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Welcome 2012 With a Healthy New Year's Resolution

New Year's resolutions offer the opportunity to change your lifestyle if only you could follow the resolution for the whole year. Here are some good places to start your 2012.

So, what are your New Year’s resolutions for this coming year? Be more patient with the kids, spend less on shopping and talk to family more often—these are often included in people’s list of promises. Some are able to keep them, some are not. A 2002 study revealed that 75 percent of people stick to their goals for the first week but only 46 percent are able to do so for the next six months. Also, what many fail to realize though is the importance of health-related resolutions that can help you live a longer, happier, healthier life. Below, you’ll find some of those that are worthy to include in your list.

Lose Weight
Compare your New Year’s resolutions list with those of people you know and you’ll find that more than half include weight loss program in their goals. The funny thing is that it’s also an annual failure. Some manage to stay on their fitness regimen only for the first few months but revert back to their old ways after a while. Remember that the only way to succeed in this endeavor is to be consistent. Regular exercise and proper diet should be a part of your life and not just a temporary habit until you accomplish your goal. Don’t go for crash diets either as these would only make you gain more weight once you stop.

Stop Smoking
How many times did you promise yourself that you’re going to say goodbye to this habit? This upcoming year can be a fresh start for your lungs if you succeed in quitting the nicotine habit. If you talk to any former smoker, you’ll find out that multiple attempts may still lead to permanent success. You already know that countless benefits of quitting smoking. Now all you have to do is find a technique that'll work for you. There are several strategies that you may try. One is cold turkey that requires sudden stoppage of cigarette smoking. You may experience withdrawal symptoms while you’re in the midst of it but there are also different ways to find relief. If this doesn’t work for you, make it a gradual process either. Set realistic goals and reward yourself (not with cigarettes of course) for accomplishing your objective.

Reduce Stress
A little stress every now and then is actually good for you. It keeps you on the go and helps you accomplish things. But anything in excess can be bad. Too much stress can increase your risk of certain health problems including heart disease, hypertension, insomnia, depression and even obesity. Factors such as lack of sleep, poor diet and long hours of work contribute to increased stress levels. Although you can’t run away entirely from stress, you can help prevent it from taking a toll on your health through socialization, sufficient rest every day, travel and relaxation techniques like massage, aromatherapy, breathing exercises and meditation.

Drink Less
Various studies say that a bottle of beer a day can help keep the doctor away. Despite this claim, you’d still be better off avoiding alcohol as much as possible. Why? When people drink alcoholic beverages regularly, they tend to develop A high tolerance to its effects. This leads to increased consumption, which can pose a bigger problem. Drinking too much affects the neurotransmitters in the brain, putting a person at greater risk of memory loss, depression, mental deterioration and seizures. Not only that, it also makes you more susceptible to liver disease, heart ailments, stroke, hypertension and cancers of the breast, mouth and throat.

Get More Sleep
The advantages of sufficient sleep goes beyond making you look younger than your age. It also uplifts the mood and wards off certain health problems such as obesity and type 2 diabetes. Not only that, sleep also improves memory. Don’t feel guilty about taking a power nap in the afternoon and getting your eight every night. Make your bedroom conducive to rest by dimming the lights and setting an electronic curfew a few hours before bedtime. Using electronic gadgets before you sleep keeps the brain stimulated, which means it would be more difficult for you to get some deep sleep.

Start Taking a Multivitamin
Multivitamins are ideal for starting a new healthy habit. Multivitamins come in a variety of blends and formulas that are designed specifically for men, women, seniors, athletes and children. They are also made in liquid and pill formulas that release quicker or slower in the body depending on the need of the user. Remember to look for RDA sufficiency for at least ten vitamins and nutrients. Herbal additives, such as bee pollen and dong quai, are nice bonuses to look for as well. Other important nutrients that won't come in a multiple include essential fatty acids, which mostly come from fish oil supplements.

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Vitamins, 비타민


7 케토


Amino Acids, 아미노산

Antioxidants, 항산화제품, 산화방지제


CoQ10, 코엔자임큐텐


DMAE, 집중력강화

EFA, 오메가 3 6 9 (EPA DHA), 기타 오일

Enzymes, 효소

Fiber, 섬유질

Garlic, 마늘

Glucosamine, 글루코사민

Grape Seed

Grapefruit Pectin, 자몽펙틴

Graviola, 그라비올라

Green Foods, 녹색식품


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