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Rs. 1,812.20 Rs. 978.21
Now Foods Tribulus

"This supplement is great. I think the Tribulus really works."
- Giovani Pereira

"Tribulus is an excellent product to increase energy and libido. I take 2 caps per day and notice the difference. Take 1 cap after dinner and see the result!"
- Floriano Souza F.
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Rs. 1,235.33 Rs. 666.70
Now Foods Tribulus

"E muito bom para perde massa gorda"
- Anonymous

"I've already used this supplement before, it was recommended by my doctor and it helped to increase my testosterone levels (followed by blood test). I haven't experienced any collateral effect by using this natural substance."
- Luiz Gustavo Gerent
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Rs. 1,482.56 Rs. 1,043.31
Optimum Nutrition Tribulus

"Excellent product, and the delivery was really fast."
- Wemerson Moraes

"Matéria prima de ótima qualidade, mas pena que a porcentagem de sapopinas não é especificada, sendo então baixa comparado a outros"
- Thiago M. Duarte
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Rs. 3,295.58 Rs. 1,779.23
Now Foods Tribulus

"The best option for Tribulus! I used different brands but never noticed the same results as this one. Highly recommend and will buy again."

"Extra energy. Good amount of tribulus per serving."
- Sergio Navarrete
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Rs. 1,619.36 Rs. 1,034.25
Universal Nutrition Creatine

"Amazing price for 400g, amazing for a trustable brand."
- Leandro Pontes Medeiros

"Muito bom a creatina gosto bastente de usar ela no pré treino da um "gás a mais". Creatina ácido acético metilguanidina uma amina nitrogenada, é um constituinte encontrado naturalmente nos alimentos. "
- Jefferson Jesus Benito Lopes
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Rs. 4,693.25 Rs. 3,024.45
Universal Nutrition Animal Pak

"Animal Pak has been a favored choice among many people as a go-to multivitamin for a long time. It has a very good profile of ingredients, covering many of the areas that people tend to be deficient. The cons to this product however I feel is it is too expensive. To hit the profile laid out on the tin you need to consume TWO "paks" a day. That's a lot of pills to swallow and a lot of dinero. However, if you have the funds, this is a great multivitamin which covers all the bases. It's worth noting that you should take this with food otherwise you may experience a bit of stomach discomfort. "
- Dan

"Produto excelente."
- Jonhnatan S.
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Rs. 3,460.40 Rs. 2,316.55
Libido Edge TestaEdge Cream for Men

"I am always skeptical with these types of items. I'm 54 and was looking for something to help in the bedroom. After just a few days I noticed a huge change with my performance. The change was awesome. I started researching more and noticed that people were also using this for muscle pain. I have bad knees and one has a torn meniscus. So I started applying the cream on both my knees. I could not believe the affect that the cream had on my knees. After a couple of weeks, I was getting around easier with almost zero pain. Prior to the cream it was always painful to walk more than 20 minutes or so. So now I apply the cream daily to my knees, and Life is good! Pain is almost zero, and my performance is awesome. Not sure it will work the same for everyone, but I am extremely happy I tried it!! For me its also better then getting on all the other pills!!"
- Mark

"Great. Easy ordering process. Shipped my product the next day. Thanks guys."
- Bradley Ray Lewis
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Rs. 2,086.62 Rs. 1,564.97
Irwin Naturals Advanced Yohimbe-Plus

"Advanced Yohimbe-Plus is very strong product! I only need one or two softgels for a good and fast result. I highly recommend this supplement."
- Frank V.

"I have used Advanced Yohimbe-Plus for the past one month one tablet daily. Initially (2 or 3 weeks) the results were great but now I see no difference. It is as good as not taking the tablet. In fact I took 2 tablets yesterday night and still I feel nothing. I have decided to stop taking this tablet. In fact I feel better now by not taking this tablet."
- P
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Rs. 1,297.96 Rs. 866.95
Universal Nutrition Creatine

"I have used this product several times and feel an incredible increase in strength."
- Epitacio Carneiro

- Rafael Silva Luna De Almeida
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Rs. 5,397.86 Rs. 3,482.65
Universal Nutrition Animal Stak

"I have been lifting on and off for several years and have been getting back into it after a wrist injury. I stack this with NoXplode before I lift, creatine after lift and consume about 100g additional protein than what I would normally consume. Prior to using Animal Stak I had hit a plateau, could only bench 160lbs, curl 150lb, and shrug 315. After 1 month, I am benching 205, curling 190, and shrugging 405, am excited to do cycle two. "
- Charles

"Animal Stak is a great supplement, found an improvement in muscle density, definition after 1 week. I found it hard putting on weight, but this helped a lot -- was 68-69 KG now 72-74 KG - target 80KG. I train hard 5 days a week at 6:45 am, currently bench 90KG. I will report back after my second cycle of Stak, goal 110KG - 120KG. This is the first animal cycle, starting M-Stak next. I had this with Animal Pump, and Pak."
- Iby
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Rs. 2,303.36 Rs. 1,496.98
Universal Nutrition Natural Sterol Complex

"I take two before bed, two 1/2 hour before workout w/ fat burner and creatine and two after a workout with protein. Started this regiment 3 weeks ago, lots of improvement from previous schedule."
- Dan

"Natural Sterol Complex is a very good supplement!!! I lost 30 lbs in 3 months."
- Jose Luis
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Rs. 1,589.69 Rs. 1,013.64
Natural Sport Tribulus 1100

"I´m testing yet, but I think it's good."
- Helmuth Pacheco Salazar

"Em apenas alguns dias de uso do Tribulus 1100 já foi possível constatar a sua eficácia, pois, cumpre o que promete. O resultado é quase que imediato após o seu uso. Aumenta a disposição em geral, mas o maior fundamento é o aumento da libido que vai numa linha ascendente na proporção do uso do Tribulus 1100. Em que a recomendação seja de duas (2) capsulas diárias e haver ingerido apenas uma (1) o resultado é extremamente promissor. Vale a pena utilizar, ficando, assim, recomendado o uso de Tribulus 1100."
- Geraldo Navarro Cabañas
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Rs. 2,471.48 Rs. 1,334.22
Now Foods IGF-1 Plus Liposomal Spray

"Works just as good as the high dollar brand I used to use."
- Adam Head

"Great overall, product does what it's suppose to do and doesn't taste too bad."
- Isaiah Linton
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Rs. 3,317.00 Rs. 1,925.10
Universal Nutrition GH Max

"Ótimo produto,super confiável,os efeitos começam nós primeiros dias de uso é notável. Custo benefício é muito muito bom se comparar com os concorrentes. O produto rende muito cada pote dá pra usar 1 mês e combinado com whey faz uma ótima dupla. O produto também pode ser usado com outros tipos de suplementos desde que o objetivo seja a hipertrofia muscular. Para você clientes do Brasil é uma ótima pedidida compra nesse site, porque no Brasil esses mesmo suplemento custa cerca de R$250 um absurdo,no site está em média R$80frete, então nen se compara, já usei 3 potes e é ótimo muito muito bom mesmo. O produto vem em tablets pra quem tem dificuldade de engolir como eu, você pode amassar eles e diluir em água,vai dá no mesmo. O melhor horário pra uso pelo incrível que pareça é a noite, antes de dormir você toma a dose e quando acorda você sente toda sua musculatura inchada como se estivesse na academia, pois isso é o efeito da Argentina e outras substâncias que contém no produto que são vaso dilatadores. Na primeira semana de uso você vai notar suas veias saltando e o músculo que você está treinando vai aumentar consideravelmente. Bom isso é tudo que eu tenho a falar,pode comprar o produto que vai chegar e é de ótima qualidade."
- mateus januário dos santos

"Chegou dentro do prazo, bem embalado, mas o produto em si não senti muito resultado/efeito."
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Rs. 2,224.25 Rs. 1,728.96
AllMax Nutrition TribX90

"Melhor tribullus do mercado! Excelente concentração de sapopinas e matéria prima de excelente qualidade."
- Thiago M. Duarte

"Aumenta significadamente a testosterona!"
- Elder Batista Candido
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Rs. 2,306.66 Rs. 1,245.22
Now Foods IGF-1

"I like IGF-1. It has giving me more energy, especially at the gym"
- Jose Quevedo

"I have been using IGF-1 for three weeks. A friend of mine recommended it to me. So far, I have slept better had more energy. I have also had better athletic endurance, and better sex. I highly recommend this product."
- Ronald Murawski
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Rs. 6,591.98 Rs. 5,932.28
Novex BioTech Epidril Cutting Gel

"Epidril is a very good product. I would suggest this to people who are in pretty tip-top shape already and need just a little extra to put them over the top. As a certified fitness trainer I see many diffrent products, but as a user of cutting gel myself for over a year, I would say it's worth every penny. You will get the lean boxer style look to your physique in no time. With a sound diet and proper exercise your fitness goals will and can be achieved."
- Dwight

"I tried this product for 3 months. It showed no results at all. I was very disappointed with my results."
- Bobby
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Rs. 2,347.86 Rs. 1,409.21
Michael's Testosterone Factors

"Works instantly! I bought them for my husband when we were trying to get pregnant and it gave us a boost in the bedroom. So we continued to use it!"
- Raymond Kendrick

"Energy throughout the day when taking this product. I have been taking it for almost 1 1/2 years with no side effects at age 60."
- Leland S.
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Rs. 4,119.68
MuscleTech Clear Muscle

"Ótimo suplemento. Logo nos primeiros dias de uso já percebi mais energia e disposição para meus treinos. Ganhei um pouco de massa muscular magra também. Utilizo em meus treinos de hipertrofia e também aeróbicos. Aprovei e recomendo pela eficácia."
- Felipe

"Realmente promete o que fala,gostei muito!"
- Washington Junior
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Rs. 1,647.38 Rs. 946.89
eVitamins Tribulus

"Good price and good dose the shipment arrives fast on the product increases the libido and erections are already months that I consume this product and my first option is this website comes soon to my country. Thank you"
- jose alberto carmona silva

"Only positive effects so far. Increased libido and energy levels. Recommend "
- Giorgos
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Rs. 2,759.91 Rs. 1,552.60
Natural Balance Yohimbe Power Max 2000 Liquid

"This worked for me. I do recommend to start low and work up to the amount that works for you without getting the side affects. This is why I like the liquid."
- Everett

"I bought the Yohimbe Power Max 2000 Liquid so I could better control the amount I take since yohimbe is known to have bad side effects. I have no problem taking 1 dropper full twice a day and I did get results the first day. I'm very happy with the liquid yohimbe. Give it a try but just start out with low dosage and work your way up to till you find what works for you but doesn't give side effects. "
- Anonymous
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Rs. 1,234.50 Rs. 864.48
Source Naturals Tribulus

"Notei diferença, na disposição para treinar. Pelo que li, o Tribulus Extract é um fitoterápico proveniente de uma erva daninha encontrada em diversas partes do mundo, em especial no Mediterrâneo. Não conhecia essa marca, mas parece ser uma boa marca. Produto bom. "
- Danilo Guilherme Bento da Silva

"Testosterona natural regulada, produto top."
- Ivanilson Ferreira maia
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Rs. 4,119.68 Rs. 3,295.58
M.D. Science Lab Max Testosterone

"I have tried many others on the market and MAX is one of the better ones. I usually have to cycle it every 4 weeks but for the cost I prefer this one over a lot of the others. I seem to always come back to it."
- Vitaliy Serdechnyy

"Seems to help but not nothing to yell about."
- Broncomenard
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Rs. 4,531.73 Rs. 3,157.95
Optimum Nutrition HMB 1000 mg

"Utilizei por dois meses e percebi grande diferença na academia. Excelente."

"O HBM tem como papel tornar a degradação dos músculos mais lenta, gerando, também, um aumento de força para executar os treinos. O HBM pode ser metabolizado de duas formas diferentes: sendo transformado em colesterol ou em um substrato que gera energia.O HBM irá fornecer a enzima para a síntese do colesterol, reparando as células.A ingestão de HBM ainda influencia na síntese proteica, agindo diretamente no DNA das células, gerando, assim, a hipertrofia. A diferença desse suplemento com os demais está na rapidez de suas reações no organismo.O HBM ajuda a regular o metabolismo proteico, reduzindo a degradação muscular durante os exercícios físicos. Como principal benefício, podemos citar a capacidade de reduzir o catabolismo muscular, protegendo esse tecido contra danos e debilitações. Promove o aumento de força e massa muscular, muito útil para quem pratica musculação e treinos de resistência. Recupera, também, o músculo após os exercícios físicos intensos. O HMB dificulta a quebra e a hidrólise de proteínas que contêm leucina e isoleucina, preservando a musculatura e aumento a capacidade de esforço em condições de aeróbica.A média recomendada da quantidade de suplemento de HMB que deve ser consumida é de 3 comprimidos diariamente. O primeiro deve ser ingerido em até 1h30 antes do treino; os outros dois, logo após os exercícios. Para que o HMB consiga agir de forma eficaz na recuperação dos músculos, os últimos comprimidos devem ser consumidos em até 30 minutos após o treino."
- jose bernardes domingues junior
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