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DMAE Benefits Skin, Attention and Energy Levels

DMAE benefits the skin in many ways but it can help with your attention and energy levels too. Learn more right here!

Do you want firmer and younger looking skin? Move over, topical creams and invasive surgeries. DMAE is coming to the rescue! Dimethylaminoethanol, or DMAE for short, is proven to block the formation of lipofuscin, an aging pigment that shows up in the skin of older people, usually those over 50 years old, as brown spots. As for firming facial skin and slowing down the sagging process, there are noticeable changes in people using DMAE, but before going any further, it helps to have background knowledge of what this element is all about.

An Overview of DMAE
DMAE is a metabolic compound that's produced naturally in the brain in small amounts. It can also be found in fish such as salmons, sardines, anchovies and pilchards. It promotes the production of choline, which is the precursor of acetylcholine, the chief neurotransmitter responsible for the functions of learning, memory and attention.

DMAE has long been widely used for commercial and industrial purposes. It was in 1958 that it was first used for pharmaceutical purposes, when early research discovered its effectiveness as a supplemental treatment for attention deficit disorder in children. According to Dr. Leon Oettinger, Jr., individuals who were given DMAE had improved thinking processes, longer concentration spans, increased attention spans, relief from mild depression and lethargy and reduced irritability. More recent studies show that the topical form of DMAE can lighten or remove skin spots and tighten skin, making it a sought-after product to delay the aging process.

In spite of the apparent beneficial effects of DMAE, it remains a controversial natural supplement, owing largely to the skepticism of mainstream health practitioners who demand more in-depth research and evidence-based studies before they will endorse the drug.

The Benefits of DMAE Explained
Aptly called a Smart drug, DMAE has numerous aesthetic, mental, physical and psychological/emotional health benefits. Taken as tablets or capsules, or rubbed on skin as creams or gels, here are the reasons why so many people are making this miracle natural food supplement an essential part of their lives.

1. Aesthetic Benefits
Continued use of DMAE lightens the age spots that are commonly seen on the face, back of hands and arms. These brown spots are formed from the accumulated lipofuscin deposits in the body. Lipofuscin is a waste product of the cells and usually appears in older people. Aside from the skin, lipofuscin is found in big quantities in the neurons and heart muscles. DMAE acts by flushing lipofuscin out from the body.

Another age-defying effect of DMAE is its skin tightening action that slows down the inevitable natural sagging of the skin. Aside from plastic surgery, DMAE skin treatments seem to be among the most effective means to lift and tighten the appearance of facial skin.  It's hypothesized that this is because of DMAE’s cell-stabilizing ability, its boosting action on acetylcholine or its capability to banish lipofuscin from the body.

2. Mental/Intellectual Health
DMAE users claim to feel an improvement in their memory, concentration and intellectual functions. This supplement is a mild central nervous system stimulant that perks up moods and reduces sluggishness. An explanation for this is DMAE’s cell membrane stabilizing capability - which benefits not only the skin but also the brain functions. Another theory for the increase in brain activity and function is the rise in acetylcholine production with sustained intake of DMAE. A third theory speculates that DMAE can cross the blood-brain barrier better than choline because of its unique molecular structure.

Enhanced brain function is seen and felt in improved concentration, initiative and verbal facility, increased alertness and faster thinking abilities. Intelligence and learning capacity are further developed and expanded.

3. Physical Health
Long term use of DMAE produces great physical health improvement benefits. Since the increased production of acetylcholine results in higher energy levels, people taking DMAE report alleviation of chronic fatigue and better physical performance. DMAE is also believed to reduce DNA damage, act as an antioxidant to combat the free radicals, aid in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, boost the immune system and lessen movement disorders in Parkinson’s disease. It also helps control tardive dyskinesia that afflicts people on long-term antipsychotic drug use. Best of all, studies on animals have shown that those taking DMAE supplements lived longer and the researchers are hopeful that this study will translate to human lives as well.

4. Psychological and Emotional Health Benefits
The first known use of DMAE was as supplementary therapy for children with ADD. Treatment with this natural drug form resulted in longer attention spans, less aggression and improved scholastic ability - sometimes even increasing IQ’s.

Other behavioral problems responded positively to DMAE, including reduction of apathy and an increase in motivation in patients suffering from depression, and improved behavior and brain function of children with Down’s Syndrome. It has a calming effect on people and concentration is increased in people with anxiety. It also makes people sleep sounder and have more lucid dreams, so that they wake up feeling rested and full of energy for the day ahead.

DMAE Dosage
Dosage for DMAE varies and there is no specific recommended dosage. A common dose is between 100-300 mg daily. Take the tablet or capsule with water, after eating and preferably in the morning. It will take about three weeks of taking DMAE before the initial results are noticeable and three months of continuous intake for best results. Also, with the availability of DMAE creams and lotions, using DMAE to firm facial skin is as convenient as applying the treatment before bed. DMAE is not recommended for people with epilepsy and bipolar disorders, however.

DMAE is used mainly for optimization of brain performance and enhancement of positive, upbeat moods. Brain functions including thinking, memory, learning and concentration also benefit from the long term use of DMAE. Based on studies, surveys and patient feedback, DMAE is a valuable and amazing tool for making brain functions higher. As a bonus, it also gives the user a younger look through clear, even-toned skin that retains its elasticity even at an older age.

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