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Rs. 1,005.72 Rs. 628.26
eVitamins B-50 Vitamin B Complex

"Amazing supplement for people with peripheral nerve problems as well as central nervous system disturbances. For better effect should be taken constantly - you will fill the difference within one week. very easy swallowing. "
- Vitaly Rozenfeld

"Excellent vitamin B Complex!"
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Rs. 385.01 Rs. 246.61
Thompson B Complex with C

"Complexo vitamínico muito bom para a manutenção da saúde e com um preço muito em conta, vale muito a pena! "
- Isaque Fancelino

"Muito bom suplemento, pois te da muita energia para realização das atividades no dia a dia."
- Elisama Nogueira Sobjak
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Rs. 1,676.76 Rs. 905.07
Now Foods B-100

"Excelente produto. A marca é boa e confiável. A entrega foi bem mais rápida do que o previsto, os produtos chegaram em menos de 15 dias no Brasil. Outro bonto positivo é que o pagamento pode ser feito por boleto bancário. Pediria novamente. Site merece 5 estrelas."
- Anônimo

"Great!!! Gives me a full day energy."
- Connie Abrante
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Rs. 1,006.56 Rs. 754.92
Life Extension BioActive Complete B-Complex

"Qualità prezzo top."
- Alberto Cason

"O complexo B da Life Extension é, a meu ver, um das melhores que estão disponíveis no mercado. Tem bom percentual de biotina agregada, e isso é um importante diferencial. Tenho tido dias mais proveitosos depois que passei a fazer uso deste combo que é importante na minha recomposição e otimização orgânica. Grato à Evitamins pela aquisição!"
- Ricelli Gomes
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Rs. 2,235.40 Rs. 1,899.88
Nature's Plus Mega B-150

"Excellent product! I've been using Mega B-150 Sustained Release for six months and just had physical and my B levels are perfect!"
- Kimberly A.

"Vitamin B is a must but with Mega B-150, you get so much more for your money! Great product with a great price!"
- Kimberly Akins
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Rs. 1,257.36 Rs. 678.59
Now Foods Nutritional Yeast

"It is absolutely amazing. Makes our vegan cheese so much better. "
- Shelby Anderson

"While I don't think I could use Nutritional Yeast in place of cheese, it certainly helped me cut back when making cheesy dishes like pizza or tacos."
- Petra C.
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Rs. 3,689.88 Rs. 1,992.15
Now Foods B-100

"Es muy recomendable consumir un buen suplemento de vitaminas del complejo B, todas juntas, y en concentraciones altas, porque es difícil que podamos aportarlas a través de la alimentación actual y el estrés y algunas afecciones de salud requieren dosis adicionales. He probado antes otros suplementos similares de otros laboratorios, como Douglas, Lamberts, etc., que son excelentes pero a un precio muy superior. Compensa probar el de Now Foods, tiene una composición magnífica, excelente tolerancia para mí, lo consumimos varios miembros de la familia, el bote grande dura meses, te despreocupas, y cuesta muy barato comparado a otros, especialmente en eVitamins. Por mejorar la composición, se me ocurre que podrían elevar la concentración de B12 y de colina e inositol. No sé si sería posible teniendo en cuenta el tamaño de la cápsula. Es grande, estándar, pero muy fácil de tragar. Es cómodo tomar una sola cápsula al día. Yo tomo vitamina B12, colina e inositol en suplementos independientes con dosis más altas, también de Now Foods. Los beneficios se perciben muy rápido: mayor nivel de energía durante el día, mejor calidad del pelo, de las uñas y de la piel, estado de ánimo más equilibrado, menos síntomas del síndrome premenstrual, etc."
- Carolina Sánchez Sánchez

"My husband and I keep a rigorous work schedule. NOW B-100's give us the energy we need and especially help replenish our B vitamins if we eat sweets. Could not do without it."
- Jack Sparks
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Rs. 3,770.41 Rs. 2,450.97
Zahlers B Complex

"Couldn't find a b complex anywhere its like everyone had everything in it instead of just B and B is what makes my hair grow and without B its just not going to grow at all, course I want long hair so when I was snooping around as usual in companies I have bought from before and saw there was B complex I grabbed it, now the other ones I have seen in stores are liquid and this is powder which is very interesting but it seems to work a heck of a lot better than the liquid and that just does not make sense to me at all! Then again what did I expect this company hasn't failed me yet! It doesn't have a nasty after taste or give you the burps or anything like that and its small enough that it does not get stuck in the back of your throat! Best part is it is vegan."
- Kendall Harrison

"Works for my skin, and helps me feel more energized."
- Sheila
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Rs. 2,221.98 Rs. 1,888.98
Buried Treasure B Complete Vitamins - Liquid

"My chronic mouth sores/ulcers stopped within 3 days of beginning B Complete Liquid. I would highly recommend it to anyone."
- Anonymous

"Wow! My son has had a problem with mouth ulcers. He gets them continuously. As soon as he would get rid of one, he would get another. I started giving him B Complete Vitamins Liquid and the ulcers went away and he hasn't had another one! I'm about to order another bottle. Thank you!"
- Anonymous
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Rs. 2,347.80 Rs. 1,267.43
Now Foods B-50

"Excelente, producto muy rápida absorción"
- Lord Chrocane

"Sempre compro vitamina b e essa vem completa e com ótimo preço, super indico"
- francisco Weslay Ramalho lima
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Rs. 1,676.76 Rs. 1,139.93
Country Life Coenzyme B-Complex

"Arrived really fast fine product."
- Theodoros Tsimrikidis

"I've used Coenzyme B-Complex in the following manner: 2 capsules daily, away from food and not near bedtime. The results are excellent. I feel centered and energized. In this world of stress and insomnia, many people should take this product to alleviate their ills."
- Anonymous
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Rs. 2,012.28 Rs. 1,143.28
Nature's Way B-100 Complex

"Awesome for nerves and muscle pain. I used for many years, I recommended this brand because its 100% vegan and have no nothing artificial. "
- Yolanda Garcia

"Para praticantes de esporte e para quem tem alimentação restrita como por exemplo os vegetarianos, este é um suplemento obrigatorio, eu uso e recomendo."
- Gabriel Avelino
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Rs. 611.49 Rs. 427.79
Nature's Life B-50 Complex

"I have been taking the NatureMost B-Complex daily for over 6 years, and I wouldn't want to be without it ! One time I ran out of them & purchased a different brand of B-complex because I couldn't get to the vitamin store & within the next 2 days I did go get this supplement because the other brand did nothing for me. My general well-being is improved, my hair & nails are improved as well as my stress & energy levels-immediate results-& helps me to think clearly. This supplement is easy to take due to it's size & coating, and leaves no bitter aftertaste. I take it with or without food, so no problem either way. Highly recommend as a regular part of supplement maintenance."
- Anonymous

"This seemed to upset my stomach even with food, so I switched to a food-based B-complex which agrees with me much better."
- Anonymous
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Rs. 1,156.71 Rs. 868.16
Solaray B-Complex 100

"I'm not sure about this B Complex. I find them hard to take."
- Anonymous

"I love this stuff! I can't always tell it's helping until I run out or forget to take it. It helps me handle stress and PMS better. I've used this brand of B vitamins for years and am quite satisfied."
- JoAnn Austgen
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Rs. 1,409.18
Pure Encapsulations B12 Folate

"As we all know – folate and folic acid are nutrients required for many critical functions in the body. Unfortunately I have a genetic MTHFR mutation and unable to utilize these nutrients properly. Any folic acid I ingest must be metabolized into Dihydrofolate (DHF), Tetrahydrofolate (THF), and L-methylfolate (5-MTHF – L-methylfolate is the biologically active form of vitamin B9) to be used in my body. It's like receiving a cooked meal instead of all the raw ingredients as an MTHFR mutation is equal to not having the pots and pans to cook with. Once in this form it can be transported into cells, tissues and even across the blood-brain barrier. That means it is the form the human body can actually use in circulation. That's why this supplement is beneficial for me. If you haven't had yourself tested for genetic MTHFR mutations, go see your doctor and have it done. It's just a simple blood test – you might find out that you might have other genetic MTHFR mutations as well. You need to adjust the types of supplements you take. I'm still learning, but I know it's working :) Thank you for making this available here at a good price – and free shipping always! I appreciate your service very much. Thank you!!!"
- R Tagashira

"If you have one or more MTHFR mutation, this is a really good Vitamin B supplement. You MUST do your research and read labels, or talk to your doctors or Naturopath for conflicting terms for a nutrient you really need. If you don't know if you have this mutation, you should have your doctor test you. Make sure you know what yo are taking into your body! All these years I had no idea that I was paying so much money taking expensive vitamins that were hurting me. Thank goodness I found out. I have been feeling so much better since I switched. L-5-MTHF is biologically active – in good forms which are well absorbed (Not all methylfolate is the same ––– there are so many different terms used for methylfolate, but the L form of methylfolate is the desired form). The only thing I'm concerned about brand is that they got bought out recently by a well-known, large, general market consumer centric corporation with bad reputation ––– so who knows what they will do to their line of products. I hope they will not change the formulation. Another option I have is Thorne Methyl Guard Plus, but they are way more expensive than this one, so I'm good with what I have here for now... I will keep my eye on the news though. Thank you so much for offering these at such a good price. I truly appreciate it."
- Riko Tagahsira
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Rs. 2,008.93 Rs. 1,306.01
Zahlers B Complex

"Wow this formula has 100mg of each B vitamins so I went for it. feel more energized as well as relaxed on it."
- Sheila

"As vitaminas do complexo B são as maiores responsáveis pela manutenção da saúde emocional e mental do ser humano. Também podem ser úteis nos casos de depressão e ansiedade. Ajudam a manter a saúde dos nervos, pele, olhos, cabelos, fígado e boca, assim como a tonicidade muscular do aparelho gastrointestinal. Facilita a digestão e absorção dos hidratos de carbonos, das proteínas e da gordura. No estômago, as vitaminas B estimularão a liberação e controlarão a ação do suco gástrico, ajudando na absorção e digestão dos nutrientes e, dessa forma, aumentarão a eficácia de sua dieta. Se você é um esportista ou praticante de atividades físicas que deseja obter o máximo de benefícios da sua dieta, a suplementação com complexo B é indicada. Recomendo este suplemento por sua qualidade e eficácia."
- Felipe
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Rs. 1,228.00 Rs. 859.77
Nature Made Super B-Complex

- Alyssa M.

"Além de atuar na conversão dos carboidratos e gorduras em energia, outras funções das vitaminas do Complexo B incluem a participação na síntese de novas proteínas, apoio ao sistema imunológico e digestivo, manutenção da saúde dos sistemas neurológico e muscular, e participação no crescimento celular. As vitaminas do Complexo B também contribuem para a manutenção da saúde da pele, unhas e cabelos. Investir num bom suplemento de vitaminas do complexo B é realmente importante. Vale cada centavo. Esta é uma ótima opção. Marca confiável e o site evitamins é cinco estrelas pois entrega seus pedidos de forma rápida e segura. Recomendo a todos."
- Felipe
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Rs. 457.15 Rs. 385.01
Sundown Naturals B-Complex

"Complexo B na medida certa, sem superdose e de baixo custo. Uso diariamente. "
- Isaque Fancelino

"Excelente complexo vitamínico. Composto com as vitaminas do grupo B que fornecem ao corpo e mente diversos benefícios. A marca é super confiável e o preço bom. Recomendo."
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Rs. 1,089.60 Rs. 588.00
Now Foods B-50

"This supplement is a good source of vitamin B and has helped improved my nervous system."
- Kusum
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Rs. 4,570.62 Rs. 3,428.18
Solgar B-Complex 100

"Com certeza foi o melhor suplemento de vitaminas que já utilizei, ele me ajudou muito no foco e na disposição do dia a dia."
- Gabriel Avelino
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Rs. 2,826.76 Rs. 2,403.16
Nature's Plus Super B-50 Vegetarian Capsules

"As a vegetarian, I have to have a B-complex supplement & I have found this product essential for getting me through the day."
- Sarah Chick
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Rs. 1,425.12 Rs. 1,068.63
Nature's Answer Liquid Vitamin B Complex

"Excellent product if you don't like taking pills. Juice makes it much more palatable, but you can still get a bit of a vitamin taste. It mixes just fine, no clumps or gritty textures."
- Bruce Kent
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Rs. 2,012.28 Rs. 1,538.78
World Organic Ultra-B Liquid in Raisin Juice

"I've been taking this years now and it's always been very good. It may not be the best tasting but its not horrible and beats taking those giant pills. "
- Lanita Rutherford
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Rs. 1,618.05 Rs. 1,235.55
Natrol B-100 Complex

"B-100 Complex, although potent, has a very rank smell and taste. Aside from that, it works as advertised providing a heavy dose of vitamin b complex."
- Anton
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