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French Green Clay: An Anti-Aging Secret Decoded

Beauty treatment meets cleansing tonic in this moss-colored clay. Find out why the trick to turning back the clock may be under your feet.

With every magazine article and book examining the life of French women, we have come to terms with the fact they seem to have this whole aging thing down. They are the textbook example of aging with grace and the rest of us are just trying to keep up.

But alas, another secret has been uncovered – French green clay. As it turns out, sipping on clay or applying it to the skin can bestow some amazing health and beauty benefits. Fear not -- this is not your kids' modeling clay or the plaster at those do-it-yourself art studios . . . think luxury resort meets "Ghost."

Just what is French green clay?
Getting that familiar image of a woman in a terry robe reclining with a face full of goo? Good (If not, see right). That's the stuff -- but did you ever know what it does?

Among the many varieties of healing clays, French green clay is the most famous for its superior effectiveness, sourced from quarries found around France. French green clay is made up mainly of the bio-organic illite clay variety with macro and trace minerals.  Its time spent "cooking" underground, so to speak, means this green paste is loaded with magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc and copper, just to name a few. Once the clay is dug up, it is dried in the sun -- a natural way of supercharging the minerals within.

So, what am I supposed to do with it?
French green clay is processed under strict standards, without preservatives to maintain the highest levels of purity. Ladies and gents can be seen slathering the stuff all over their bodies in top spas around the world, but there are two distinct ways to use it:

  1. External Uses
    As a beauty treatment, French green clay can either be applied directed to the face and left to dry as a mask or mixed with water as a mineral bath. Both methods provide deep cleansing, removing dead skin cells and impurities and absorbing excess oil to give you a smooth, glowing complexion. This clay also improves blood flow to the outer layer of the skin and protects your skin from future free radical damage. As topical first aid, French green clay can relieve the pain of conditions like arthritis or sprains, soothe eczema and can help prevent infection while promoting tissue regrowth.
  2. Internal Use
    As a drink, French green clay can be used to detox, treatment for menstrual cramps and other PMS symptoms, help relieve a sore throat and even promote digestive health. Here is an easy recipe: Using a wooden or glass spoon (never metal), combine one teaspoon of clay powder and eight ounces of water in a glass or ceramic dish and let stand overnight. The next morning, drink the clear liquid that has settled on top. Experts recommended waiting until your body adjusts to regular consumption of the clay water before mixing the clay back into it. Just wait a week or two before consuming the entire earthy glass. Help your body digest the clay by continuing to drink water throughout the day.

Ever look at your hands during your high school ceramics class and wonder what that stuff tastes like? What you imagined is probably true. Adding citrus juice can help with the taste but it's not advised to combine the clay with dairy or a dairy substitute. Just close your eyes, plug your nose and imagine you are guzzling this stuff while floating down the Seine past a crowd of awestruck onlookers trying to guess your age.

While I can't promise you gorgeous spirits will visit you like Demi if you use French green clay, I can assure you your skin will glow in an otherworldly way. So slather it on thick or drink it down, and you will look très belle in no time.



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