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15 Tips for Keeping Your Skin Healthy All Winter Long

Just because summer is long gone doesn't mean that glowing, healthy skin has to be. Read on to learn all the best ways to protect and nourish your skin all winter long.

It may be looking more gray outside but that doesn't mean your complexion has to go dull. Paying your skin some extra attention can help prevent dryness, itching, cracking and dullness during the colder months.

Here are the 15 skin care tips you should follow this winter to keep your skin happy and healthy:

1. Continue to eat colorfully.
Just because the farmer's market is closed for the season doesn't mean you should stop eating all that gorgeous produce. The winter is a time to indulge for many of us but you can keep your diet, and therefore your skin, on track by eating a variety of fruits and vegetables daily for vitamins, minerals and fiber and limiting your sugar intake as much as possible.

2. Moisturize twice a day.
The first time you should moisturize your skin is after your shower or bath in the morning. Apply lotion or cream to slightly damp skin -- this is when the pores are still open from the steam and will absorb the most moisture. The second time to hydrate is before bed. Your skin restores and repairs itself while you sleep so slather your skin with a heavier moisturizer, like coconut oil or vitamin E oil.

3. Slow down on the scrubbing.
If you love to exfoliate with a scrub or a loofah, winter is the time to go easy on it to prevent drying the skin out. Instead, grab a wash cloth and a cleanser with emollients that cleanse while also hydrating. Limit exfoliation to once a week to keep the soft glow and smoothness and makes sure to moisturize immediately after.

4. Protect yourself from the sun.
Just because you aren't spending your days outside anymore doesn't mean the sun's rays aren't still a cause for concern. Ultraviolet rays (UVA and UVB) can cause long-term damage to the skin and increase your risk for skin cancer. Apply a moisturizer to any exposed skin that contains sunblock to make sure you're protected.

5. Nourish your skin from within with nutrients.
Adding specific nutrients to your supplement routine will help you zero in on your skin. Vitamins C and E provide antioxidant protection and support healing and collagen production. Phytoceramides help hydrate and plump the skin from within while hyaluronic acid also supports moisture retention for improved tone and texture.

6. Wear non-irritating clothing.
What you wear can also cause your skin to dry out and become irritated. Stick with more natural fabrics this time of year like cotton. Even putting a soft layer between your skin and that heavy sweater can make a difference and keep you more comfortable as the temperature drops.

7. Drink plenty of water.
Staying hydrated helps you look and feel your best. Aim for eight glasses of water a day. Set alarms on your phone, wear eight rubber bands on your wrist -- whatever it takes to help you remember to sip something healthy. If you're having trouble getting in full glasses of water, make sure you add water-filled foods to your diet like cucumbers, lettuces and watermelon.

8. Keep your shower quick and cool.
Instead of lingering in a hot shower each morning, try a cooler, more brief cleanse to look after your skin and make you feel more energized. The colder water won't dry out the skin like hot water and will help you wake up and get out the door faster. Try using a soap or body wash with citrus in it to invigorate you.

9. Sleep with socks on.
As previously mentioned, your skin really recharges at night and soaks up moisture. Give your feet some love by putting on a thick pair of socks after applying some foot cream before hopping into bed. Your feet will stay soft and smooth and you won't need to run out for a pedicure right away come spring.

10. Eat healthy fats.
Fat isn't your enemy, as long as you pick the right kinds of fat. Essential fatty acids, like omega-3s, can do wonders for your skin when consumed regularly. You can take fish oil supplements or try making some food swaps like avocado instead of mayonnaise and olive oil instead of butter. Just be careful -- these foods can be high in calories so factor that into your daily calorie count.

11. Stay active.
Get your blood flowing to stay toned and fit and sweat out those toxins. Keeping up with your exercise routine throughout the winter will help you begin the new year with a bang and a complexion to match. Keep plenty of water handy and you'll be reaching your daily H2O intake, slimming the body and supporting the skin all at once.

12. Get plenty of sleep.
This season can be full of long days at work and plenty of social events as the year winds down. However, it's still important to sleep between seven and nine hours a night to allow the entire body to rest so you look as awake as you feel. If you're having trouble winding down at night, try some tart cherry juice or valerian root to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Those extra hours also give your skincare products ample time to work.

13. Read the labels of your favorite products.
Reading labels carefully can help you choose the right products for healthy skin all year long. Steer clear of anything containing alcohol that can strip away moisture and go for natural ingredients instead of chemicals. If your skin tends to break out with acne, look for water-based products instead of oil based.

14. Try a silk pillowcase.
Sleeping in silk is more than luxurious -- it also helps your skin stay hydrated and youthful looking. Silk doesn't pull on the skin like cotton, so you won't be able to tell which side you've been sleeping on because of wrinkles. These pillowcases may also reduce bed head and keep you feeling cool.

15. Smile!
Smiling is one small way to help tone and tighten the skin on your face. Do everything you can to relax and laugh with your friends and family this season.

Keep these tips in mind for soft, smooth skin no matter the temperature. Get everything you need for healthy skin at eVitamins and have a great week!

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