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$21.69 $13.02
Kal Hair Force

"Very good vitamin supplement for the hair, quality/price also good! I recommend it for sure!"
- Carla Cesaro

"Hair Force is a very good product!"
- Luis C.
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$19.99 $12.00
Kal Enhanced Energy Whole Food Multivitamin

"Enhanced Energy is the best multi vitamin I have come across or used; and I have tried several and done thorough research on many different brands of whole food vitamins! I have also used Kal's Blemish Supplement as well with great results. I just think Kal is a terrific brand overall. I can tell a difference in my energy level when I forget to take these. They can be taken with or without food w/o side effects, although I do try and take them with breakfast. They smell like peppermint, which is fine, although I wish it were vanilla! :)"
- Christina

"Tenho síndrome do intestino irritável e por não poder comer vários alimentos, minha alimentação é muito restritiva, comprometendo assim minha saúde. Precisava urgentemente de uma suplementação de vitaminas e esse produto foi excelente pra mim, senti a diferença logo nos primeiros dias. Não tive mais resfriados!"
- Térence Silva Barros
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$15.39 $9.24
Dose Per Serving: 200 mg ($0.31)
Kal Magnesium Orotate

"I take Magnesium Orotate for everything! I take it after I exercise (with zinc) about an hour before I go to bed. It's great for your muscles, it makes you more relaxed before you go to bed too, so you sleep better, and is one of the minerals that a lot of people are deficient of so I definitely recommend it."
- Evelyn Vela

"Kal's Magnesium Orotate= is, in my opinion, the best absorbing magnesium formula of all the products on the market."
- Anonymous
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$16.39 $9.84
Dose Per Serving: 1,000 mcg
Kal B-12 Methylcobalamin

"This is a really good product. It melts rapidly under the tongue. After 3 months of taking this product, I saw a difference in my energy level. I recommend this product for anyone lacking vitamin B12. There are no side effects for that product."
- Amélie Sallenbach-Morrissette
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$22.69 $13.62
Kal Deep Thought

"Excellent product, can't recommend anything better then this one. Great focus during the day, if you carefully and not taking after 4-5pm you will sleep well. I'm ordering another two now."
- Anonymous

"Used it years ago on a regular basis and it was very powerful. I had great mental clarity, memory and cognitive reasoning. But I've had a hard time trying to find it in stores. For me, it had the most dramatic effect of any vitamin supplement. "
- Lestine
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$14.49 $8.70
Kal NoSnorz

"I've had good results with No Snorz so far. My snoring is markedly reduced, even I've noticed, and low and behold I'm no longer relegated to a separate bedroom by my wife of 40 years. She likes to keep the TV tuned to Oprah and a reading light on at night, after I'm ready for sleep, and neither has bothered me since taking this product. I just quietly go to sleep. In fact she no longer wears her ear plugs and when I asked this morning: "How's the snoring going?" She replied quite cheerfully" "Pretty good!" "
- Jeff

"No Snorz does actually seem to help on the first night of use. Although I am told my snoring episodes have not entirely stopped, they have decreased significantly and the few times I do, they are quieter and shorter duration."
- Anonymous
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$17.39 $10.44
Dose Per Serving: 3 mg
Kal Melatonin
$25.49 $15.30
Dose Per Serving: 20 mg
Kal Serrapeptase

"Serrapeptase is great! I had no digestive issues like other people write in reviews or stomach cramps or other problems. Recently I found out that my cholesterol is high even though I walk at least 5 km a day and eat Mediterranean cuisine, use only olive oil, I don't fry any food at all, don't eat pork, eat a lot of greens, don't drink juices full of sugar or sodas, don't eat any food that is not fresh prepared. I was feeling tired all day, sometimes my joints would hurt and be swollen, I couldn't get out of bed even though I slept more then 8 hours. I started to explore the internet hoping to find answers and run into this enzyme. I was skeptic at first because they call it miracle enzyme but decided to try it out. With one tablet a day I stopped feeling off all the time. My life changed. Today that I forgot to order Serrapeptase and I am without tablets for 3rd day in a row, I can feel what this enzymes is doing for me. After 3 days without I am tired, my joints swollen and I feel dull. "
- Virna V
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$16.29 $9.78
Kal Cholestatin Phytosterol Complex
$9.59 $5.76
Dose Per Serving: 25 mg
Kal Iron Glycinate

"This is a very nice product with no side effects. I've been taking it once a day for the last 3 months and I saw a big difference in my energy level. I recommend this product for anyone with an Iron deficiency."
- Amélie Sallenbach-Morrissette
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$7.99 $4.80
Dose Per Serving: 500 mg
Kal Charcoal Activated

"I have actually been using this Activated Charcoal as a teeth whitener by opening the capsules and using it to brush my teeth. It not only doesn't have a taste (yay!), but it also does an amazing job of keeping my pearly whites . . . white! Love this product!"
- Christina H.
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$12.89 $7.74
Kal Lactase ActivGels

"Tamanho pequeno, consistência adequada para ingerir sem água. Me sinto melhor ao utilizá-lo antes de ingerir lácteos, pois melhoram os sintomas de abdome distendido e gases."
- Cristiana Moretti Fioroni Simões
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