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Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

Are you heading out for one more trip before summer ends? Follow these tips to stay healthy and have a great time, no matter where you go.

Do you have one more trip planned before the summer ends? If so, preparation is key, and that doesn't just mean remembering your bathing suit.

You don't have to get really sick while traveling to suffer some negative health effects from a getaway. While we've all heard less-than-pleasant tales about drinking contaminating water or eating food from a street vendor that sat out a little too long, other factors can also play a part, like stress.

A long flight or car ride or a change in time zone can all negatively impact on our bodies. The climate -- whether it's hotter, cooler, drier or more humid than home -- can irritate sinuses and allergies and trigger certain skin conditions, like eczema.

Consider the following the tips to stay healthy and get the most out of your vacation:

1. Drink fluids.
Water is the best way to go when traveling to prevent dehydration. If visiting a new country, stick to bottled to avoid any possible contamination -- bacteria present in the water could make you ill, since your immune system probably isn't prepared for it. Avoid soda and alcoholic beverages as they can contain sodium and added sugars and can lead to uncomfortable gas and bloating.

2. Bring nutrients with you.
If you're concerned about eating poorly (by choice or by circumstance) while on vacation, make sure to bring along a multivitamin and some protein bars. The protein bars will prevent you from snacking on less healthy options, while also saving you some money, and the multivitamin supports the entire body when the diet may have some nutritional gaps in it.

3. Move around.
Whether in the air or a vehicle or on a boat, sitting for more than two to three hours at a stretch is a bad idea. Instead, make a point of taking breaks to stand and stretch every few hours. Whether it's walking the aisles of the plane and doing some gentle stretches in an open space or stopping the car and taking a 10 minute stroll at the rest stop, you'll be encouraging proper circulation to prevent blood clots (which can be fatal) as well as stiffness and swelling.

4. Wash your hands.
The world is a dirty place, so be sure to wash your hands often, but especially before and after handling food and before touching your face. Hand sanitizer and baby wipes are great items to have on hand, especially if you're using public transportation.

5. Eat breakfast.
Vacation usually makes people sleep in, but that doesn't erase the body's need for nutrients. Don't forget the most important meal of the day and look for options that include protein, fiber and healthy fats to fuel you for a day of sightseeing and to prevent spikes and crashes in blood sugar levels.

6. Sleep just enough.
Getting too much or too little sleep while on vacation can really throw your system for a loop. Sleeping in late not only means you'll miss valuable time, but will also make adjusting to life post vacation much harder. Sleeping too little weakens the immune system, causes stress and can even lead to weight gain. Aim for seven to nine hours.

Other great items to pack include a first aid kit, ginger gum to combat nausea when traveling and other healthy snacks, like nuts and seeds.

Pick up everything you need for a great trip at eVitamins and enjoy your journey, wherever it takes you!

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