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Rs. 837.96 Rs. 640.42
Desert Essence Blemish Touch Stick

"I love it, it really works!"
- Lucía sanz valles

"Effective , This product helps to clear blemishes fast! Natural and effective. Shipping to Canada did not take long at all. Will be reordering this product soon."
- Miranda
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Rs. 544.38 Rs. 416.46
Desert Essence Relief Spray

"I bought this multitasking product by mistake, thinking it was some kind of face toner spray with tea tree. I sprayed it on my face when I was having a really bad cold and the strong herby smell totally unblocked my nose and made me feel much better. I know now this is not how I am supposed to use it but it worked well for me. I can't wait to use it as an insect repellent in the summer too. (If you're considering buying it, make sure you are into those kinds of smells.)"
- Jenny Kourakou

"Very strong smell but gets the job done! I applied it to my cut and it healed overnight... great stuff."
- Lisa Hunter
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Rs. 754.08 Rs. 488.18
Now Foods 100% Pure Essential Oil

"Testing 1 oz version. Pure oil. Testing on hair loss, acne need a time. Every home needs this. Certified quality. "
- Firat Kilic

"Tea tree is great for resolving acne problems or other skin issues. It has a calming scent and is great diffused as well. I recommend this product for anyone looking for a natural and basic solution to skin issues. NOW Foods is a great brand for oils due to their competitive prices and consistent quality."
- Joey Wheeler
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Rs. 700.40 Rs. 611.49
eVitamins Tea Tree Oil

"This stuff works wonders on acne and pimples. A little dab on whatever you got and within a day you can see a difference."
- Jack Manning

"Of course you gotta always have Tea tree Oil around the house. My family couldn't live without it as we use Tea tree Oil for so many things. This brand is a very good price and free shipping is great!"
- Mike J.
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Rs. 1,425.12 Rs. 922.68
Now Foods 100% Pure Essential Oil

"I use this to add in a natural hair moisturizer mixer that I use. Its refreshing to the scalp and very healing. The smell is pretty strong but not bothersome. You don't need to use much, a couple of drops is all. A little goes a long way. The price is double at the health food store so I am glad to find NOW products online at such an inexpensive price. "
- Alessa Brown

"Very concentrated, pure and efficient."
- Daniel Waleda
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Rs. 1,089.60 Rs. 705.43
Now Foods 100% Pure Essential Oil

"Organic and high quality tea tree oils from Now Foods. It's 100% pure, organic and undiluted. I use a few drops in my face wash, body wash and diffuser, I also put some in the laundry detergent and floor mopping liquid. I use a few drops of it while inhaling steam for my sinus infection and nasal congestion. I use it in my face masks to clear up acne and blemishes. I am going to make a DIY room freshener soon with this, lavender oil and other essential oils. I am trying to go as much chemical free and organic as possible. It burns if you use too much of it on skin because it's very strong. So you need to dilute it. Can be added to shampoo. It gives effective relief from dandruff and psoriasis. I also make sure that the essential oil I'm using has at least some published scientific researches that backs its claims of effectively. There are many studies done to concluded the benefits of tea tree oil. Truly an all round essential oil! Overall, very happy with this product and recommend it to anyone who's having issues with skin and scalp problems."
- Baszee Baszee

"Good product. Has so many uses. "
- Abdul Basith
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Rs. 837.96 Rs. 640.42
Desert Essence Kinder To Skin Tea Tree Oil

"I have used the "Kinder To Skin" tea tree oil for a couple of years and I am very pleased with the results. Not only is it great for acne, I find that it helps control dandruff and athlete's foot."
- Anonymous

"I am so happy to have found an all natural product to help treat many skin ailments. I recently purchased a book about tea tree oil, and I was very happy to find a preparation of this strength, which is the advised strength to treat blemishes, bites, athletes foot and many other conditions. If you are new to trying a tea tree preparation, this is a good product to start with."
- Marie
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Rs. 1,005.72 Rs. 768.76
Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil- 100% Pure Australian

"I used it to treat pimple. Stink"
- It

"Used this on cuts and added to shampoo. Very helpful and cuts heal fast."
- Gregory Restino
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Rs. 678.59 Rs. 432.82
Skin By Ann Webb Tea Tree Breakout Blaster

"Leaves my face refreshed, neither dry or oily after and cleared the acne on my face."
- Jenn

"I use Tea Tree Breakout Blaster for the acne in my scalp . . . works wonders. No more itching and soreness."
- Lisa H.
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Rs. 544.38 Rs. 408.50
Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Mouthwash

"It takes a little while to adjust to the taste of tea tree oil mouthwash. You actually will come to like the taste. It refreshes the mouth and looks as if the mouth problems I have are getting better. I've reordered and am now beginning to use the Tea Tree Dental Tape and the Chewing Sticks. Tea Tree Products for other problems have worked wonders for me and I look forward to long term use of these products. The toothpaste is wonderful."
- Anonymous
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Rs. 670.20 Rs. 512.09
Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil- 100% Pure Australian

"Με βοήθησε πολύ στην ακμή μου! Με μία μπατονέτα εμποτισμένη στο συγκεκριμένο προιόν, τα σπυράκια μου φεύγουν πολύ πιο γρήγορα."
- Aglaia Amanatidou
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Rs. 670.20 Rs. 512.09
Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Skin Ointment

"This tree oil has a very strong smell to me but it made my hair very soft and able to comb through without a big mess. I also used very little on my face after I wash every morning now I'm glowing like a pregnant woman. It's very oily that's why you do not need to apply a lot."
- Lisa Hunter
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Rs. 2,431.68 Rs. 1,979.15
Olympian Labs Tea Tree Oil

"Tea Tree Oil is the best for acne. It doesn't irritate the skin."
- Nurdeen M.
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Rs. 1,254.01 Rs. 1,003.20
Derma E Tea Tree  E Oil

"I bought this product 2 days ago. I was having rashes all over my face and neck. I applied this Tea Tree and E oil and it feels so good. I also applied to the dry areas of my legs and nails. The result is instant."
- Sejal
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Rs. 670.20 Rs. 512.09
Aura Cacia Organic Essential Oil

"Я являюсь огромной поклонницей различных эфирных масел. С маслом Чайного дерева знакома не понаслышке уже как 10 лет, а вот масло Organic Essential Oil, Tea Tree попробовала недавно. И хочу отметить, что оно очень отличается от аналогов которые я пробовала ранее. Используя я масло исключительно для очищения кожи. Специалисты не рекомендуют наносить в чистом виде масло на кожу, так как оно может оставить ожог. Мало помещено в маленькую бутылочку 25 мл. Имеет удобный капельный дозатор. Я добавляю несколько капель масла в различные маски для лица, крема (если крем наношу на ночь). Масло обладает очень ярким, специфическим ароматом, который выветривается не сразу. Обратила внимание если масло смешивать с другими маслами, не направленными на очищение кожи, то масло чайного дерева теряет свою эффективность полностью. Есть еще один нюанс. К Organic Essential Oil, Tea Tree кожа привыкает. Если маслом пользоваться регулярно, то со временем кожа к нему привыкает и оно не действует, а если действует то очень плохо. За месяц регулярного использования, я практически избавилась от всех прыщиков на лице. Тем более не важно, аллергическая сыпь это была, или гормональные высыпания. Но спустя месяц кожа привыкла к маслу. Теперь необходимо сделать перерыв не меньше месяца и можно опять начать пользоваться. Кстати масло чайного дерева очень хорошо помогает от перхоти, если добавлять масло в шампунь, маски или бальзам. Но есть и здесь нюанс. Масло очень долго выветривается с волос, зато результат потрясающий, буквально с первого мытья головы. Но опять же, со временем, кожа привыкнет, но сама проблема перхоти уже будет удалена, так что потом можно будет периодически пользоваться для профилактики. "
- ???????? ???? ?????????????
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Rs. 1,635.66 Rs. 1,251.91
Tea Tree Therapy Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil

"This is the best product for skin I have ever used!!! I use it diluted with argan oil or coconut oil and is the best to get rid of acne and rosacea, I still get rubor on my face but looks natural, and that is acceptable, if you have rosacea you will understand what I mean. "
- Mary Lois
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Rs. 2,263.92 Rs. 1,466.22
Now Foods 100% Pure Essential Oil

"I use tea tree for healthy skin and was happy with this brand."
- Kimberly Bustamante
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