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Harnessing the Power of Probiotic Fermentation

Dr. Taryn Forrelli is the director of medical education for New Chapter and a naturopathic physician. In this guest post, she explains how probiotics set New Chapter's multivitamins apart from the rest.

Probiotic fermented foods like yogurt, miso and sauerkraut are arguably some of the healthiest foods in the world. People who consume them regularly enjoy immune health, stronger bones, digestive health and normal cell growth.

Since probiotic fermentation essentially pre-digests foods by breaking down macromolecules like carbohydrates and proteins into smaller constituent parts, probiotically fermented foods are extremely easy to digest and very well tolerated. In fact, many people who are sensitive to milk or soy do just fine with yogurt or miso.

Fermentation also makes nutrients in foods more bioavailable and plentiful. For example, genistin, a phytonutrient in soy, is transformed into a more bioavailable and beneficial form called genistein through the process of fermentation.

Additionally, the probiotic organisms responsible for fermentation secrete thousands of metabolites which function to support healthy blood pressure and cholesterol metabolism and promote a healthy balance of microbes in the colon.

In a nutshell, fermenting foods with probiotics offers a unique way to maximize their nutritional value and health benefits. If you want to improve your health and wellbeing, you’d be wise to eat fermented foods every day.

A “New Chapter” in Supplementation
Master herbalist, Paul Schulick, had all of this in mind when he set out to create a line of whole-food vitamin and mineral supplements superior to the standard ones which feature inorganic forms of synthetic and isolated nutrients, also known as USP vitamins.

He realized that by fermenting USP vitamins with beneficial probiotics in a base of certified organic whole foods, he could transform them into dynamic whole-food complexes, complete with vitamin cofactors, enzymes and hundreds of health-promoting ferment metabolites.

Organic Probiotic Nutrition Every Day
Schulick’s creation, featuring New Chapter’s probiotic nutrients, is one of the top-selling brands of multivitamins. Not surprisingly, scientific studies have proven probiotic nutrients are more bioavailable and display significantly greater antioxidant power than USP vitamins.

Today, the line includes Tiny Tabs, Every WomanEvery Woman's One Daily, Every Woman's 40+ One DailyEvery Woman II 40+Every ManEvery Man's One Daily, Every Man's 40+ One Daily,  Every Man II 40+, Perfect Energy and Perfect Calm.

People who use these multivitamins rave about the differences they feel and love the fact the vitamins can easily be taken on an empty stomach. They are, after all, foods. But they aren’t just any food . . . these probiotic nutrients are some of the finest probiotically fermented organic whole foods available.

Taking them every day makes it easier for you to be healthy and wise.


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