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Woman's Multivitamin Reviews

Rs. 2,273.17 Rs. 1,818.54
Esteem Total Woman

great vits

Great vitamins, I love these vitamins & have used them for several years. It helps me with hormone balancing.
- Denise Roberts

It is a very good combination of all the vitamins, herbs and minerals the woman need especially in the pre-menopause time. I love it and I feel much more energetic and my hair and nails are growing faster and not breaking, and bloating is less. I advice every woman to buy it.
- Osama Iqneibi
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Rs. 2,438.27 Rs. 1,828.71
Centrum Silver 50+ Women's Multivitamin


excellent product & fast delivery
- Ting Kong Kwai

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Energy, beauty and health with Silver 50 Women's Multivitamin

I can not imagine my life without vitamins. As it seems to me, our body desperately needs them. Many people do not get enough vitamin from their food, many are on diets, and someone simply doesn\u2019t absorb vitamins. As a result, our body and internal organs suffer. The body begins to age faster, the woman begins to lose its attractiveness. And I can say with confidence that all this is precisely because of a lack of body, vitamin, minerals and trace elements. Not the correct way of life also affects the health and the human body. Silver 50 Women's Multivitamin perfectly supports the female body, helps it to recover from hard work, gives more energy, helps fight stressful situations, and most importantly has a positive effect on appearance, nails, hair, skin! Excellent and affordable vitamins for a modern and active woman!
- анонимное
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Rs. 1,462.31 Rs. 1,096.74
Centrum Women Multivitamin

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It increases the disposition and energy, great product, I am taking it frequently and I hardly get cooled.
- Cibele Oliveira Silva

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Excellent Supplement of confidence!

I received the product on time and arrived packaged well. As for the supplement Centrun Women Multivitamin without doubt is one of the best that I have tried. I think supplementation is very important, so I do not miss this supplement, before I even finish, I already provide another. As much as we eat well, with a healthy and balanced diet, hardly the amount of vitamins enough. The Centrun Women Multivitamin supplement has given me more energy to work and has helped a lot with stressful situations. Here at home we all take Centrun, and we recommend it, it is reliable.
- Du
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Rs. 1,947.85 Rs. 1,489.56
Futurebiotics 30 Day Beauty Secret


Good..., Good multivitamin. I felt energetic after I started using this.
- Radhika Sharma

I used 30 Day Beauty Secret for three months some years back. It worked and co-workers attested to that. Now I'm done with childbearing and I want to start taking care of myself and looking good once again.
- Jacqueline U.
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Rs. 1,788.45 Rs. 1,625.79
Pure Essence Labs One 'n' Only Women's Formula

I love this product. I read a review in summer 2008 that said this product eliminated the afternoon slump for one individual. I was always feeling pretty tired, and I workout regularly and work a difficult client service job that keeps me on my toes (yet I would still get afternoon slump). Not only do I know that I get my body the nutrients it needs on a daily basis, but I really do feel more energetic when taking this supplement. I have taken it for over year. The only complaint that I have is that I placed an order for a refill in late August or early September and did not receive it until late October because of some problem with the manufacturer, according to E-vitamins. That was annoying to have to go so long without!
- Anonymous

I have Fibromyalgia and need to take high doses of vitamins to minimize the pain. I did a lot of research to see what levels I should be getting and if I take 2 One 'n' Only Women's Formula per day I feel pretty good. I used to use another multi-vitamin (1+1), but One 'n' Only Women's Formula added many more fruits and veggies, which I rarely eat. I would highly recommend this product for anyone with Fibromyalgia.
- Evelyn Etten
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Rs. 1,788.45 Rs. 1,039.40
Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women

Best multivitamin for women

Without a doubt the best multivitamin for women. Much superior to other well-known brands ... with very modern components in the formula that make the difference in use. I'll buy more for sure.
- Ana Paula Lannocca

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Wonderful product !!!!

I received the product on time and arrived packaged well. The Opti-Women supplement is undoubtedly one of the best I have ever experienced. I think supplementation is very important, so I do not miss home, before I even finish I already provide another. As much as we eat well, with a healthy and balanced diet, the amount of vitamins will not be enough, for this reason the great importance of supplementing. The Opti-Women supplement has given me more energy to work and has helped a lot with situations of stress and fatigue. I highly recommend this product and the ON brand is very trustworthy, even use other products of this brand.
- Du
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Rs. 2,113.77 Rs. 1,201.24
Nature's Way Alive! Once Daily Women's Ultra Potency

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Highly recommend!

Excellent product! Complete! I was getting sick all the time and since I started using this Mutivitamin, I never got the flu and the flu. Besides that you left me with more energy. The good thing about it is that you only need to consume only 1 capsule per day. I recommend!
- Isabele

Best multivitamin for women

My wife uses this multivitamin. This product (Alive! Once Daily Women's Ultra Potency 60 Tablets) is perfect for active women who want improvement during the day.
- Marcelo de Santana Maximo
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Rs. 2,845.74 Rs. 2,032.44
Swisse Women's Ultivite Multivitamin


I feel a difference compared to other multi vitamins I have taken. I don't feel as tired, I have more energy and stamina. I usually buy the 120 tablet size so it lasts four months. It is a great deal. I can't find it in stores like I used to so I buy it from e vitamins. The company ships super fast. I wasn't paying attention and ran out and had to hurry and order again. I hope they keep carrying it. I read great reviews on this and that is why I decided to try it, I am sure glad I did. My husband takes the mens ultivite and has noticed a huge difference in his energy and the way he feels. He is 59 and feel great. He decided to try something different and asked me to reorder the one for men because he noticed a big difference when he took his last one just for one day. The pills are a little big like horse pills but I just break it in half and have no problem swallowing it. I want to try some of the other swisse products to see if they work as well. If your hesitant I would say give it a try!!!
- Cinneu

Excellent product

Excellent product give full of strength of your body. Keep relax muscles.
- Ghazanfer Hussain
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Rs. 3,089.73 Rs. 1,544.46
Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women

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Great quality product

I started using this product a short time ago and I already felt the difference even in the daily disposition. My son is also enjoying the male version of this product.
- Du

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I recommend the product

This multivitamin is the most complete I've found on the market. It has specific compounds for women. Since I started the use I improved enough disposition and observed the decrease of the daily fatigue. It has an excellent cost benefit. I recommend the product. I am very pleased with the results.
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Rs. 3,659.04 Rs. 2,561.08
Garden of Life Vitamin Code Women

Good but causes diarrhea

I like the vitamins because they help me concentrate and I am able to see better. The only problem is that ever since I started taking them I've been having diarrhea daily.
- Nevermind

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Excellent, The best vitamin.
- Ana
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Rs. 2,029.18 Rs. 1,154.89
Enzymatic Therapy Doctor's Choice for Women

I am 28 (vegetarian) and have polycystic ovarian syndrome, bursitis, and symptoms of anemia. Recently I read that all three of these conditions are linked to a B12 deficiency. I chose these vitamins as an alternative to generics when an allergist suggested I avoid preservatives. I feel like I wasted years of my life, because, since taking these vitamins, I am a healthier, more comfortable person.
- Anonymous

I have polycystic ovaries and rarely have a period that's not induced. I started taking Doctor's Choice for Women and suddenly I am having more and more cycles! I am ordering Doctor's Choice for Men for my husband. I love this product so much. I do agree, though, that it should be taken with food!
- Jen Campbell
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Rs. 2,195.10 Rs. 1,184.98
Now Foods Eve Women's Multiple Vitamin

These are great vitamins as they include many valuable ingredients for the immune system such as coenzyme 10 and lutein. They are not cheap and because you have to take 4 a day they run out quickly. Still a quality product.
- Janet Campbell

Awesome vitamins. Love Eve Women's Multiple and the auto ship feature.
- Jenyl N.
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Rs. 2,439.09 Rs. 1,385.86
Nature's Way Alive! Women's Max Potency

Colored urine

This leaves my urine a very yellow color. I get this is why the package says to increase the amount of water you drink.
- Lisa G

Great Multi Vitamin Option

I love this Alive Women's Multi. The tablets are perfect size, they aren't too big or too small so I don't feel like I'm swallowing a horse pill or that I'm going to lose it if I set it down during my busy morning. The flavor is nice, not really anything over powering. Best of all the boost of vitamins really does help give me more energy to get through my busy day. I trust Nature's Way as a brand so I know I'm getting the most for my money with this multi vitamin as well. It's a fantastic choice compared to a lot of things out there right now.
- C.W.
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Rs. 634.37 Rs. 475.78
Centrum Silver Women's 50 Plus Multivitamin

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Very good product!

Very good product. Meets all specifications. Increases energy, due to the presence of B-complex vitamins. I feel improved in the body's defenses.
- Renata Porto

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Product of great confidence!

As always the product has arrived in the promised time and very well packaged. This supplement is an excellent product. I had already bought it for myself before and now I also bought it for my sister and niece. The levels of vitamin concentration of this Centrun are higher than in Brazil. I trust a lot in this brand Centrum, I bought before and it met my expectations, I felt more willing and I will continue buying, therefore I consider the supplementation very important to have a healthy life. The website Evitamins has my trust, I never had problems, I always received everything I bought without delays. Congratulations Evitamins!
- Du
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Rs. 863.72 Rs. 647.79
Centrum Women MultiGummies

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Very good my favorite

My favorite. Yummy, good texture and still contains multivitamins for women.
- andrea aramaki

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Centrum in the postpartum

After hearing several good reports about the consumption of Centrum I decided to test. As soon as I arrived I went to test and I confess that I killed myself to get open (rsrs) has a lock, but when the hubby arrived he opened it and everything was alright. I am in the postpartum and I asked for my doctor's advice that authorized me and suspended my other vitamins, because in the centrum I find the necessary vitamins for the woman's body. I started drinking and I'm enjoying it. The taste reminds you of childhood and you have to take care not to eat several at one time. I felt that my extreme fatigue passed a little and in the other I saw little difference in the body, but my doctor said that at this stage of purperio is common and not to stop consuming and so I have done. I'm taking it when I wake up followed by a few minutes of yoga. I recommend and intend to remain consuming.
- Daphne Souza
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Rs. 3,619.19 Rs. 2,418.75
Rainbow Light Women's One Multivitamin

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Great value for money

The smell is a bit strong, but the effect is very good. Worth it.
- Rafaela Lopes Teixeira Aguiar

Love it, but large tablet size.

Love this vitamin. Has large concentrations of all you need for the day. And I like that it is only one tablet, once a day. So many other brands you need to take two...and so a pack of 60 only lasts a month! Great price too! Tablets are on the large size (bigger than the men's of the same brand), so not easy if you struggle with swallowing tablets.
- Carla Howe
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Rs. 2,761.15 Rs. 2,347.18
Nature's Plus Source of Life for Women

Source of Life for Women is great because you only have to take two pills once a day. I always seem to have more energy and feel better when I take it. It's more gentle on my stomach than some of the other multivitamins I've tried.
- Ashley

Source of Life for Women is the first multi-vitamin I've taken that's not harsh on my stomach and I don't have to put food on my stomach when I take it. I think I've finally found the perfect multi-vitamin.
- Teresa Boyd
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Rs. 2,439.09 Rs. 1,316.73
Now Foods Eve Women's Multiple Vitamin - Iron Free

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Good but too large pills

Good components but may girlfriend say the Pills is too large for her.

Interesting product

Powerful multivitamin for women that want more than the recommended daily value.
- Nair
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Rs. 3,655.78 Rs. 2,193.47
New Chapter Every Woman II 40+

Love New Chapter

I love New Chapter products. I have been taking Zyflamend by New Chapter for about 3 years now. It's great, so I knew I couldn't go wrong with a multivitamin from this company. While the price may be a little higher than what you are use to, like the saying goes - "you pay for what you get". These multivitamins give me more energy which I need to get through my day.
- KHiller

I am a RN and the oncology doctor that I work for suggested that I take these. I have seen a great improvement in my overall energy and well-being. My husband takes the Every Man II. He also has reaped the benefits. I would suggest this to anyone who is serious about their health!
- Amanda Wiltshire
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Rs. 5,185.60 Rs. 3,733.86
MegaFood Women's One Daily

First time trying this, will continue it

This is my first time trying Megafood Multivitamin. I believe whole food plant base multivitamin is more natural and better for general health. Previously, I have tried synthetic Multivitamins and found them not suitable for me as I become more tired after taking it. For Megafood multivite, first few days my urine was yellowish, but after a few days it returns to normal. However no significant changes to energy level after my first bottle of 30 tablets. I will continue to try it to observe the effects. Pill size are about 2cm(Length) by 0.8cm(width), need to get use to swallowing the pills. Don't have weird aftertaste after consumption, and most of the times I take it without having breakfast, no gastric issues as well.
- Ang Xia

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Note 10. Perfect and good quality! It works :)
- Yramaia Souza
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Rs. 1,462.31 Rs. 1,096.74
Centrum Silver Women's 50 Plus Multivitamin

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Great !

Excellent product, I felt very good with the use of this supplement. I'm already on the second bottle and I recommend it!
- Celia Franco Coutinho

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Very good!

A complete product for my needs.
- Cintia c palavicini
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Rs. 1,478.58 Rs. 1,108.93
Centrum Women MultiGummies

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The Lady Will Love

So this one for women is great. Besides the already existing vitamins in the Centrum comes some more exclusive for women.

Love it

Love it, so easy to take.
- Adi Shaull
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Rs. 6,664.99 Rs. 3,999.00
New Chapter Every Woman

Good product

I was recommended to use this product by a wholistic nurse and I have enjoyed it so far. Its all natural with no artificial flavors or colors which is good for my Crohns Disease. Since I have Crohns I lack a lot of nutrition that some people can get naturally, and I feel as though this product has filled the holes in my diminished ability to absorb some nutrients. Plus being on a anti biotic for so long messed me up and now I am needing to take extra probiotics to counterbalance what some doctors mess up on. A little tid bit...buying in bulk saves some money. I know it is expensive but eviatmins keeps some decent coupons for their products. I only buy the bottle of 120 tablets just because I'd rather have it last longer and save some money in the process of staying healthy.
- Heather Woodside

You Pay for What You Get

I love the New Chapter brand products. They make great quality supplements. This multivitamin for women helps me to keep my mood swings under control. It also has vitamins and minerals that help give me the energy I need to make it through my busy day. It may be a little more expensive then other multivitamin brands, but it is worth every penny.
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Rs. 1,219.14 Rs. 853.15
Only Natural For Women Only

I usually get terrible menstrual cramps, but haven't felt a thing since I started taking this multivitamin. The hormone balance aspect of it really does work. the price is great, but would be nice if it also came in 60 tablets :) This is my vitamin till I reach 50.
- Antonica S.

I liked taking For Women Only but, I wish they could make a bigger bottle with more inside, like 100 caps.
- Mona A.
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