 May 2016
구매자 검증
Since I began taking L-Tyrosine my energy level and mental sharpness increased significantly.
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By Lena Boyce on 29 April 2016
구매자 검증
I had been taking L-Tyrosine for a few months to test out it's effectiveness, and noticed a bit of an odd result. Since I was taking a few other supplements, I was unsure if this one was causing the effect I was noticing, but I am certain now that it was. The L-Tyrosine gave me quite a bit of energy, but it also seemed to diminish my cognition and make me quite irritable in my social responses. I'm unsure why this occurred, but it seems that this supplement was just not right for me. I'd advise anyone trying it to pay very close attention to their mood responses and energy levels.
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By Gabrielle Malvásio on 16 July 2015
구매자 검증
Gostei, acho que me ajudou muito na concentração.
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