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12 Tips for Fighting Cellulite

If you suffer from cellulite anywhere on your body, you may not be as comfortable showing more skin as the weather warms up. Keep reading to learn 12 tips and ingredients to look for to help combat stubborn cellulite.

If to you bikini season means cellulite season, this one's for you. Cellulite is a pesky problem that can zap your confidence around this time of year. But before you give up entirely on your new bathing suit, we have some tips for you that just may help you fight back.

What Is Cellulite?

Cellulite is most commonly found on the backs of the thighs, the buttocks and on the abdomen. It can also occur on the arms. Genetics, lifestyle and natural aging can all cause cellulite, which affects about 85 percent of women. As we age, or gain and lose a lot of weight, the skin begins to thin. This causes the subcutaneous fat within the body to push forward and become visible through the skin, causing a rippled or dimpled appearance. Poor diet and smoking can also result in this problem.

How to Fight Cellulite

There is way to completely rid ourselves of cellulite. However, there are treatments and therapies out there to help reduce its appearance. Some can be quite costly and involve some intense machinery. But fear not, you don't need to run to the doctor or go to extremes to get some results.

Below you'll find our 12 suggestions, which include dietary changes, exercises and alternative therapies. The combination is key to getting results -- a solid diet and exercise regimen are always the first step to improving your health as well as your appearance. Here they are:

1. Massage -- Massaging the areas where cellulite occurs promotes proper circulation, supports the lymphatic system to remove excess fluid from the body and may help break up the lumps in that area. When you apply your lotion (whether it's specifically for cellulite or not), massage it into the skin in a circular motion for at least 30 seconds, pressing firmly.

2. Caffeine -- Caffeine and substances like it (known as methylxanthines) may help promote the breakdown of fat and prevent the storage of more fat. You can find caffeine listed as a main ingredient in many topical formulas. Massaging and scrubbing the skin with coffee grounds is also said to be effective.

3. Dry Brushing -- Using a dry brush on the skin after bathing is another way to promote the removal of excess fluid by stimulating the lymphatic system. After you get out of the shower or tub, dry yourself off and then gently brush the skin in a downward motion. Be delicate -- the idea isn't to exfoliate the skin. Be sure to moisturize after.

4. Ivy -- When applied to the skin, ivy extracts support the health and elasticity of the blood vessels, for proper circulation. This also encourages drainage by the lymphatic system as well as the removal of body fat.

5. Squats -- Doing various types of squats is one of the best ways to tone the lower body and abdomen, where cellulite can occur. Try at least 10 repetitions each of narrow squats, basic squats and sumo squats, Remember to keep the knees bent over the ankles when you draw the bottom down, as this keeps weight in your heels to tone the back of the leg.

6. Seaweed -- Bladderwrack, in particular, is said to reduce the appearances of dimples when used for cleansing or as a topical treatment. You can find seaweed in soaps and in topical formulas as well. It doesn't smell the greatest, so if you add it to bath water, make sure to include an essential oil with a more pleasant aroma.

7. Cardio -- In addition to strength training, cardio should be a part of your weekly exercise routine. Getting at least 30 minutes of cardio a day will help you burn excess fat and tone up the skin by building lean muscle. Walk, run, dance or bike to get in your cardio for the day.

8. Stay Hydrated -- Drinking plenty of water throughout the day supports the elasticity and tone of the skin, helping plump and smooth it. Drinking water also promotes the removal of waste and excess fluid along with toxins. Add fruits and herbs to your water can help you stick to it.

9. Dead Lifts -- Another great toning exercise for the back of the legs and bottom is dead lifts. Stand with your feet parallel beneath the hips and hold two dumbbells (pick a weight that you're comfortable with). Bend forward, keeping the back and legs straight and lowering the weights to the ground. Maintain this form as you straighten back up. Repeat 20 times.

10. Juniper Oil -- This oil is a great option for the massage we mentioned earlier. Be sure to dilute the juniper oil in a carrier oil like olive or coconut and massage it gently into the skin on a daily basis. Aim for twice a day if you can.

11. Stretching -- The last exercise to help beat cellulite is to stretch. Stretching elongates and tones the muscles and promotes circulation throughout the body. Make sure to do dynamic stretches before you exercise and static stretches when you're done. Stretching before bed can also help you sleep.

12. Fruits and Vegetables -- Eating a clean, balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables will provide you with the vitamins and minerals that support the skin's elasticity and boost collagen production to firm and tone the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. These nutrients include vitamins A and E.

Again, there is no exact method for getting rid of cellulite permanently, and all therapies will affect individuals differently. Give these a try and let us know what works for you. Get what you need at eVitamins and we'll be back tomorrow!

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