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Antioxidants in the Herb Sage Improve Memory

Taking this popular herb used in cooking may help you hold onto your memories longer. Learn more about it.

You rely on your memory to guide you through your necessary tasks each day. Your memory pulls from experience, providing you with knowledge, while filing everything you do away for later reference.

But what if your memory wasn’t there for you when you needed it? You wouldn’t know how to dress yourself, how to do your job or where you live. While this may be the extreme, your memory is invaluable, helping you succeed personally and professionally.

Everyone forgets things sometimes. It’s only natural to become stressed and have too much going on inside your head, which causes you to forget less important matters. It’s how your body and mind protect you.

However, sometimes you don’t need your body and mind to go into survival mode, what you need is for it to remember the information you studied for a big test or the key points you want to talk about at your business meeting. For these reasons, people have been taking one incredible, memory-boosting herb for centuries – sage.

A History of Sage As a Memory Booster
As far back as the late 1500s, herbalist John Gerard discussed the powerful effects of sage on memory. He wrote about how the herb was, “. . . good for the head and brain and quickeneth the nerves and memory.”

It took centuries before scientists decided to test these beliefs and found sage indeed improved memory among healthy, young adults. The Medicinal Plant Research Centre in the United Kingdom conducted a study in which half of the participants consumed a sage supplement and the other half took a placebo. All the participants, aged between 18 and 37 years, then took a word recall test. The researchers found individuals who took the sage performed significantly better on the test than those who took the placebo.

How Does Sage Help Improve Memory
Antioxidants are the main memory-enhancing properties of sage. When you become stressed or as you age, the amount of antioxidants your body naturally generates decreases. These specific antioxidants, called glutathione, affect the way your brain functions. When your body does not produce enough glutathione, your mind begins to falter, leading to a decline in memory.

Antioxidants attack free radicals, which increase when you’re stressed, especially from environmental factors. While there are many different types of antioxidants, which attack different parts of your body, those that enter the brain are found in sage. By increasing the consumption amount of these antioxidants you can greatly minimize the effects stress and aging has on your body.

Other Health Benefits of Sage
Sage doesn’t only improve your memory, it also has many other health benefits:

  • Sage has anti-inflammatory effects, which decrease the pain of arthritis and other inflammatory-related diseases.
  • Its also been known to help individuals with diabetes by helping to decrease the amount of insulin diabetics need to maintain blood sugar levels.
  • Due to its large amount of antioxidants, sage helps protect people from cancers, heart disease and muscular degeneration.
  • Some women report sage helps with menopausal symptoms. Specifically, they experience a decrease in night sweats and hot flashes.
  • While studies are currently being done, many researchers believe the memory-enhancing benefits of sage may be able to help older individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Sage Supplements
While you can consume sage in foods you eat, most people don’t eat enough to experience its full health benefits. Taking sage supplements is an easy and quick solution. Depending on the brand you purchase, most will require you to take two to three capsules a day with meals. With continued use, many people see a noticeable difference in their memory in just a few days.

Discuss Supplementation with Your Doctor
Although sage is natural, it’s important to always check with your doctor before taking any supplement. This is especially necessary if you suffer from diabetes and other health conditions that may be affected by an increase in this herb.


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