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The Best Male Multivitamin: Think Performance and Hair

The best male multivitamins should include ingredients that address the most common conditions in men. See if your multivitamin meets the standard.

Here's a tip for discovering what the best male multivitamin is: find out what matters most to a man in his life – and know what food and vitamins will enhance it. Men’s needs differ vastly from women’s, owing to each sex’s unique genetic makeup, the social and cultural norms they grew up in and the gender expectations that men and women have been brought up to conform to. Hence, the supplements men should take must contain the vitamins and minerals that support their needs.

Male multivitamins address the issues of sexual dysfunction and hair loss, the two most common anxiety-provoking concerns of the male species. You see several of these products in pharmacies and health stores, with bewildered men looking them over and getting more confused over which one to buy. These multivitamins are combined with natural and organic supplements to produce the desired effects quickly, safely and permanently. If you’re a man and you have gotten this far, continue reading and increase your knowledge of the appropriate supplements for improving the overall quality of your life through enhanced intimacy and a better self-image.

Men have always believed that the most important measure of their masculinity lie in their sexual performance. Being great in bed and the ability to please one’s partner is the hallmark of manhood. It defines machismo and is the ultimate symbol of virility. A decrease in the desire and quality of a man’s sexual function is a major cause of anxiety and creates a vicious cycle because anxiety further impairs performance. The causes of sexual dysfunction are both physical and psychological. Physical causes include medical conditions and their treatments. They affect the desire for and quality of the sex act. These are heart conditions, diabetes, high blood pressure, neurological and hormonal changes. The drugs used to treat them can also alter their libido. Psychological conditions include stress, anxiety, relationship problems, depression and past traumatic sexual experiences. Altered sexual performance comes in the form of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and inability to achieve orgasm.

Increase the pleasure and intensity of your sexual performance by having stronger and longer lasting erections combined with staying power. Look for male supplements that contain vitamins B complex and E mixed with potent natural aphrodisiacs. Here are the most popular herbal energy ingredients that men swear by and have been taking since way back in time:

These organic nutrients and herbs all work independently or together to increase blood flow to the penis, cure impotence and enhance endurance, strength and stamina to boost the male libido. Products don’t have to contain all of them in one pill or cream. Male multivitamins for making sexual performance an exciting experience can come in the form of tablets, capsules and softgels. These oral pills can be further complemented by potent creams for topical application that give the immediate effect of harder erections with increased lasting power.

Another aspect in a man’s physical appearance that he puts great significance in is his hair. Hair is a symbol of power and masculinity. It gives a man inner strength and boosts his body image, making him self-confident and secure enough to face challenges and meet new people. Rightly or wrongly, people tend to view a man with a full head of hair in a more positive way than a bald man. Think of all those mean jokes about bald men and you get the idea.

Hair loss in men is caused by several factors: genes, age, hormones, stress or trauma. Genes are responsible for 95 percent of male pattern baldness. These genes can come from the paternal or maternal side of the family. As a man grows older, his hair follicles shrink and the hair eventually fall out, contributing to his baldness. The speed and frequency of this occurrence is genetically related, which explains why hair loss happens to some men and not to others. The male sex hormone, testosterone and its relation dihydrotestosterone (DHT), are produced in higher levels during puberty and adulthood. They are the same chemicals that cause the many changes in the puberty stage, such as change in voice, growths spurts and sexual development, including axillary and pubic hair. Excessive production of DHT accounts for male pattern baldness. Other causative factors are stress and trauma to the head.

Prevent hair loss and reclaim your identity and self-confidence with advanced quality formulations that contain a blend of proven herbal ingredients that revitalize hair follicles and control further hair fallout. Read the labels on products carefully and look for these hair vitamins that promise re-growth of healthy, strong and thick hair:

These hair loss treatments can be taken as oral medicines in the form of pills and as creams and shampoos for a more powerful effect and faster delivery. They give new hope to men who have long suffered from the embarrassment of baldness. Even more visibly, they open up doors of opportunities in the personal, social and professional milieus. Job placements or promotions, relationships and social standing become more accessible to men with hair on their heads than to the bald ones.

Sexual capability and a full head of hair – both boost a man’s self-esteem and body image. Having great hair makes a man confident and confidence can have a positive effect on sexual performance, although not vice versa. If you have one or both of these problems, act now. Don’t be a passive onlooker, watching your hairline recede day by day or imagining yourself as the next Hollywood actor who can get any woman. Sexual enhancement and hair loss treatment products are readily available and the best male multivitamins are just w

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