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Natrol Melatonin, Strawberry - 5 mg - 150 Fast Dissolve Tablets

Price: Rs. 996.49

Fantastic product - quick acting, gently encourages a natural sleep (and it tastes nice!)
by Emma Bailey on 27 August 2018
☑ Verified Review
Melatonin really helps to signal to my body and brain that it's time for bed, and triggers sleepiness. That might sound like such a basic life function that it shouldn't need a supplement to trigger, but as someone with ADHD (diagnosed only recently in adulthood) and lifelong sleep problems, I really do need help with this! I've found that taking melatonin (and this Natrol product in particular) helps me regulate my faulty internal clock a lot. My struggles are predominantly around actually going to bed on time and then getting to sleep, so taking a fast acting form of melatonin such as this is a great "life hack" to get my ADHD brain in the right gear at night. Without it, I can quite easily stay up later and later, even when I'm really tired, because stopping what I'm doing and transitioning to that bed/sleep state is something I really struggle with. Taking melatonin is now part of my bedtime routine, and I use an app with a reminder to make sure I take it on schedule. I can absolutely decide to stay up anyway even after taking it if I want or need to, so you shouldn't worry that something like this will "knock you out", or leave you feeling groggy the next day. It definitely induces a sense of sleepiness, so listening to that signal and actually going to bed and to sleep becomes the easiest option (great for guiding my ADHD brain in making the right decision!). There's no sense of lingering after-effects or "brain fog" the next day, which you might otherwise get from a pharmaceutical sleeping pill, and you just feel as though you've had a natural sleep. While the fast dissolving action of this particular supplement does mean the effects start to take effect quickly, thanks to my ADHD I can resist those calls to sleep for a long time! But if I’m still awake maybe 90-120 mins after taking it, I really do feel very very sleepy, so I’ve started taking it a couple hours before I actually want/need to go to bed, so it has plenty of time to weaken my resolve to stay up and do “just this one thing”, and get me to go to bed and sleep instead :) Different forms of melatonin I've tried in the past haven't been as effective as this one, so I’m reviewing it today before I re-purchase. There's a lot of research and information out there around the best ways to take melatonin that are often quite specific to your needs, so I recommend everyone does a bit of reading before deciding to take this (or anything, for that matter!). There's a delicate interaction between melatonin in your body and bright light and how each thing affects the other, and the importance of their timing in your exposure to them. e.g. if you've just taken melatonin with the goal of sleeping soon, you must make sure you avoid bright lights (turn off your device screens, or at the very least turn the brightness way down and use the blue light filter settings), because otherwise you might find your sleep schedule gets altered in the opposite direction than you had intended. I’ve also found that when you wake up in the morning, try to get some daylight straight away to signal to your body that it’s time to stop producing melatonin now, as this can help with making sure you feel refreshed and your brain and body are ready to go.
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Amazing Sleep Pattern Regulator!!!!!
by Roberto Varano on 16 July 2018
☑ Verified Review
I've been using Melatonin on and off for years, it effectively work wonders on my system, taking it before bed it brings me gently to sleep and let me have my 6 to 8 hours of solid rest, it doesn't affect my nervous system and if taking regularly it makes a huge difference in balancing messy sleep patterns and it helps muscular growth. The dosage is a very subjective argument, I personally advise to experiment different amounts, I tried 3, 5 and 10 mg and I decided that 5mg is the optimal dosage for my body. Keeping in mind that in UK Melatonin is not regulated by the Health Department so is not on sale in shops, so buying it on line is not just a possibility but the only realistic option, so Evitamins is a great provider for this service, amazing choice, great prices (not just for the products but also for shipping)and those feature allow me to try different products and combinations and with my surprise they offer a very fast and effective real time dispatch. So In conclusion, I can honestly say I am totally satisfied by the product and by the seller and I believe that I could easily become a regular customer in the foreseeable future - Highly recommended!!!!! R.V.
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My best melatonin
by Louani da Mota Badu on 11 December 2017
☑ Verified Review
This Fast Dissolve works like a charm, I love it and recommend. I used to use the 10 mg, but this 5 mg make me less slow the other day, and I need may reflections very quick hahahhah. I'll buy again for sure! Thanks evitamins
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Best to try
by Jutatip Intano on 18 October 2017
☑ Verified Review
It's helping me for better sleep. I get fell asleep earlier than normal and longer deep sleep compare with the average sleep data that I had in the past. It's really good and value to try it. I recommend you to try on it and you will love it as I did.
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Melatonin and Hassle free vitamins
by G D Bellairs on 31 August 2017
☑ Verified Review
Great product. Easy to take being dissolvable. Pleasant tasting
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Great product with no side effects!
by Sekhar Bhattacharya on 9 July 2018
☑ Verified Review
VERY GOOD PRODUCT, just after 30 minutes I get into a deep sleep. The melatonin also come with no side effects so far. I am planning to use it for a longer period to get rid of the chronic insomnia at my 66 years of age, and also recommend for my wife and daughters too to keep off the stress.
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Nota 10!
by Danielle Nantes Bouhid on 7 January 2019
☑ Verified Review
Estou usando o produto há cerca de 10 dias e estou amando. Não sinto sono ao longo do dia e durmo muito bem. Sinto sonolência cerca de 15 min após colocar o comprimido na boca. Tem um sabor gostoso de morango, muito agradável. Não tive nenhum efeito colateral. Recomendo o produto. Quanto à e-Vitamins, foi campeã. Fiz a compra no dia 19/12 e no dia 31/12, em meio a Natal e Ano Novo, recebi o produto para consumo. Assim, a loja está de parabéns! Super recomendo e voltarei a comprar com certeza!
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Como não conheci este produto antes?
by Camila Maximino Correa on 28 October 2018
☑ Verified Review
Otimo produto, ele induz e faz ter uma ótima noite de sono. Eu tinha mandado manipularem este remédio aqui no Brasil mas sem dúvidas este importando foi muito melhor. É igual uma pastilha e não precisa de água para engolir pois derrete na boca, isso facilita, tem gosto de suco em pó sabor morango. É um remédio natural melhor do que muitos outros remédios faixa preta. Chegou no limite do prazo mas valeu cada centavo gasto e cada dia de espera. Vou comprar mais para reservar.
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by Flavia Rangel Sterzi on 30 September 2018
☑ Verified Review
Produto exelente. Já uso a alguns anos e não troco por nenhum outro.
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Família toda usando!
by Simone Maria Xavier on 23 July 2018
A família toda está usando a melatonina. Sucesso absoluto, muito bom para quem quer deixar de usar os remédios convencionais e usar algo mais natural. Além dos outros benefícios para a saúde que o suplemento ajuda, o sono foi regularizado em pouco tempo após o inicio do uso.
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