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Find Your Herbal Headache Solution

Regardless of the type of headache you suffer from, we have a natural remedy to help relieve the pain.

Headaches are a pain in the neck, sometimes literally. As someone who suffers from chronic headaches, I know the struggle of living with daily aches and pain. I also know a few tips and tricks of relieving a headache without popping over-the-counter pain medication.

Why should you cut back on the pain meds? Well they could be causing more headaches. If you find yourself taking dose after dose of medication to fight ever-increasing pain, you may be causing a rebound headache. This occurs when long-term pain medication use actually triggers headaches.

Fear not, you're only at risk of rebound headaches if you have a headache disorder like myself. Speak to your doctor if you're getting frequent headaches more than once a week. You don't have to live with constant pain because there are plenty of ways to find relief.

Onto the herbal treatment. If you don't have medication on hand or maybe you dislike turning to pain medication until the last resort, these should help you find more natural support.

First, you need to figure out what kind of headache you have. There are a few different causes and identifying them offers you the quickest and easiest solution. After that, it's a matter of finding what works for you.

Drink Up

This may not come as a shock but a lot of of us don't drink enough water. It's hard getting the eight recommended glasses in. If you feel a headache coming on, drink water. Honestly, drinking water is the first step to relieving any type of headache because chances are you're dehydrated if you're suffering from pain. Keep a water bottle at your desk and fill it up whenever it gets low. This keeps you moving and hydrated.

If you hate or are bored of water, and who can blame you, flavored water or some with fruit in it is a great way to trick yourself into drinking more. Nature's Way has vitamin-fueled flavoring that adds energy and a touch of taste to your water so it's not so boring. It's also a perfect way to get your daily vitamins. Tea is also a great solution if you need some taste to your H2O.


If your pain extends down to your neck and shoulders, you probably have a tension headache. We don't know all the causes for tension headaches but stress can be a big trigger. If you've got a lot on your mind either from work or in your personal life, this could be your culprit.

Fight back with essential oils. As explained in the linked article, smell has a huge impact on our cognitive senses and certain ones may help relieve your pain. Whether you set up a diffuser in the same room or add some drops to a cool, damp cloth and place it across your forehead, this is a great way to calm that ache without the need of pills.

Headache-Fighting Scents:

Take a Breath

Your headache may be a face-ache if sinuses are involved. Unless you're clearly suffering from a sinus infection, you may not think you've got a problem. But you don't need a fever and stuffy nose to suffer from sinus pressure. Allergies and sinus congestion can hide behind a headache that not even pain relievers can touch. The cause is nasal inflammation. If you feel pressure in your cheeks close to your nose and in your forehead, it's a sinus headache.

The good news is these are easily remedied once identified. Peppermint, chamomile and ginger teas are great for sinuses. The steam clears airways and the scents help relieve the pressure much like aromatherapy all while hydrating and calming the inflamed tissues. 

Another simple fix is a neti pot. This increases the drainage and reduces the inflammation that causes the head pain pressure. Easy to use with a warm water saline solution, you can clear the congestion without the use of over-the-counter drugs.

Enjoy a Soak

A new study suggests that hot arm and foot baths reduced headache pain and frequency for chronic migraine patients. This is for migraines and headaches caused by the nerves. While there's still a lot to study, cold massages also had a great effect on the treatment of headaches. If nothing else, try taking a bath. Warm water will force your body to regulate as well and increase circulation. But be careful, you can actually cause a headache if you soak too long or in too hot of water. Make sure not to get dehydrated with bath salts, either.

Balance Out

Unfortunately, women are susceptible to hormone imbalance during their menstrual cycle. Surprising absolutely no one, this causes headaches. While the ultimate cure to PMS has yet to be found, you can fight off the strain with herbal solutions like tea, essential oils and magnesium. Some studies suggest that low magnesium levels could trigger headaches and migraines during menstrual periods, so taking an oral magnesium supplement 15 days prior to the start of menstruating could help alleviate your pain.

That being said, if you are suffering from a headache or migraine every month during or around your period, talk to your doctor about estrogen therapy or birth control. Both have been researched to have helped regulate hormone levels and prevent debilitating migraines during the menstrual cycle.

Eye Chart

Long days at the office, in front of a computer or just in bad lighting can cause problems even for people with perfect vision. If your headaches come with dry, irritated or tired eyes, you may be suffering from eye strain. Poor lighting like from fluorescent lights or over-exposure to computer or phone screens could be straining your vision and subjecting them to blue light which we find harder to process. While you can't always replace the office lighting with mood lamps, you can take breaks from your computer screen. Remember to look at something in the distance every half hour or so to let your eyes rest and adjust. Eyebright and other eye vitamins are also good for keeping up with your eye health and cutting down on the brain ache. You can read more about all of that here.

Go Herbal

Sometimes you can't find the cause of your headache - it just feels like your head is swollen. There is a lot of research into exactly what causes headaches and the results are all over the board. Inflammation is a popular culprit, though. So when in doubt, try Feverfew.

Feverfew has been studied and found to be effective in calming inflammation. Whether this is why it's so effective on headaches or it has some other great herbal quality, I'm not qualified to say. It's been around since the ancient Greeks as an herbal remedy and hasn't gone out of style yet. Take it orally or in tea for natural relief.

Caffeine Fix

While coffee causing dehydration is a myth, it can cause headaches. If you haven't had your caffeine fix in a while and that nagging headache has been around since your usual coffee time, that's probably the reason.

Caffeine is a highly-addictive stimulant. Headaches are a symptom of withdrawal if you're a heavy coffee or tea drinker. I hate to bad talk your coffee fix (I'm a gold card Starbucks holder myself), I'm just stating facts. For quick relief, grab any caffeine-rich beverage.

Funny enough, caffeine is also said to help with migraine pain. If you're only a moderate caffeine addict, it can actually help the brain during a migraine attack according to doctors Robert Shapiro and Robert Cowan. So if you have nothing else on hand, grab some coffee. 

If you're sick of caffeine headaches and want to break the habit, check out this guide. I can't promise it'll stop your headaches but it may save you coffee money.

All in all, fighting headaches doesn't have to be a struggle. We have a tendency to dismiss them as minor inconveniences, though. Pain is your body's way of telling you something is wrong so listen up. Take the time to treat that pain like you would a cold and try not to push through it. It could make it worse.

See your doctor about your headache if you:

  • have trouble speaking, seeing or walking
  • get nauseous or start vomiting
  • feel numbness on one side of your body
  • have a headache for longer or that is worse than usual
  • experience a headache once or more a week
  • experience a migraine more than once a month

  • Take care of yourself and remember to live healthy. Let us know your feedback on today's article on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages!

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