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Go Green with Dog and Cat Care

You can extend your healthy lifestyle to your dog or cat with these helpful tips that are great for them and the environment! eVitamins 대한민국.

You may make strives to be healthier in your life but we're here to help you expand that good nature. It's the perfect time to go green with your pets because of all the new and high-quality pet companies that recognize saving the environment isn't just good for us but it's great for our furry friends too!

It may sound funny to think of going green for your dog or cat but there's a lot of benefits to it. I'll explain along the way but chances are they're the same reasons you went green: less chemicals and more sustainability.


When you shop for pet toys, you probably look for durability. It might be a super cute plush but how long will it last? The issue here is that when plush toys are ripped apart or rawhide bones eaten, there's a chance your dog or cat might ingest something they shouldn't. And you should be confident that the rubber toys don't have extra chemicals attached to them. 

That's why you should look for:

  • Natural Fibers
  • Recycled Materials
  • Natural Dyes or Dye-Free
  • Organic Cotton or Hemp

  • And steer clear of rawhide bones as they can cause choking and are usually coated in chemicals. 

    Try Beco Things for durable and sustainable toys.

    Food and Treats

    Read the labels on your pet food to make sure there aren't any artificial flavors or dyes in their food. Some companies freeze-dry to keep from using chemical preservatives. And as a general rule, you want an animal protein as the main nutrient listed.

    For dog treats, go simple with peanut butter (without Xylitol, a sugar substitute that's toxic to dogs) or vegetables like baby carrots and green beans. They're low in calories and you might find something your dog is crazy about. Eggs are also great, as are apples and bananas.

    For cat food, try switching over to wet food. There are studies indicating the health risks of a high carbohydrate diet associated with dry food that lacks water content. And again, animal protein is a must.

    For treats, try growing your own catnip. Not only do cats go crazy for it, but you can save a few bucks and know exactly where it's from. If you don't have a green thumb, make sure to get organic catnip without any pesticides and never feed any plants to your cats you're unsure about (lilies and poinsettias are especially poisonous). Meat makes a great treat too, like liver or fish, as long as it's cooked and in very small amounts. Just as small amounts of cheese or a tablespoon of milk is great as long as you cat isn't lactose intolerant.

    Foods To Avoid

    Raisins and GrapesRaisins and Grapes
    Onions and GarlicOnions and Garlic
    Alcohol and CaffeineAlcohol and Caffeine
    Fat TrimmingsFat Trimmings
    Raw Meat or FishRaw Meat or Fish
    Yeast DoughYeast Dough
    Macadamia NutsDog Food
    Raw Eggs

    Keep in touch with your vet if you change your pet's diet and keep a look-out for anything that may be upsetting their stomachs.

    Try Grandma Lucy's or Ark Naturals for organic and natural food and treats.

    Wash Up

    If you won't feed your pet chemicals, don't wash with them either. Use organic and natural soaps to keep them clean and healthy. This not only will keep the chemicals out of the environment when you're washing the pet dirt down the drain but also off your pet. Remember, dogs and cats put everything and anything in their mouth including themselves so it's important to be safe with everything you put on them.

    Try Muchinson-Hume for safe pet care. 

    Clean Up

    Likewise, you should look for green cleaning products that use plant-based cleaners to help clean up their messes. The last thing you want is your cat licking up bleach after you clean the bathroom. Learn all about green cleaning and how to make your own solutions here.

    Don't just wash up. Keep their droppings from staying forever by using biodegradable bags to dispose of waste. Wood shavings and sawdust are great alternatives to traditional cat litter that may cause respiratory problems from silica dust. There's also litter made from recycled newspaper said to be just as absorbent and odor-resistant without the chemical fragrance that clay litter contains. Whole corn kernel litter is another alternative.

    Look into The Honest Company natural household cleaners.

    Vitamins and Treatments

    While going vegan won't work for pets, herbal treatments aren't out the door. Keep ticks and fleas off using more natural methods and talk to your vet about natural vitamins and medicine. It's important to get professional input on diet and medication for your pet the same as it would for yourself because every pet is different.

    Check out our selection of natural Pet Vitamins.

    Whether you change up one or all your pet habits, remember going green is a lifestyle, not a fad. There's still a price gap to living healthier, unfortunately, but the lack of chemicals and toll on the environment is a great trade-off.

    If you're going green, let us know on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page! Snap a picture of your pet and how you're going green and tag us for a share!
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