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Rs. 461.27 Rs. 335.24
Optimum Nutrition Melatonin

"Entrega rápida, produto de excelência qualidade!! Adoro comprar na eVitamins. Produtos com qualidade. "
- Douglas Lopes Alves

"Exelente produto."
- Maria Alexandra Dias Carvalho
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Rs. 881.37 Rs. 709.55
Natrol Melatonin

"This product helps me to fall asleep much faster then usually. I took one about 30 minutes before bedtime and fell asleep within 30 minutes of going to bed. Great product that I strongly recommend!"
- Simon Cupryjak

"la melatonine n'est plus remboursez en france. C'est devenue de la medicine: de confort. Tous le monde s'est que de se reveiller 7 fois par nuit et de mettre 2heure a s'endormir s'est du comfort hein! Bref j'ai longtemp cherchez, et je peus dire que j'ai ENFIN trouvez! Commande avec suivit, object recut aujourdhui, parfait emballage, produit comforme, date de peremption plus que correcte! "
- Priem Jean Daniel
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Rs. 1,427.50 Rs. 779.71
Now Foods Vitamin D-3

"Comprei uma série de produtos pela primeira vez na eVitamins. Fazem parte de um plano da minha mãe (paciente com cancro da mama). Medicamente falando, ainda é cedo para refletir sobre o impacto da medicação. No entanto, a mãe referiu claras melhoras no estado de espirito e os sintomas adversos da quimioterapia. Nesse sentido, recomendo acompanhamento nutricional e só então comprar os suplementos! A nossa experiência com a Evitamins foi fantástica, processo é muito simples e o acompanhamento é feito de forma igualmente simples. Uma vez que sou português, recomendo algum cuidado com os custos alfandegários (pagamos cerca de 20€ entre CTT e desembargo dos três produtos), ainda assim o custo muito acessível da evitamins compensa! Por fim, vamos novamente encomendar os três produtos e adicionar mais alguns! Muito obrigado pela experiência!"
- João Pedro Fernandes

"Essa vitamina é tão potente que o médico recomendou tomar 1 capsula a cada 2 dias. Maravilha."
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Rs. 1,427.50 Rs. 956.57
Natrol Biotin Maximum Strength

"Best OTC product I have ever for hair & nails. I have been buying Natrol Biotin 10,000 mcg at my local drugstore for several years now. It has definitely helped strengthen my nails & helped my hair which is very fine.Just found this website for Natrol and will try it since my drugstore has not had it for the laser several months now. Highly reccomend Natrol Biotin! It is dairy,nut,seafood,and preservative free also."
- Piaboots

"Faz diferença para unhas e cabelos, que crescem mais e mais fortes. Vale a pena!!! "
- Caroline S Giacomet
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Rs. 2,897.85 Rs. 1,688.80
Michael's Female Reproductive Factors

"The natural vitamin store stopped carrying these vitamins in their store, big mistake! After one bottle of these vitamins, my hair was growing more, my nails were strengthened and grew, my skin became clearer. I wasn't able to complete the suggested 3 bottles to Elsie ensure becoming fertile but I'm glad to start this regimine again and hopefully we'll conceive this time. "
- Niesha Walpool

"It's being four weeks now since I started Micheal reproductive factors and I can feel it working, u can feel the difference well. I went to buy Vitex to regulate my when the lady in the store tell me to use this it's good, so am giving a try! Hopefully I get pregnant too I will keep all updated."
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Rs. 1,091.42 Rs. 612.51
Now Foods Melatonin

"Trotz des günstigen Preises erfüllt dieses Produkt den gleichen Zweck wie teurere. Ich schlafe damit wunderbar ein. Falls ich nachts mal aufwache nehme ich mitunter auch noch zwischendurch nochmals eine Kapsel. Manchmal mache ich auch die Kapsel auf, nehme davon ein paar Stäubchen, mache wieder zu und schlafe wieder weiter. Der Versand nach Österreich hat bestens funktioniert, kam sogar früher als angesagt. Man antwortet auch, falls man eine Frage hat. Ich bestelle immer 3 Dosen/ 3mg/ 180 caps, das geht sich dann genau aus, der Betrag ist unter 22 Euro und es gibt keine Zollgebühr. Ein natürliches Einschlafmittel - ich kann es wärmstens empfehlen."

"No after taste, easy to swallow. Helps my son sleep within half hours of my son taking this. My son would take 2 tablets as used to having 6mg pharmacy dispensed previously and found had some result. I’ve now ordered 5mg tablets and hoping same result. "
- simone Smith
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Rs. 2,806.27 Rs. 2,104.70
Centrum Adults Multivitamin

"Este produto é realmente excepcional. Eu e minha família fazemos uso diariamente e isto contribui para renovar nossas energias todos os dias. Eu e minha esposa quando começamos a trabalhar nos nossos novos empregos nos sentíamos cansados, acordávamos tarde demais e só dava tempo de almoçarmos e voltarmos ao trabalho, isso se tornava estressante pois tínhamos a sensação de tempo perdido. Agora com Centrum mudou muito, pois nos sentimos renovados todos os dias. Com os descontos promocionais que a e-vitamins nos dá, não deixamos mais faltar esse polivitamínico maravilhoso na nossa casa. Por conta do trabalho pesado, acabamos por não cuidar bem da nossa alimentação, ou seja, ter uma alimentação natural, orgânica e saudável, então tomar uma complementação com vitaminas é primordial para evitar doenças futuras e não deixar a imunidade baixa. Eu vivia sempre gripado e sem ânimo agora meu organismo está protegido e pronto para a luta diária. Eu recomendo sempre esse polivitamínico e também o site e-vitaimins. Obrigado."
- silvio rodrigues da rocha

"Este multivitaminico centrum com 300 comprimidos foi a primeira vez que encontrei à venda, a embalagem tem um preço muito bom, compensa muito comprar por este site, visto que comprei 300 comprimidos, básicamente comprei vitaminas para um ano completo pelo preço de 60 comprimidos em Portugal. Aconselho vivamente a compra deste produto que já uso à muitos anos, como complemento de uma boa alimentação. Assim como aconselho comprar por este site que têm os melhores preços do mercado em termos de vitaminas. Um produto cinco estrelas sem dúvida... Comprovado e aprovado... "
- Liliana Magda Pereira Amorim
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Rs. 1,176.28 Rs. 882.21
Life Extension DHEA

"I order frequently cause I can not find them in Cyprus. Prescripted by my doctor. From my study I have concluded that many people have seen important changes in fertility issues, so this is the reason Im using them. "
- Stella kleanthous

"Helps increase energy, I'm taking it for a little time, but I noticed a difference in my energy for the better."
- Maíra do Nascimento
Read 40 Reviews >
Rs. 1,511.52 Rs. 815.83
Now Foods Melatonin

"Does what melatonin should do but regretted not buying 3 or 5 mg bottles (or liquid) since 10 mg is unnecessary high dose after reading more about it."
- Anonymous

"I have tried numerous sleep products and found this one to be the most effective, I wake up feeling like I’ve had a good night sleep "
- Jenny Taleb
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Rs. 1,846.76 Rs. 1,177.12
Metabolic Response Modifiers DHEA

"Works fine for my mother...great product!"
- Marco Antônio Menezes Filho

"Este suplemento faz toda diferença para mim. Nos meus treinos, no meu vigor, no meu descanso e até mesmo no meu humor. Quando comecei a associá-lo à melatonina, abandonei os ansiolíticos!"
- Marcos Curvelo Luz
Read 35 Reviews >
Rs. 1,620.75 Rs. 1,299.37
Natrol Melatonin

"Helps My Girlfriend Sleep Much Better. Lasts For A Long Time. Decided to buy a higher MG this time since she has had to take three to really sleep well. I am very glad I got this for her. It makes all the difference for her. And she is able to sleep earlier than she was before. She still has nights where she struggles due to other medications but all in all it is alot better for her. This was definitely a good buy."
- Sylvia Hawthorne

"I have never slept better in years since using this excellent product.Thank you!"
- David Plaisted
Read 34 Reviews >
Rs. 1,402.29 Rs. 1,052.77
Solaray Red Yeast Rice

"My husband has used Solaray Red Yeast Rice tablets and has lowered his cholesterol considerably. He is now under the magic 200. I am now a believer and have started the tablets myself as I have reacted to prescription cholesterol lowering medications."
- Loretta Kryzanek

"I have a family history of high overall cholesterol and high LDL levels, although the HDLs are equally high (good ratio). However, when my total cholesterol shot up to 285 and my LDL to 185, I felt I had to do something. I did not want to take an expensive and potentially liver and muscle-damaging prescription statin, so I thought I would try Red Yeast Rice after reading about clinical studies that showed it was safe and effective. I bought two home cholesterol test kits. I used one before starting the Red Yeast Rice just as a basis and then one after I used this product for six weeks. My overall cholesterol dropped 60 points! I'm thrilled and will follow up with a professional lab test to confirm these results. Needless to say, I will keep using this medication."
- Anonymous
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Rs. 1,931.62 Rs. 1,042.69
Now Foods Vitamin D-3

"É recomendado pela minha nutricionista, como de uso continuo e ininterrupto. Ela também recomenda que seja usado nessa dosagem alta. A vitamina d tem muitos benefícios, ajuda no bom funcionamento do organismo, previne várias doenças inclusive o câncer. Desde que tenho usado noto uma melhora no humor, no sono e na disposição. Previne depressão, ajuda no controle da ansiedade. O site tem uma entrega ótima, é fácil de comprar, chega no prazo e rápido em casa. Essa marca é realmente de qualidade. Indico a qualquer pessoa a compra e sem medo pois a matéria prima deles é realmente de boa qualidade. "

"Estou tomando essa vitamina com o auxílio de magnésio para dores nas articulações, salvou minha vida!Recomendo à todos o consumo da vitamina D3 no combate à desgaste da cartilagem dos ossos, ela auxiliará a absolvição do magnésio. "
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Rs. 1,679.56 Rs. 906.58
Now Foods MK-7 Vitamin K-2

"A melhor relação preço/qualidade. A melhor para um vegetariano. Já uso à bastante tempo e a qualidade do produto bem como da sua embalagem, mantem-se enalterada. É de recomendar de fato."
- manuel santos

"Most people probably don't know the importance of vitamin K2. It doesn't just help in the absorption of calcium, but it also takes the calcium accumulating in the blood vessels and deposits it into the bones and teeth. So, taking calcium is almost useless. But ask your doctor first if you don't believe me. As for this specific product, Now Foods has always been a trusted brand. And their vitamin K2 is no different. Appropriate dosage and the capsules are thin and easy to swallow. Very satisfied! "
- Abdulhakim
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Rs. 780.55 Rs. 625.11
Natrol Melatonin

"excellent product, helps greatly with sleep problems, will recommend to anyone "
- James Roxburgh

"This is a life saver in our house since my son has ADHD and without this product would take hours to get to sleep."
- robyn cook
Read 31 Reviews >
Rs. 3,222.17 Rs. 2,739.05
Nature's Plus Source of Life

"Nature's Plus Source of Life is a great whole food supplement. Pill is a little larger than most other whole food supplements but if you do not have trouble swallowing pills I highly recommended this one over competitors. Days I do not take one my lack of energy and focus is highly noticeable. "
- A.Powers

"This multi-vitamin is a great product. The pill is and looks all natural. It doesn't have the most pleasant smell but doesn't have much of a taste when swallowing. I normally take one of these every morning with my breakfast and it gives me a little boost of energy to start the day. "
- Brent Harrington
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Rs. 1,259.46 Rs. 671.32
eVitamins Melatonin

"This is a great product, the capsules are easy to swallow and break open. I found it helped me get to sleep a lot better at night. It would take about 30 minutes from swallowing to feeling sleepy. Highly recommend. Postage was really fast too, arrived to New Zealand in 10 days."
- Jessica Young

"My 10 year son takes one of these every night to help him get to sleep without it he'd be up until all hours of the night. "
- Megan Palmer
Read 30 Reviews >
Rs. 7,561.80 Rs. 5,461.30
Theralogix Ovasitol - Inositol Supplement

"Tasteless, easy to use and works! Have more energy and my period is normal (never been normal before)."
- Anna Bronell

"Recieved the product on time. Have now been using it for 2 and half months and so far its been the same. I havent seen any results as yet but hoping to still continue on this product. It was very easy purchasing this product from evitamis as its the the only one that would ship it to Australia. I look forward to getting my next batch from her again. "
- Sarah J
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Rs. 839.36 Rs. 452.87
Now Foods Melatonin

"Really good product my children took to it well just taste the same as the melatonin you get made up at the pharmacy very good quality last a while store in fridge shipment was really fast and packages well so no bottle got damange happy customer I have returned and even got family members on to using this service "
- Anonymous

"Works really well. I used to find it really difficult to sleep and now with this product I have no problems. I haven't had any side effects either."
- Sean Horgan
Read 29 Reviews >
Rs. 1,091.42 Rs. 588.98
Now Foods Vitamin D-3

"I live in Western Washington and would be totally deficient in vitamin D because of the tremendous amount of rain we receive. NOW Vitamin D-3 is sunshine to my body."
- Jack Sparks

"I like the cost x benefit and its' a great brand, I usually buy one for me and one for my wife monthly."
- Elba Miranda
Read 28 Reviews >
Rs. 672.16 Rs. 504.12
Life Extension Melatonin

"I am a huge fan of melatonin. I often have trouble sleeping so this just gives me a little extra help without having to take heavy prescription drugs"
- Anna Edwards

"Excellent, easy to take and works wonders. Can be broken up and put in drinks if needed."
- Jessica Young
Read 28 Reviews >
Rs. 2,518.92 Rs. 1,889.19
Centrum Men's Multivitamin

"Good product, I will buy again. this website has everything I need thank you very much"
- jose alberto carmona silva

"Centrum men is an ideal and safe multivitamin for men.. It is a must have for gym guys... I have got very good results and my health has improved significantly... "
- Happy Saini
Read 28 Reviews >
Rs. 7,561.80 Rs. 6,553.56
Theralogix Ovasitol - Inositol Supplement

"Prezzo migliore di sempre!"
- Maria Elena Casellato

"It really worked for me.. Ive lost 10kgs along with exercise diet and Ovasitol. I would highly recommend it. Even when I am not exercising or on a diet I lose weight."
- Ali Murtaza
Read 27 Reviews >
Rs. 1,679.56 Rs. 906.58
Now Foods Melatonin

"Excellent!!! Super effective! I sleep well And for hours! "
- Caroline S Giacomet

"One of the best products on the market for inducing sleep. Saves taking sleeping tablets that leave you tired afterwards. I take one approximately 1/2 an hour before bed & once my eyelids start to get heavy, I know it’s time for bed. I’d recommend this product to anyone suffering insomnia, trouble getting to sleep & staying asleep. "
- Belinda Bennett
Read 25 Reviews >
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