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Simple and Effective Ways to Increase Fertility

Many people hit roadblocks when trying to conceive. These methods can help you boost fertility and start your journey toward parenthood. eVitamins 대한민국.

Many couples eagerly await the addition of a new bundle of joy to their family. For some, conceiving is a stress-free process while others experience difficulties along the way.  The most common way for a couple to conceive is by engaging in intercourse on a date as close as possible to the woman's ovulation period. But experts say that there’s more to getting pregnant than just having sexual intercourse, and as a result, couples can boost their fertility through other means.

Take a look at some simple yet very effective ways to increase a your fertility.

  1. Weight Control -- Did you know that if you're overweight, your body may overproduce specific hormones that disrupt a woman’s ovulation? Being underweight can also delay conception according to some researchers. Your menstrual cycles may become less regular and as a result, ovulation may happen less often. Experts recommend women to maintain a healthy weight when they’re trying to conceive.
  2. Eat Healthy -- Boost your fertility by staying well-nourished. For a healthier body, make sure to eat foods that contain enough iron, zinc, protein, vitamin C and other important nutrients. Deficiencies in these have been found to affect the menstrual cycle and higher chances of early miscarriage. Include fish, meat, eggs, beans and low-fat dairy products as your source of protein. If you’re a vegetarian, you can get complete amino acids from combining foods such as stir-fry with tofu or rice and beans.
  3. Drink in Moderation -- Consuming too much alcohol and coffee can affect a woman’s fertility according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Drinking more than five cups of coffee or tea has adverse effect on fertility, and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can decrease your chance of getting pregnant by nearly 60 percent. Since it's better to consume caffeine and alcohol in extreme moderation when you are carrying a child, it may be beneficial to get in the habit before you have conceived.
  4. Kick Those Cigarette Butts -- Smoking cigarettes can impact fertility in both men and women. The smoke damages a woman’s egg cells, causing interruptions in fertilization and implantation. In men, smoking can lead to reduced quality of semen and an imbalance in hormone levels. The best way to insure optimal fertility is for both partners to give up smoking while trying to conceive.
  5. Know Your Cycle -- Studies show that the normal menstrual cycle lasts for 25 to 35 days. If you have a longer cycle, it could mean that you’re ovulating less often. Consider tracking the days of your menstrual cycle on a calendar, or make an appointment with your OB/GYN to see if you can get more information on how frequently you ovulate.
  6. Ward Off Stress -- Depression and stress can also hamper fertility. Research has shown that emotional turmoil can actually cause the immune system to work ineffectively. Immunity issues can be a leading cause of infertility. Finding ways to eliminate stress from your life or speaking to a physician or counselor about how to handle depression may help you when you're trying to conceive a baby.
  7. Practice Makes Perfect -- Couples with busy schedules may have difficulty finding the time to engage in frequent sexual intercourse. It's important to remember that the more often you make time for intimacy, the higher your chance of doing it during the ovulation period. Some research reveals that women who regularly engage in sexual intercourse have more predictable menstrual cycles and normal ovulation.
  8. Pick Your Lubricant Carefully -- If you use vaginal lubricants during sex, it's important to choose wisely. Some lubricants contain spermicide which decrease fertility. Try using lubricants made with canola and peanut oils to minimize their impact on your fertility.
  9. Avoid Excessive Cleansing -- Douching can wipe out good bacteria and increase your risk of contracting bacterial vaginosis. This can lead to miscarriage and infertility.
  10. Get Some R&R -- Sleep deprivation can cause hormonal imbalance to a woman’s body and can greatly affect ovulation. It's not always easy to get a good night's sleep, but research shows that sleeping seven to nine hours a night can help increase your chances of getting pregnant.
  11. Avoid Pesticides -- Harmful chemicals can get into your body and disturb the normal processes including ovulation. Pesticides can also damage egg cells.
  12. Take the Pill -- Some studies show that birth control pills could enhance a woman’s fertility by halting ovulation and quieting down the reproductive system. This keeps the ovaries from aging. Since using any form of birth control when attempting to conceive can be problematic, it's best to stop taking the pill about a month before you start trying to get pregnant.
  13. Consider Your Spouse’s Health -- The factors that could affect your fertility could also affect your partner's reproductive health. Remind him that high alcohol intake, smoking and a poor diet may hinder you from conceiving.

Trying to conceive can be stressful when things aren't going right. Taking a few moments to take care of yourself may be the best way to help bring a baby on board.


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