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Your Essential Travel Kit for Health and Wellness

By , Managing Editor
Wednesday, August 29, 2012
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Traveling brings with it plenty of headaches from the extra fees to long lines. But what can really ruin a trip is not feeling your best upon arrival -- looking like a time-warped zombie doesn't usually help either.

There are some key products to help wake you up, freshen you up and help you fake it 'til you make it. Pack these 10 items in your carryon for more comfortable travel:

1. Motion Sickness Prevention -- If you suffer from motion sickness, having a supplement on hand for quick relief is a must for traveling by plane, car or boat. Available in tablets, chewables and gum, these products can help prevent symptoms like nausea from occurring or stop them before you run for the bathroom or reach for the barf bag. A key ingredient to look for is ginger, which is especially helpful in calming nausea, as well as vitamin B6.

2. Sleep Aid -- Whether it's changing time zones or a screaming baby, traveling takes a toll on your sleep schedule. You can feel out of whack for days which can make you prone to sickness. Taking a sleep aid like valerian root or melatonin during a long trip or after returning can help get your sleep cycle back on track without the unpleasant side effects of prescription sleeping pills.

3. Digestive Support -- Traveling can do a number on your stomach, especially if you're constantly eating at restaurants and fast food stops. A probiotic can help correct any imbalances and improve symptoms of indigestion. You can also take along an herbal supplement like triphala or caraway seed to provide relief. Antacids are always a good idea, too.

4. Immunity Booster -- Get your immune system armed to fight off the onslaught of germs you'll encounter as well as the changes in schedule and eating habits which can throw your immune system for a loop. Something as simple as a vitamin C chewable or drink mix or echinacea can do wonders to prevent illness.

5. Hand Sanitizer -- Transportation hubs like airports and train stations as well as taxis and buses are full of germs from the hundreds, even thousands of travelers they accommodate on a daily basis. A portable hand sanitizer, be it a gel, lotion or wipes, lends your immune system a hand to keep you from picking up an extra souvenir on your trip.

6. Water Bottle -- Know exactly where your drink is coming from by bringing your own water bottle to fill up. You can control the number of hands on your beverage and bottles with built-in filters can help improve the taste and quality.

7. Eye Drops -- Help relieve irritated eyes from the dry air of a plane or from sleep with a few drops in each eye. Drops with ingredients like belladonna and euphrasia (also known as eyebright) help reduce redness and stop irritation so you see comfortably and clearly.

8. Eye Cream -- If you're traveling for business or an important event that starts soon after you arrive, this skin care item is a must have -- something for even the guys to consider. No matter if you slept like a baby on the way, your eyes still get puffy with dark circles that make you look less than prepared upon your arrival. Ingredients like vitamin C, goji berry and caffeine help you look more awake, even if you don't feel that way.

9. Toothpaste and Toothbrush -- Help remove the smell of that cafeteria food or the morning breath from an overnight trip by giving your mouth a refresher. The person next to you and the one you're meeting will thank you.

10. Gum -- Prevent annoying ear plugging and popping with some chewing gum. Kill two birds with one stone by getting a ginger gum, which also combats motion sickness.

All of these travel necessities are available at eVitamins. Bring this kit along on the plane, train, bus or in the car for more carefree travel.

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