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18,377 원 12,247 원
Dose Per Serving: 3 mg
eVitamins Melatonin

"Amazing product. As I suffer from Fibromyalgia my night times are very long due to chronic pain. Since I started using Melatonin my night times have become a lot shorter. They also don't make me groggy the next morning which is an added bonus."
- Tracy Sinnott

"Melatonin really helps me to sleep when I am traveling. I have problems sleeping during a trip in the car, plane, etc. Therefore, I take it, and it works great for me I love it. I travel a lot, so I need this all the time. eVitamins has great deals as well in their prices. I compare to other sites, and most of the times eVitamins is cheaper. I send stuff to my mom in Brazil as well. She loves Melatonin, so I send to her all the time. eVitamins makes my life so easier. Love and recommend to anyone that have sleep problems not only at night, but other occasions as well like me when I travel. I hope helped you!"
- Juliana Ferguson
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14,699 원 9,183 원
Gluten Free
Wheat Free
Yeast Free
eVitamins Vitamin B Complex

"Highly recommend to people suffer mouth ulcers. Ordered because of mouth ulcers, since started using this, not happen again. Will reorder when I finish it."
- Shuyan Li

"This product is exactly what I wanted. I use B Complex to help with my anxiety and to help keep my energy levels up. This product helps with both things greatly. Would recommend highly to others."
- Meghan Johns
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11,021 원 6,118 원
Dose Per Serving: 2,000 IU
eVitamins Vitamin D3

"I started taking vitamin D when I was living in Michigan because there is no sun there the whole year pretty much haha However, I am still taking it even though I moved to Florida because I still do not have enough of it. It does not mean that you live in a tropical city that you do not need to take it, I realized it when I moved down to Florida. I suffer from milk allergies as well and the vitamin D helps it. I buy that one from the eVitamin brand because is much cheap the ones on Amazon."
- Juliana Ferguson

"This is a very basic vitamin D supplement. It's reasonably priced and perfect for a daily vitamin."
- Meghan Johns
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14,699 원 8,570 원
Gluten Free
eVitamins Organic Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

"Oh my Gosh coconut oil is my favorite thing on earth. I use that thin for so many stuff. I love cooking with it. It gives a coconut taste, but if you do not mind about it, it is way healthier than another oil. I love to use the stuff on my hair as well. I use it one or two times at least on my hair, and I am obsessed with the results as well. I heard it is good to make your teeth whiter, but honestly I have not try this yet. I sure believe it though because this thing is amazing."
- Juliana Ferguson

"I loved the consistency of the product, healthy alternative to butter and other oils. "
- Athena Kapsaski
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48,978 원 25,488 원
Dose Per Serving: 750 mg
eVitamins Ultra Omega 3

"This supplement is a more concentrated form of Omega 3. I like it very much. This product you can take just one per day and it is enough so I would say job well done."
- Jucelio Kilinski Tavares

"Good quality. No fish smell. Everyone in my family has tried this supplement and experienced a positive effect on mental alertness and concentration. Fully satisfied."
- Sumit Das
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15,925 원
eVitamins Logo T-Shirt

"Linda camisa."
- Marinalva Silva Barros

"Who isn't proud to wear a shirt with their fave online store on it?!? A few interesting conversations have come up while wearing this shirt. I have been able to share my new love of essential oils and beauty products I've found at eVitamins."
- Tami Qualls
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49,027 원 23,171 원
Dose Per Serving: 100 mg
eVitamins 7-Keto

"great stuff, I've been taking this for about 12 months and have noticed huge improvements in my health especially in the winter."
- Kevin Guraluk

"I used other 7 keto and this is just as good and is cheaper. I used to get sick a lot in the winter and last winter everybody around me got sick and I didn't. I used to be the first one sick and I think the 7 keto is why I didn't this winter. "
- Kevin Guraluk
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21,700 원 12,174 원
Dose Per Serving: 50 mg
eVitamins DHEA

"Muito bom suplemento e de extrema qualidade. Não possui cheiro, facil de tomar pois a capsula é pequena e não é possivel encontrar no Brasil. Este suplemento não é possível sentir os efeitos logo no início, visto que seu uso contínuo que aumentam as chances de sucesso no tratamento. "
- Filipe Carvalho Pires

"Os principais benefícios do uso deste suplemento são: – Melhora da libido; – Maior disposição; – Aumento da síntese proteica e dos mecanismos anabólicos; – Melhora da função insulínica; – Aumento da força muscular; – Redução de doenças degenerativas como a osteoporose; – No tratamento de transtornos mentais como esquizofrenia Tudo isso, fez com que o DHEA fosse tido como um hormônio da ”juventude”. Há muitos relatos disponíveis descrevendo muitos benefícios a médio prazo. É um bom suplemento e com certeza vale a pena ser testado. Eu com certeza recomendo este suplemento e o site evitamins pela agilidade de entrega e qualidade dos produtos oferecidos."
- Felipe
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28,810 원 16,220 원
Dose Per Serving: 100 mg
eVitamins DHEA

"I received the product a few days ago and started using it right away. The results are what I expected. Happy with the purchase. Will order agin for sure. Stefan"
- Stefan Preiss

"This is a great DHEA supplement."
- Alt
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29,411 원 14,699 원
Dose Per Serving: 10,000 mcg
eVitamins Extra Strength Biotin

"Pretty standard biotin capsule, exactly what I wanted."
- Meghan Johns

"This vitamins helps my hair grow faster and much healthier. After finish drinking, buying again :)"
- Just Miyama
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18,377 원 12,247 원
Dose Per Serving: 5 mg
eVitamins Melatonin

"Very good works for myself and my ADHD child that is proscribed melatonin by the doctor for six mg however these five mgs work well for her and much cheaper then buying in Νew Zealand. Taste nice and are easy to take. Would recommend for all ages as I use them for myself as well and work fast and easy."
- Hazel phillips

"Love this product. I take one gummy right before bed time and I am able to sleep the night away. I have taken other Melatonin supplements but I like the fact this is a gummy and contains 5mg versus some of the others which only have 3mg. I guess it would be easier for anyone to double a dosage on a lighter milligram but I prefer this one as the bottle lasts me a long time. Another thing I noticed or quick tip for anyone looking to fall asleep faster is to stay off your phone or tablet. I started cutting out my phone at least an hour before bed time and combined with taking this, I have been sleeping great. I usually take it about an hour before bed time. I have noticed that if I end up going to bed late and still try to take this I wake up feeling a little groggy. However when I fall asleep at my normal time and take one of these, it seems to do the trick quite nice."
- Jack Manning
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12,247 원 6,731 원
Dose Per Serving: 400 IU
eVitamins Liquid Vitamin D-3

"My husband was diagnosed with stage IV neck cancer. I gave this to him daily. It helped bring back his energy and helped raise his levels. We both take daily now."
- Carrie Windsor

"Perfect, no taste, getting the vitamin I need."
- Keryl
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