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Hair Vitamins Reviews

Rs. 2,501.47 Rs. 1,850.87
Nature's Bounty Extra Strength Hair- Skin  Nails

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Great product

I really enjoyed the product, my nails have strengthened and my hair is growing fast. The capsules are small and easy to swallow. Highly recommend. I have no complaints.
- Marlla Cristina de Melo Corrêa

It really works.

I've followed all the suggestions and it works awesome! I strongly recommend. My hair is beautiful.
- Bringme Kaito Queiroz
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Rs. 1,664.03 Rs. 1,494.71
Heaven Sent Naturals Purvana Hair- Skin-  Nails

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Good vitamins, great effect.

I love to try various new items for the beauty of hair nails and skin. And if you take into account the fact that I am not getting younger with age, I just need cosmetic and vitamin support from outside. So, what are Purvana Hair-Skin-Nails? These are 30 natural gel capsules which include a large number of useful trace elements that are able to transform hair, nails and skin. All the detailed information is written on the package, so I will not retell it, but rather tell about the effect that I noticed after taking the capsules. Capsules are recommended to be used daily during the month with meals. It is very important not to skip the tricks, otherwise there will not be the desired efficiency. As always, the first thing I noticed, after taking the drug, is rabid nail growth, probably I never had such a nail growth after a vitamin. The effect was noticeable on the skin and not only on the face. As it seemed to me, small wrinkles were gone, the skin became more elastic. Hair growth also accelerated, I can not say that much, but noticeable. Hair became soft, shiny. She noted that there was less whipped hair, especially at the site of the gum. After studying the composition, I noticed that the composition has natural horsetail, by the way in Russia it is very difficult to find vitamins with this component, and it has a very positive effect on the hair and skin. Vitamins are excellent, but one course is not enough. to achieve lasting results.
- анонимное

Helped with my nails

The main difference I noticed while taking the Purvana Hair, Skin, & Nails was the difference in my nail strength. I could defiantly see a difference just after my first box. I've continued using it since. While taking it though, I did not notice any difference with my hair. Maybe that's because my hair is already very thick? Who knows, but overall a very great product and you only have to take 1 a day which is great.
- Harley Kensington
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Rs. 1,246.98 Rs. 953.38
Futurebiotics Hair Skin Nails for Women

Great results with this product!

I love to try various new items for my hair, nails and skin. If you take into account the fact that I am not getting younger with age, I just need cosmetic and vitamin support from outside. So, what are FutureBiotics- Hair-Skin-Nails? These are 75 tablets which include a large number of useful trace elements that are able to transform things from the inside out. All the detailed information is written on the package, so I will not retell it, but rather tell about the effect that I noticed after taking these capsules. Capsules are recommended to be used daily during the month with meals. It is very important not to skip the dosages, otherwise there will not be the desired efficiency. As always, the first thing I noticed, after taking this supplement, is rapid nail growth. I never had such a nail growth after taking a vitamin. The effect was noticeable on the skin and not only on the face. It seemed to me, small wrinkles were gone, the skin became more elastic. Hair growth also accelerated but I can not say that it was super noticeable. However, my hair did become softer and shinier.
- Cleverson Schroth

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Excellent Vitamins

Excellent, I loved how it has hardened my nails and my hair every day is more care and leafy
- Kerly Navas
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Rs. 1,935.11 Rs. 1,644.85
Nature's Plus Ultra Hair Plus

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We grow hair and fight with falling out.

Many years ago I suffered from terrible hair loss. And the Ultra Hair Plus vitamins helped me a lot then. Then for a long time I could not find them, and then I was lucky and on one site I met them at a very high price, thank God, that a friend advised this site where the price is three times less, also with a discount. These vitamins contain a whole range of selected standardized plant extracts, as well as a natural combination of vitamins, minerals and other key nutrients that help hair growth, as well as struggling with the terrible alopecia disease. Initially, while taking the drug, I felt pain in my stomach, but the fact of the matter is that I drank vitamins on an empty stomach. Taking the drug with food does not cause any discomfort. Hair does not begin to recover immediately. First, a small white fluff appears, then it becomes darker and longer and turns into a full-fledged hair. Now the main task is to let the hair grow to the required length, but here the entrance is followed by cosmetic preparations, which together with Ultra Hair Plus will give good results. My advice to those who decide to order - order several boxes at once, if your goal is to grow beautiful and healthy hair!
- анонимное

My go to hair vitamins!

My go to hair vitamins! Works really well.
- Ursula Pajak
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Rs. 1,208.61 Rs. 906.67
Solgar Skin- Nails  Hair Adv. MSM

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Strengthens the nails and fights hair loss!

Excellent, effective supplement, good famous brand, great price! In this supplement there are no B vitamins, so you can safely take those who have Botox colitis, and Botox, as you know, is derived from B vitamins faster. This preparation contains only such trace elements that do not remove Botox - these are silicon, sulfur, copper, L-proline and L-lysine. hair fall out, most likely these elements lacked my skin! I ordered myself another jar to secure the result.
- VitaminsFan

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Very good product I loved it.

Excellent product for skin, hair and nails. I was very happy with the result, the curling of the nails came out and also weakness, as the hair has ceased 80% the fall, and the skin is more beautiful. Indicate this product for sure.
- Eliane Rodrigues Besson
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Rs. 2,547.34 Rs. 1,688.22
Nature's Bounty Hair- Skin  Nails Gummies

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Excellent because it's chewable and the body better abuses the substances. Ordered sooner than expected
- Ana Maciel

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Loved it!!!

Wonderful!! The candies are delicious, I'm in love! I'll have to buy for my mother and grandmother who are eating my rs, and this big size super pays! It's hard to eat only two a day. The site is super reliable, the products are of quality and original. The next day they sent me, and everything was very well packed! Congratulations!! I became a fan and loyal customer 🤩
- Hyanka Tomé Mendes
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Rs. 1,333.73 Rs. 719.83
Now Foods Silica Complex 500 mg

Pure quality !

The best combination that I could find for Silica Complex. And Now supplements need no additional comments ! Pure quality !
- Adriano Ricardo Maganini

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Essential product for us women

I always took some supplements for hair and nails because I have very weak nails but none met my expectations as much as Now's Silica Complex. In addition to helping to produce more collagen, a super important element for us women.
- dayane da silva bazanini
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Rs. 382.85 Rs. 245.23
Thompson Biotin

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Great product

My hair was in need of a little help to stop falling and growing and stronger. I used biotin and it worked for me, as it became more resilient, thicker, improved the thickness. Biotin is very important for the health of the hair, and from a certain age that is my case is indispensable, especially for women in the period of menopause. I recommend.
- Du

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Biotin Thompson 800mg

Quality product at an exaggerated dosage.
- Gomes
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Rs. 1,038.45 Rs. 873.30
Sundown Naturals Hair- Skin  Nails

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Very good product.

Excellent product. I used it and my hair and nails improved a lot. My hair has stopped falling out.
- Cristiane dos Santos Torrente

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In less than 1 month I began to see the result. Stronger nails and my hair grew a lot longer than normal.
- Luísa Zucoloto de Abreu
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Rs. 1,801.66 Rs. 1,531.41
Nature's Plus Ultra Hair-Sustained Release

Ultra Hair Is a very good product!
- Uldry M.

I like this product alot. I recommend it to some of my friends.
- Anonymous
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Rs. 2,084.42 Rs. 1,490.54
Swisse Hair Skin Nails


I just finished my first bottle and will definitely continue taking this! I did notice a big difference after a week of taking this. My hair and lashes look fuller and I noticed a significant difference in my energy level I am not as tired as I used to be. I do advice that it should be taken with a meal for better absorption! I started taking these 3 weeks ago. I have a lot of hair but it just doesn’t seem to grown at all. So far I have noticed that I am loosing less hair, previously I would run my hand through my hair and a my hand would be covered in hair, also in the shower I have noticed that I am loosing hardly any compared to before and my hair brush is no longer full. I have a tiny forehead, I think it because of the amount of hair I have, new baby hairs have started to grow below my normal hairline making my forehead smaller lol, but it just shows it is working. I haven’t noticed a difference yet in the overall length but I am hoping that will come with time. I have noticed a difference in how quick my body hair is growing though. My nails seem stronger than ever, usually they break and flake really easily but I haven’t had any breakages in 3 weeks. I haven’t had any acne, I have read many reviews and was really worried as a lot of people said it made them break out bad. I did get breast swelling and tenderness after about a week. After reading up online this can be a side effect of biotin, I continued taking it and the swelling and pain subsided after about 5 days. I will update my review in a month as to whether or not there is any hair length progress. Great price for these drinks. Really impressed at the quality of them and how they help with my hair, skin and nails. Definitely recommend these for anyone who wants a boost in growing their hair and nails. Takes a few weeks to start seeing results but with constant use it is definitely worth it! Comparing to other websites, this is much cheaper. And it has lots of bonus which I can use for promo code. I can recommend it to my friends.
- Vera yang

Nice product ever!!

Really nice products!! love it!!It tastes good but I have not seen any effect yet. However, the liquid turned murky (I'm not sure what the reason is - I have kept the bottle in a cool and dry environment and it is new so it's not anywhere near its expiry). Taste yummy. Easy to take in liquid form but not so convenient to bring out. Helps in digestion. Noticed a difference within a few days, my skin feels smoother. Will definitely repurchase.
- Yulun Han
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Rs. 2,918.52 Rs. 2,156.15
Swisse Hair Skin Nails +

Strongly recommend

I love this product and my strongly recommend ! five star!
- Lusha Li

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Excellent product

Visible results after three weeks of use. Nails and hair stronger.
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Rs. 3,310.54 Rs. 2,501.47
Bio-Tech Shen Min Advanced Women's Formula

It might be my optimism, but I am so glad I got this product. Initially, there was a mix-up in the product I received and then I found out there had been a formulation change. However, the e-vitamin Customer Service Rep was extremely helpful in identifying the differences in the former product and what they currently stock. She even suggested that I contact the manufacturer, which I did to confirm and felt even better about what she said. Again, great customer support e-vitamins!
- WJ

Shen Min is the best hair vitamin I have ever tried. I had results after 2 months of using it. I will never stop using it because of the perfect results I got.
- A.F
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Rs. 1,809.16 Rs. 1,086.00
Kal Hair Force High Potency Biotin

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New hair growing

Excellent product. At first I doubted, but I could quickly see the results and the effectiveness of the product. Hair thickened, became blacker and was born new, in addition to completely stop the fall. I'll continue using yes. Highly recommend for everyone.
- jeffrey ferreira benencase

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I recommend !

Very good! In 3 months healthier hair and nails. Hair without falling and nails without breaking. It does not cause any problems of digestion and does not gain weight. Excellent value for money.
- Claudia Regina Dias de Azevedo
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Rs. 1,166.91 Rs. 916.68
Natrol Skin- Hair  Nails


I love this supplement. Everything that my body needs is in there. I stocked 4 hahahha. I recommend!!!
- Louani da Mota Badu

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gave me acne

Although it really helped hair growth, it gave me acne.
- Virginia Araujo
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Rs. 1,555.60 Rs. 1,166.91
Irwin Naturals Healthy Skin  Hair Plus Nails

I have only been taking these for a month and already see improvement.

I have only been taking these vitamins a month and already see huge improvements!!!!!!! I have been taking these vitamins for a month and have already noticed a change in my nail strength. My nails have grown and are no longer breaking all time. My hair seems shinier. I have not noticed a difference in thickness or length yet but I have only been taking these vitamins for a month. I work in a place where i must wash my hands all of the time which makes them very dry. My skin has not been as dry since i have started these. I can not wait to see the changes in a few months. I purchased these off a recommendation from a friend and I am very glad I did!!
- Caitlin Donaldson

Nails are growing!

This is the 4th product I bought to help strengthen my nails and hair and it is the ONLY one that started my nails to grow back. I love this stuff!!!
- Mary Kyte
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Rs. 1,000.09 Rs. 674.37
Hobe Laboratories Energizer Hair Follicle Stimulator

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It really works!

Good afternoon, the girls want to talk today about the current hair loss remedy Energizer Hair Follicle Stimulator. For more than 10 years I have been constantly suffering from periodic hair loss. Once, it was a local fallout, when practically nothing was left on the head. Depression and stress almost brought me to the hospital. I learned about Energizer Hair Follicle Stimulator by chance, since in Russia this tool is not famous. I was advised by the trichologist, as one of the safest remedies for hair restoration and growth. At first I didn\u2019t see the result of using the result, but my head began to lighten more and more, but after some time I didn\u2019t even notice how light fluff began to appear on bald places and then acquire color and strength. So for half a year, almost all bald spots grew overgrown and a kind of \u201ccap\u201d of hair began to appear, which made me happy, even though no hair could be done. So gradually I began to connect other cosmetic products, and hair growth increased even more. Naturally about vitamins just did not forget!
- анонимное

My hair is getting stronger and less falling down.
- Martha Schniter
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Rs. 700.64 Rs. 490.45
21st Century Hair, Skin and Nails

Great for Nails

I haven't noticed any improvement with my thinning hair, but this does help my nails grow and become stronger.
- Catherine Baron

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They're great.

I've been taking this vitamin for a month. As I work with children one to two years old, I am always exposed to bacteria of viruses and such, for this reason I always had flu and my nails and hair were not growing anymore, after I started taking it I noticed that I rarely get sick and also my nails are growing strong and beautiful, my hair is stronger and the fall has decreased a lot. I take a capsule before going to sleep and I can say that although the result is not overnight, it is very worth starting the intake of this vitamin, I noticed the result with more or less 16 days taking. THE CAPSULES ARE HALF BIG, BUT NOTHING NOT TO SWALLOW. It arrived fast and well packaged.
- Vivian Mendes (insta: jubiando)
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Rs. 1,997.67 Rs. 1,527.65
Futurebiotics Hair Skin Nails for Women

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Very good product

Very good product, it helped a lot for my problem, which was nails and weak hair. Not to mention the site evitamins that is well adapted, guaranteed delivery and always on time, product with packaging intact. Super recommend doing business with this site, very good, 5 stars. Very good and best cost x benefit.

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Very good product

I used it for 2 years and I have to admit that it surprised me very good product an acceleration of hair growth.
- marina Fidèle NICHOLAS
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Rs. 4,169.67 Rs. 3,127.04
Ridgecrest Herbals Hair Revive

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Stopped hair loss !!! Thank!

An excellent product for the restoration of brittle hair, after 10 days of use, the hair stopped falling out, became elastic. There are no side effects. Slightly overpriced, they are worth it. I advise you to try! The result will surprise!
- VitaminsFan

How long did Hair Revive take to work? On hcg 500 calorie diet, hair getting thin and have been taking these vitamins for 2 weeks. Getting worried hair will get worse before getting better.
- Darla Wallace
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Rs. 1,500.55 Rs. 1,072.65
Country Life Maxi-Hair

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Great vitamins for hair growth!

Like many others, the purpose of buying these vitamin was the desire to grow beautiful long hair. I could never boast gorgeous hair. They were always very liquid, thin and dry. Therefore, in addition to masks, I decided to try vitamins. The choice fell on Maxi-Hair. Awesome vitamins. It was they who saved my hair from falling out. By the way, now, after winter, when the hair is very weak, these vitamins help me not to lose the beauty of my hair! Madly liked the composition. There was no allergic reaction. Most importantly, the result becomes noticeable after a week of taking a vitamin. Hair stops falling out and begins to grow actively. But most importantly, do not forget that vitamins are best taken during meals, so that they are better absorbed! So, to summarize a small result: 1) The hair has ceased to fall. Honest pioneer, by the end of the course the loss dropped to 3-4 dropped hairs when bathing. I cried from happiness. 2) Leather. Then I had no skin problems, and they did not appear from vitamins. Like nothing has improved. Therefore, the effect on the skin was zero. 4) The nails stopped breaking at any opportunity. But they were still soft. 5) Immunity. I just got sick with a bad cold with a fever when I started taking vitamins. Cured somewhere for a week, until the end of the course was no longer sick. Maxi-hair from country life deserved each of its five stars. And I absolutely do not care that he had no effect on the skin, I did not expect from him, and I myself have to start eating normally. The main thing is that he gave me a new chance for hair restoration, for the fact that by my 30 years I would not stay bald. And extremely pleased with the effect on the nails and in general on the body. Verified, WORKS. I wish everyone to be beautiful and healthy!
- анонимное

I saw results of using it after 1 MONTH, Small baby hair started to grow. Also my hair in general started to grow faster than usual, I didn't use any other treatment, and I don't have proper food diet so the results that my hair got healthier and better it's the results of using maxi hair.
- Iekateryna Osipova
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Rs. 1,876.73 Rs. 1,143.55
Dr. Christophers Complete Tissue and Bone


I had a serious knee injury, creating a kind of paralysis in the knee preventing bending and exercise. Lost a lot of tissue and muscle in the leg over a year period, and I was concerned. I normally love doing yoga, stretching, and gentle work-outs on a regular basis and couldn't do any of it. When I'd look in the mirror, I'd see one normal leg, and the other leg looked very thin and unhappy. Started taking Dr. Christopher's Complete Tissue and Bone during my recovery, and was delighted to find that my body started re-vitalizing itself beautifully. I'm happy to say that my recovered knee and leg now have regained their strength, normal functioning and are healthy! YAY!

Write a headline for your review.

My husband has had both hips replaced and one began to deteriorate around the prosthetic. The deterioration ceased and so has the associated pain after he started taking Dr. Christopher's Complete Tissue & Bone supplement. Dr. is no longer concerned as of his last visit.
- Jack Sparks
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Rs. 1,667.37 Rs. 1,333.73
Natural Factors Biosil

Wonderful Option For Improve Hair And Nail Health

I made the switch to Biosil after the company I used to buy from discontinued my favorite supplement. After a month of use I saw a huge improvement in the thickness of my nail and the strength in my nails. My skin was clearer and more even as well.
- Allie C

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Great. Recommended by my dermatologist.
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Rs. 2,501.47 Rs. 1,350.41
Now Foods Hair- Skin and Nails

NOW- Hair, Skin & Nails is Fantastic!

I really does nourish the hair, skin and nails. I skin is smoother and has a very healthy glow. My nails grow very fast and are strong with little breakage and my hair is strong and is growing longer and thicker. Key thing to remember is that you have to continue to take the product. Don't stop after completing one bottle. I have been taking this product for 6 months now. Stick with it-- it is worth it.
- dominique murray


Good! I think these work, there's vitamin D, Biotin and folicacid in this.
- Andrew
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