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5,027 원 3,767 원
Epic Dental Xylitol Mints

"It's excellent to support the ketogenic diet. Who makes know... lol. "
- Marcos Curvelo Luz

"Uma ótima pastilha, muito saborosa e o melhor livre de açúcar. Vem em uma embalagem metálica muito boa. E o melhor ajuda em sua saúde bucal. "
- Thiago de Oliveira Soares
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12,051 원 10,979 원
Now Foods Virgin Coconut Oil

"This seems to be a good quality coconut oil. It is solid when in cold temperatures, and in warm temperatures becomes completely liquid. It tastes good, which can be hard to find, in terms of cooking uses, but also is great for beauty and health purposes such as for makeup removal, rubbing on the body to help with cellulite or stretch marks, or for reducing wrinkles and skin softening, hair moisturizing, etc. A good price too for how large a container you get. "
- DJ Dell

"Замечательное масло.Брала его для масок. Запах не сильно выраженный,но достаточно приятный. Косметический эффект ярко выраженный,волосы и кожа стали намного лучше.Безумно рада покупке, буду заказывать еще!"
- Alena Kolpakova
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14,732 원 9,531 원
Now Foods BetterStevia

"Great taste with no after taste. Would recommend this product to anyone who wants an alternative to sugar. Great service and prompt delivery."
- Antoinette Johnson

"I have lots of this Stevia daily in my green tea in the morning and my home made lemonade in the afternoon. Great taste."
- Cindy Stevens
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23,123 원 19,424 원
Barlean's Organic Chia Seed

"I love Barlean's chia seeds because they keep me full. They're a great addition to your water bottle or a morning shake, these little guys make dieting easier."
- Christen L.

"Todo chia é ótimo. Eu gosto desse em particular pelo fato de ser da Barlean's que é uma marca que eu confio, ele é orgânico e não GMO. O pacote é bem grandinho e como só é necessário uma colher pequena por shake ou por receita (geralmente) ele vai durar por muito tempo. Os benefícios para a saúde são inigualáveis e o preço é ideal. "
- kdano
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2,668 원 2,212 원
FunFresh Foods Zylicious

"This gum is sooo delicious! Glad I purchased it. Zylicious is good for a fresh breath and the smell of cinnamon lingers in the mouth. I gave my family some and they loved it too. I will be buying more soon!"
- Lisa H.

"Esta é minha primeira avaliação. Quero informar a todos os clientes deste site que eu compre esse produto faz tempos nos supermercados e lojas de doces. Gosto muito desse doce, dou nota 1000000000000000000000000!!! Já comprei em lotes em outras lojas de suplementos e esta é a primeira vez que eu compro no site da evitamins através da indicação de um amigo meu que compra neste mesmo site faz tempos. O produto é bom e o sabor muito agradável. A embalagem é bem segura para o armazenamento e seu aspecto é bem bonito e agradável. Após o uso reutilizo a embalagem para outras finalidades. Quero dizer que gostei do site evitamins. É fácil de navegar através dos menus. Há milhares de produtos interessantes de muitas marcas muito conceituadas no mercado mundial. Estou feliz com minha compra e com certeza irei comprar novamente no futuro."
- Akilles Junior
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28,901 원 24,551 원
Eden Foods Organic Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate

"Taste great in water and I put it on waffles. It may help with joint pain."
- T. Hunter

"Great taste, not too sweet. I used it in my lemon tea and sometimes I use it in lime tea for an extra zest. Perfect all natural juice concentrate. I will be buying more for a friend."
- Lisa H.
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4,290 원 3,217 원
Eden Foods Organic Pizza-Pasta Sauce

"Pizza night at our house isn't complete without this sauce!"
- Rebecca Yaker

"Excellent sauce. Not very bold taste. Works well with the organic noodles or in a pizza pie. No one flavor was too overbearing in this sauce"
- Bruce Kent
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6,019 원 5,107 원
Eden Foods Organic Nut

"Absolutely love the taste but found the amount was very small. Will buy again though."
- Lisa G

"So delicious! I always carry it in my bag in case I get hungry. Perfect for vegetarians, this is a good mix of seeds, nuts & dried fruit."
- Valentyn
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7,842 원 6,676 원
Eden Foods Organic Apple Sauce

"A tasty apple sauce. The strawberry flavor is pretty faint and the sauce itself is a bit runny, but that's where the cons end. Everything else about this apple sauce is outstanding. It isn't super sweet and tastes very natural."
- Bruce Kent

"I love this applesauce. There's nothing extra in it and it's a great consistency. You can't taste the strawberry as much as I'd wish but it's still so good it doesn't matter. It's great for baking. I've made muffins with it and they came out very tasty. Or sprinkle a little cinnamon on it. I like that you can flavor it however you want or enjoy it as is."
- EK
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15,764 원 13,391 원
Knudsen Juice Concentrate

"Great cranberry fruit flavor. Extremely sour verses sweet. Quite watery as well, but it works well. Perfect for baking or desserts if you want to bring out a serious cranberry flavor."
- Bruce Kent

"It's VERY tart. I have to mix it a lot with water for an average glass, which makes it last longer but I use it mostly for punches or other cocktail mixes that have other sweet drinks to keep things balanced. "
- EK
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8,029 원
Walden Farms Dressing

"Another great product from Walden Farms, super on salads, pasta salads, chicken. Great flavor, consistency and color. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to cut calories with a great flavor."
- Dawn M Donahue
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8,029 원
Walden Farms Calorie Free Syrup

"I love using this syrup as a liquid in my baked goods! it keeps them from drying out while adding a perfect touch of sweetness."
- Allie

"This Chocolate Syrup by Walden Farms is amazing! You would never guess it's calorie, fat, or sugar free. It tastes just like any other chocolate syrup, but you don't feel guilty eating it. I've used it for baking as an alternative to other chocolates and especially on ice cream. It is so delicious! "
- Harley Kensington
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6,220 원 4,745 원
Stash Tea Decaf Tea

"Wonderful tea for Halloween - and all year round. Warm and comforting taste."
- Mrs Smith

"I was expecting to find the prominent aroma of the pumpkin spice. Although it is indeed very present, there is cinnamon that puts itself above all other flavors, making it more of a cinnamon tea. Anyways the taste is good, definitely advising this one if you like a spiced tea."
- Erika Agostino
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175,281 원 127,051 원
Kashi Strawberry Fields Cereal (14 Pack)

"I love Kashi products. Especially this Strawberry Fields Cereal. It tastes very similar to Special K with Red Berries, but the ingredients list on this product is much better and I feel is a better value for how many boxes you get. The crispness of the flakes is delicious and the berries are slightly tart so it adds a nice contrast to the cereal. I eat the cereal with Almond Milk and it is delicious! Keeps me really full until lunch too! "
- Harley Kensington

"No more feeling sluggish, I love the taste of this cereal. It helped me with bowel movements regularly. Very healthy and no more constipation to worry about . I eat about 4 bowls a week"
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10,322 원 9,088 원
Atkins Endulge

"Tastes great, awesome snack!"
- Ivan Koloshin

"They taste just like M&Ms! Taste fantastic & its a very good product for diabetics!"
- Valentyn
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11,005 원 9,350 원
Eden Foods Organic Fruit Butter

"Whoa, very natural grape spread. You can tell they left all the textures in there, but it's still quite smooth. Very, very sweet. If you like grape jellies and jams, this is for you."
- Bruce Kent

""Butter" might not be the right term for this. This Grape Butter has the consistency of a thick paste. It's very good, sweet and tart, but very thick and a little can go a long way. You can water it down easily, though. Boil it down into a syrup or just thin it out with a little water and it's a grape sauce. Just try not to get it on anything, it stains everything purple."
- EK
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22,775 원 20,094 원
Pur Gum

"Pur Gum has made xylitol gum an affordable product. Contains none of those horrible chemical sweeteners. It tastes great and is good for your teeth."
- Valentyn

"I love this gum. Refreshened my breath and whitened my teeth. Price is not bad compared to others."
- Lisa Hunter
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18,740 원 14,055 원
Nuts 'N More High Protein Peanut Spread

"So I'm a peanut butter person. So finding this Nuts n' More High Protein Peanut Butter Spread was fantastic. The white chocolate flavor is wonderful. It isn't over powering and it helps curve my chocolate craving very well. I put this on toast, pretzels and even melt a little and make trail mix with it I love the consistency of it as well. It isn't too thick or too thin. It really is a fantastic option for individuals who love peanut butter but want a little more out of it."
- Allie C

"Maravilhoso!...Textura ótima, sabor incrível e não é oleosa como outras que já provei... com geléia fica uma delícia!..."
- Pamela Andrea Bahamonde Rojas
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16,072 원 11,803 원
Wellements Daily Detox II Original Tea

"I alternate daily use of Daily Detox II and Daily Detox I Original Tea. eVitamins has a great price on this great item, and I definitely found myself feeling the positive effects of continued use. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to try detox in an quick and simple way. Just steep one bag over hot water each morning!"
- Kevin D.

"I benn drinking this tea for 5 months every morning, makes me feel as if I'm doing something good for myself. I feel that I have and continue to detox my body."
- Phylyss Beaudet
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16,072 원 11,803 원
Wellements Daily Detox II Herbal Passion Fruit Tea

"Really works!, I have used this tea before and noticed a big difference in how I felt. I actually lost 4 pounds in about 2 weeks since drinking the tea."
- Sofia A

"This is a great tasting detox tea if you're feeling sluggish and drained. I used this tea for a week and I was feeling refreshed and energized. The taste is fruity flavor without the sweetness. I also used this tea whenever I'm not able to have a normal bowel movement. This tea cleanses, refreshes and energizes!"
- Lisa Hunter
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12,225 원 10,402 원
Atkins Advantage Shake

"The Vanilla Caramel shake by Atkins is so amazing. This was my first time trying the shake, but I was so surprised of how tasty it was. I am quite addicted to it because of its taste and low calories, too."
- Nikki

"The Vanilla Caramel Creme shake by Atkins shake is so amazing. This was my first time trying the shake, but I was so surprised of how tasty it was. I hope they bring this flavor back. Now that this flavor is gone, I will have to find another, but I hope it's as tasty as the Vanilla Caramel Creme shake."
- M. Graham
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9,906 원 7,922 원
Alvita Organic Herbal Tea

"Taste great and a great source of iron."
- Jen

"I suffer from anemia and I forget to take pills for it all the time. But I always remember drink my tea instead of coffee and this product just makes my life a lot easier."
- Jennifer D.
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16,072 원 12,855 원
Alvita Organic Herbal Tea

"I just started drinking Cranberry Tea when found out that it was a part of a kidney cleanse formula along with parsley leaf, cornsilk, and cayenne pepper. I need something to help boost my kidney function and I am using this tea as a part of a daily kidney regimen. It is delicious hot with some honey mixed with it."
- Cynthia

"Alvita's Cranberry Tea has a really nice flavor and is a much better tasting alternative for urinary tract infections than plain cranberry juice. It is something that you can drink daily to prevent UTIs with a great taste."
- Tracy
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11,247 원 8,995 원
Alvita Organic Herbal Tea

"Tastes great! Not sure about the effect on uterus yet."
- Dianne

"I have used Red Raspberry Leaf Tea to tame severe menstrual cramps.It seems to be working!"
- LauraSwink
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