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₩4,180.31 ₩3,556.64
Celestial Seasonings Black Cherry Berry

"This has become one of my favorite teas. Great tea. Wonderful cherry flavor!"
- Valentyn

"Entire family love this black cherry tea. Not only does it taste delicious but it also relax you. I drink at least 2 cups a day with honey. The cherry berry is really real... you can taste it! yummy for my tummy, soothing too."
- Lisa Hunter
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₩5,618.70 ₩4,770.28
Yogi Tea Organic Teas Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life

"그녹차보다는 블루베리의 향이 강해 스윗한 느낌이 들게하더라고요. 텀블러에 커피대신 차를 갖고다녀서 그런지 피부도 좋아지는 것 같고.. 슬림해지건지는 아직 모르겠습니다. 단지 기분은 그럴것같다는... 대부분의 요기티가 그렇듯이 향은, 향만 맡아도 건강해질 것 같은 기분이드는 차 입니다. 요기티를 종류별로 구매해서 마셔보고 있는데, 정말 다 맘에 듭니다. 아, 학교 선생님께 선물로 드렸더니 좋아하시더라고요. ^^"
- Heeyeun Choi

"This is by far my favorite Yogi tea. It has a very pleasant taste that has a bit of orange to it at the end. I mix in about a tablespoon of honey and its amazing. Drinking it between meals did help me resist snacking and keeping me full until the next meal. Defiantly recommend drinking it while it's hot though cause one it gets room temperature it's not as good!"
- Harley Kensington
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₩6,731.20 ₩5,562.51
Organic India Tulsi Tea Honey Chamomile

"Tulsi Tea Honey Chamomile is a great tea for rejuvenating yourself. A must try for once."
- Nikki

"I didn't like this at all. "
- Sunder K.
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Buddha Teas Raspberry Leaf Tea

"Love this tea. Not very sweet and the raspberry is very faint, but the flavor is smooth and delicious. The unbleached bags helps keep the flavor smooth, I'm sure. For having zero caffeine, this tea does pack an energy punch as well. I'm definitely ordering more."
- Bruce Kent

"New favorite tea flavor on my cup! Raspberry Leaf Tea by Buddha Teas can be combines easy with honey, sugar or stevia but honestly I drink it plain just adding hot water on the cup! This tea has pleasant aroma and not slightly bitter after taste you would expect when drinking plain tea. Raspberry Leaf Tea releases a dark brown color but not immediately after adding the tea bag in water so be patient and give this tea about 5 minutes to drink. "
- Eva C.
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₩11,226.16 ₩8,596.61
Wellements Daily Detox Tea

"Good detox. I had a bowel movement after my 3rd cup of tea. Good cleansing and my skin is even glowing now, more than ever. I have to stock up on this. Great price as well."
- Lisa Hunter

"My teenage daughter leaves early for school and cannot eat breakfast or drink anything except this tea. It not only tastes good to her, but is very soothing to her stomach. She finds it very effective for either getting her regular or keeping her regular. She specificallly asked me to get more for her."
- Beth Powell
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₩5,618.70 ₩4,770.28
Yogi Tea Organic Teas Berry DeTox Tea

"This tea relaxed my mind and body! Very good cleanser when you drink 3 cups a day. Skin never looked greater!"
- Lisa Hunter

"Great tea for my acne prone skin. The taste is sort of bitter but a little honey makes it tolerable. I drink 2 cups a day and mix it with detox tea and now I have no breakouts."
- Lisa Hunter
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₩5,618.70 ₩4,770.28
Yogi Tea Organic Teas Lemon Ginger Organic Tea

"레몬과 생강이 함께 차로 만들어 졌다는 사실이 너무 좋은 만남이라고 생각해요 추운겨울 호호 불어 마시고 나면 체온상승.. 손끝 발끝이 따뜻해 지는 생강을 레몬과 같이 마실 수 있다니 ..굿"

"기침이 심할때 책상옆에 타놓고 수시로 마셨더니 기침이 가라앉더라고요. 물론 물을 마셔도 되겠지만 물을마신후에는 다시 기침이 심해졌는데, 티를마셔서 그런지 잦은 기침이 좀 줄어드는 것 같았습니다. 감기걸리기전 마시려고 미리 주문했는데... 배송이 17일이나 걸려서... 감기에 걸리고 난뒤 받았다는 아픔이있네요. 배송이 좀 오래 걸렸다는거 빼고는 제품은 아주 만족합니다. 특히 전 이런향 너~~무 좋아해요. ^^"
- Heeyeun Choi
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₩12,349.90 ₩10,248.51
Hampstead Tea Organic Fair Trade Loose Tea English Breakfast

"Delicious tea, I first drank Hamstead tea while on holiday and instantly noticed how I liked it and how much better it was compared to the other teas I usually drink."
- Alise

"Delicious tea, large leaf tea. Pleasant smell & well sealed. Excellent value."
- Valentyn
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₩5,618.70 ₩4,770.28
Yogi Tea Organic Teas Skin DeTox Tea

"구매했던 요기티가 다 만족스러워서 요녀석도 그럴줄 알았는데... 효과는 모르겠지만 향이.. 저랑은 너무 안맞는 것 같네요. 일단 향이 화장품? 향같다고 해야하나. 제가 개인적으로 좋아하지 않는향이라.. 저에겐 요제품은 좀 아닌듯!! "
- Heeyeun Choi

"Taste very bitter but drinking several cups a day will have your skin glowing. I use the left over tea bags to apply to any burns or cuts... works great!"
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₩5,618.70 ₩4,770.28
Yogi Tea Organic Teas Honey Lavender Stress Relief Tea

"This tea has a strong smell of lavender it better to drink this at the end of the day or after a stress-filled day to unwind. It works so well to relax the muscles and make you feel a sense of calm. I love drinking it when I'm anxious or just can't relax due to stress."
- Connie

"Honey Lavender Stress Relief Tea is so refreshing. I love it!"
- Jen
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₩5,618.70 ₩4,770.28
Yogi Tea Organic Teas Cinnamon Vanilla Healthy Skin Tea

"Terrible flavor in my opinion. Very bitter. The vanilla and cinnamon are too faint. I would prefer it a bit stronger. Maybe it's served better chilled, I haven't tried that yet."
- Bruce Kent

"OMG! The cinnamon is real! The smell is real! This tea is delicious and I mean it. I was amazed when making an 8oz cup of this tea which lingered for awhile in the room. Gave my skin the glow it needs after about 6 cups."
- Lisa Hunter
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₩7,630.19 ₩6,101.91
Alvita Decaf Green Tea

"I am having Alvita green tea in a daily basis right before lunch and I really think it helps me to digest my food. The taste is fantastic and I love even more because it's decaf since I'm a coffee drinker. The smell is neutral which I think is fantastic. I would recommend this product to anyone. "
- Aline Santos

"Alvita Chinese green tea is a good Diuretic tea. I drink it occasionally when I've overindulged in soda, juice. I give it to my aunt who retains a lot of fluid and by drinking this tea she's able to release water a lot. This tea is very bitter to me without honey. You can have at least 3 cups a day between meals. Works for me!"
- Lisa Hunter
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₩29,779.11 ₩22,789.45
Pronatura Kombucha Tea

"This one here is good and very healthy, but you shouldn't drink too much in one day. Kombucha 2000 Fermented Tea Ginger Brew Organic Elixer Tonic taste a lot better. It reminds me of sparkling pineapple ginger soda."
- Tawanna Hunter

"I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of the Kombucha Tea. It's like sparkling cider - only better. Nice. I have psoriasis... now let's see if it does what it promises."
- Nichole
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₩5,618.70 ₩4,770.28
Yogi Tea Organic Teas Woman's Raspberry Leaf

"Lovely tea, This is a great tea for those who have heavy painful periods. It woks good for me but not as good as the Traditional Medicinal raspberry leaf tea. I will still buy it again though. Great for any girl with menstrual period issues. "
- Heather Wochele

"Woman's Raspberry Leaf Tea tastes great but I did not taste raspberry flavor at all. Maybe it's just me. I did feel energized and I drink 2 cups in the evening. The price isn't bad."
- Lisa H,
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₩10,664.29 ₩6,708.73
Health Plus Colon Cleanse Peppermint Tea

"Colon Cleanse Peppermint Tea works great, but the taste is horrible."
- Tawanna H.

"Colon Cleanse Peppermint Tea is very great for cleansing but made my tummy feel very cramped. After all, I did use the bathroom and felt very great the rest of the week. it's better to use 1 tea bag per 8-ounce cup."
- Lisa H.
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₩4,708.47 ₩3,517.31
St Dalfour Organic Green Tea Golden Mango

"Fantastic flavor, Really sweet, I hope repeat and repeat. The most fantastic is the price."
- Alise

"Excellent tea, superb taste and aroma."
- Tomer G
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₩5,045.59 ₩3,528.54
Now Foods Dandelion Cleansing Herbal Tea

"Dandelion Tea is excellent for the liver and like many other traditional Medicines this one is outstanding in quality and taste. It's a great alternative to coffee and tastes even better. Very satisfied customer."
- Deepak P

"What a great tea! The taste is bitter but you can add honey and it'll be fine. After drinking 2 glasses of the dandelion I felt better. It gave me a good flush and now I'm no longer feeling sluggish."
- Lisa Hunter
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₩13,215.18 ₩11,226.16
Knudsen Cranberry Juice Concentrate

"Great cranberry fruit flavor. Extremely sour verses sweet. Quite watery as well, but it works well. Perfect for baking or desserts if you want to bring out a serious cranberry flavor."
- Bruce Kent

"It's VERY tart. I have to mix it a lot with water for an average glass, which makes it last longer but I use it mostly for punches or other cocktail mixes that have other sweet drinks to keep things balanced. "
- EK
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₩11,226.16 ₩8,596.61
Wellements Daily Detox II Original Tea

"I alternate daily use of Daily Detox II and Daily Detox I Original Tea. eVitamins has a great price on this great item, and I definitely found myself feeling the positive effects of continued use. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to try detox in an quick and simple way. Just steep one bag over hot water each morning!"
- Kevin D.

"I benn drinking this tea for 5 months every morning, makes me feel as if I'm doing something good for myself. I feel that I have and continue to detox my body."
- Phylyss Beaudet
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₩11,181.21 ₩8,596.61
Wellements Daily Detox II Herbal Passion Fruit Tea

"Really works!, I have used this tea before and noticed a big difference in how I felt. I actually lost 4 pounds in about 2 weeks since drinking the tea."
- Sofia A

"This is a great tasting detox tea if you're feeling sluggish and drained. I used this tea for a week and I was feeling refreshed and energized. The taste is fruity flavor without the sweetness. I also used this tea whenever I'm not able to have a normal bowel movement. This tea cleanses, refreshes and energizes!"
- Lisa Hunter
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₩8,304.44 ₩6,877.29
Alvita Alfalfa Tea

"Taste great and a great source of iron."
- Jen

"I suffer from anemia and I forget to take pills for it all the time. But I always remember drink my tea instead of coffee and this product just makes my life a lot easier."
- Jennifer D.
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₩13,473.64 ₩10,776.67
Alvita Cranberry Tea

"I just started drinking Cranberry Tea when found out that it was a part of a kidney cleanse formula along with parsley leaf, cornsilk, and cayenne pepper. I need something to help boost my kidney function and I am using this tea as a part of a daily kidney regimen. It is delicious hot with some honey mixed with it."
- Cynthia

"Alvita's Cranberry Tea has a really nice flavor and is a much better tasting alternative for urinary tract infections than plain cranberry juice. It is something that you can drink daily to prevent UTIs with a great taste."
- Tracy
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₩7,068.32 ₩5,652.41
Alvita Sage Tea

"My friend recommended Sage Tea for my soar throat and cough. I am pleased with the flavor and found it very soothing. I am recommending it to another friend who lives in Phoenix and also has been fighting a cough. I like the fact that it is easy to prepare and doesn't come with side effects other cold remedies seem to produce. "
- Anonymous

"The sage tea has an excellent taste. It is very calming and cleansing."
- Anonymous
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₩8,866.31 ₩7,090.80
Alvita Spearmint Leaf Tea

"This tea is just amazing I'm on my second box of this and I love it. Firstly it is Organic which is a plus point and secondly the taste is also good it's not very bitter or strong as compared to other Spearmint Tea that I have tried. Overall this tea is amazing and has helped me a lot to clear my skin also. "
- Sofia Pathan

"I would like to share that Spearmint Tea from Alvita has definitely worked wonders for me. I can clearly notice it in my health and hair texture. Would like to give a big thumbs Up to it. :) "
- Suhani Priya
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