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Sexercising: The Calorie Count for All Things Sex

Burning calories doesn't always require a trip to the gym or a fancy weight set. Sometimes all it takes is love.

Bored of going to the gym? Then go under the sheets instead!

Sex with your partner is a good way to burn calories. A 30-minute session of intimacy can burn at least 85 calories. It may not sound that much but if you do the math you'll see that can burn about 3,500 calories in about 40 half-hour sessions. That’s right around one pound fat. And the more you have sex, or the more vigorously you do it, the more calories you burn. Of course, it’s not just sex that can give your body a good workout, everything that comes with it can also boost your physical health. Here are the calorie-burning profiles of different romantic activities.


Get ready for a smooch fest and lose 68 calories per hour. When you and your partner first started dating, you’d find yourself locking lips at every chance you have. A few minutes later, you’d be gasping for air. That’s how much work is being done every time your mouth meets his. More vigorous kissing and petting can burn up to 100 calories in an hour, according to Jaiya Kinzbach, a Los Angeles–based sexologist and the author of "Red Hot Touch." She also recommends kissing in unusual positions. Kissing in different positions can potentially burn up to 200 calories in an hour.


Teasing your partner with a little bit of dirty dancing can do more than put you both in the mood for sex. Even with your clothes on, you can burn 103 calories for 30 minutes of swinging your hips and caressing each other’s bodies to the tune of sensual music. There’s scientific evidence to back up the claim that dirty dancing improves sexual performance. According to studies, women become more aroused after an aerobic workout like dancing. Barbara Bartlik, MD, a New York–based psychiatrist and sex therapist, suggests adding kissing, touching, and nibbling on the neck for more calories burned. Now, if your partner isn’t so much of a dancer and would rather sit back and watch you, consider getting a pole to dance around. If you take lessons, you’ll be burning 200 to 450 calories every time you go around the pole and striptease in front of your partner.

Making Out

Burning almost 240 calories per half hour, making out is on top of the list. Even while couples are clothed, this activity can burn even more calories than having actual sex. In your mind, you’re probably asking, “Why is that?” The answer: anticipation! It can get your heart rate going. The sweatier the conditions are, the more calories you shed.


When talking about calories burned during sex, hardly anyone makes mention about the part where you take your clothes off. But a researcher from Italy found that this part of intimate time can actually consume about eight to 10 calories. What’s even more interesting is that a man removing a bra with the use of his mouth can burn up to 80 calories in the process. So the next time you and your beau jump into the bed, play a game where you’ll have to undress each other without using any hands. It’s fun, sexy and great for your health!


Massage has always been part of sexy time. If you’re going to give the massage, you’ll burn as much as 80 calories in 30 minutes. If you’re in the receiving end, your health will still benefit through improved blood circulation, tension release in the muscles and stress relief. When giving a massage, don’t try to speed things up. The slower, deeper and more sensual you go, the more calories you burn. Getting a massage is also a great way to keep your heart rate elevated after a hot make-out session.

Giving Oral Sex

Oral sex isn’t only for adding variety to your sexual techniques. It’s also an effective body workout that can burn 100 calories for every 30 minutes. Blast even more calories by getting into different positions while in action. Try yoga positions like the downward facing dog or do some pushups while you’re at it. Your partner will be so excited and amazed.

Having Sex

Make it hot, make it loud, make it last - these are the keys to annihilate those calories during sex. Having sex with your partner can get rid of 85 to 150 calories per half hour, depending on all of the variables. You can also go for several position changes for an overall body workout. And don’t just lie or sit there, get moving! If you’re lying on top, sway your hips. If you’re squatting on top, bounce up and down. Of course, make sure that you reach your peak. More calories are lost if you orgasm.

Who said exercise has to be boring and tedious? Surely, you’ll never get tired of this pleasurable workout, and it's an activity that both you and your partner can benefit from. So take advantage of your Saturday morning, afternoon or night and burn some calories.

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