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Pain Relief Reviews

Rs. 895 Rs. 668
Health From the Sun MigraSoothe Roll-On

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Very good and functional product. I always have with me
- Karla Mayra Rezende

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Worth the MygraStick Roll-On

Very Good. Very fast effect!
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Rs. 1,313 Rs. 1,005
Hyland's Leg Cramps


Absolutely brilliant, stops the cramp in minutes.
- Robert Bell


These are a must if you have leg cramps often. My husbands uses these when he gets one and it stops it instantly.
- Cara Hasper
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Rs. 2,465 Rs. 2,029
Nature's Gift DMSO Liquid Glass 99.9 Pure

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very good

but very good is the pain

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Very good

Almost instant pain relief for arthritis. Works for my arthritic hands and back.
- Andrew
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Rs. 938 Rs. 717
Hyland's Nerve Tonic

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Did not meet expectations

Most of the supplements I have bought in the site Evitamins have brought me great results plus this brand left a lot to be desired, I went deep into the pot, I bought 2 more bottles after using a bottle, I did not feel any results so this brand no longer buy.

I am so happy I found Hyland's Nerve Tonic. I don't have to take Paxil anymore. I feel so much better taking this nerve tonic. Thank you Hyland's!
- Teodora
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Rs. 2,410 Rs. 1,736
Nature's Gift DMSO Cream

Highly recommended

First real pain relief in years. Highly recommended.
- Stan Eyles

This is extremely effective and healing.
- Douglas Rotstein
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Rs. 549 Rs. 420
Desert Essence Relief Spray

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I indicate

Excellent product ... easy to apply and the whole family can use. Indicate the purchase ..... the service is great
- Vera Pinho

Found an amazing extra use by mistake!

I bought this multitasking product by mistake, thinking it was some kind of face toner spray with tea tree. I sprayed it on my face when I was having a really bad cold and the strong herby smell totally unblocked my nose and made me feel much better. I know now this is not how I am supposed to use it but it worked well for me. I can't wait to use it as an insect repellent in the summer too. (If you're considering buying it, make sure you are into those kinds of smells.)
- Jenny Kourakou
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Rs. 1,521 Rs. 1,335
Nature's Gift DMSO Liquid 99.9 Pure (glass)

It has been Miraculous for me!

DMSO has been Miraculous for me! A few years ago I tore the meniscus in my right knee, I was told surgery or an injection of a rooster comb solution was all they could do. I had learned about DMSO a couple years earlier and remembered it so I thought I'd give it a try. Day 1 I hurt so bad I could not climb stairs or get out of bed with out removing covers off my leg and foot, just the tugging of covers would send me into extreme pain. Within just a couple of days the pain had lessened, by the end of 30 days I was not only pain free but able to ride a bike around Mackinac Island! I call it a Miracle! It has been nearly a year in a half and I still have no pain. I believe that the DMSO healed the meniscus in my knee. I used it twice a day, in the morning after my shower and in the evening before I went to sleep. There is a tingling or itchy feeling as it is drying witch is a little annoying but I can tell you it is worth it to be pain free!!!
- Janet Stewart

I can't get enough of this product. I have A bad back cause of two slipped discs and I apply The DMSO to my back and in seconds the pain is virtually gone.
- Jeffrey
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Rs. 929 Rs. 710
Home Health Products Antifungal Lotion


This did not really work for me. I used it faithfully as directed for the full 4 weeks, kept my self and environment clean and dry, changed clothes and bedding frequently, yet I was still itching and breaking out after I finished the product.
- DJ Dell

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It delivers what it promises

I bought this product for my wife to use on a ringworm on the nail. She started treatment with the product and soon felt good results. The mycosis has greatly diminished being almost completely cured. It sure is an excellent anti fungal lotion.
- Adilson de Chaves
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Rs. 1,569
Hyland's Calendula Off. 1x Homeopathic Ointment

Not only was the Calendula Ointment great for healing of minor cuts, it was very effective on my acne, which I've had for 20 years. Give it a try!
- M. Spencer

I have recommended Hyland's Calendula Ointment to everyone I know. It is a miracle product for any surface skin abrasion or ailment. I have used it for years. It works wonders for the elderly with paper thin skin. My 88 year old father uses it and he heals quickly. It is an essential, natural and inexpensive remedy to have on hand for the frequent cuts, scratches and abrasions we indure on a daily basis.
- Ginger McGinn
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Rs. 2,900 Rs. 2,211
Natural Care NerveFix

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I bought NerveFix for my father-in-law because he has Diabetic Neuropathy and as he has brought satisfactory results, I will continue to buy.

After continuously taking 2 capsules twice daily for a week, my numbness has obviously relieved with NerveFix.
- See Wee G.
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Rs. 2,150 Rs. 1,720
Advil Coated Ibuprofen 200 mg

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Coated ibuprofen 200 mg 300 coated tablet

It took me a month to receive it, but it was more price than any site. It was much cheaper. As a result it was very good. Also repeat.
- ? ( ???) ??(????)

Really good product, at an excellent price

Really good product, at an excellent price. It helps very quickly with the muscle pain, also when it's related to intense physical activity. The shipping is also quite efficient: I got it shipped to Japan and it was delivered in less than 2 weeks, and I was requested to pay any additional duties or taxes.
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Rs. 675 Rs. 602
Advil Coated Ibuprofen 200 mg

One of the best analgesics.

One of the best pain medication I've ever had, it takes effect for about an hour, it takes away the discomfort coming from colds or flu. Amazing!
- Cleverson Schroth

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No matter what pain - Advil always helps.
- Gabriele Seidel
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Rs. 2,367 Rs. 1,332
Natural Balance Super Flex Back Formula

I suffered with back pain for years. Super Flex Back Formula helps tremendously!
- Stephnie W.

The muscle relaxers make the difference - Super Flex Back Formula works when all the rest fail. I take this only when I need it, but over the last 3 years, it has saved me 5 or 6 times.
- Anonymous
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Rs. 1,721 Rs. 1,277
Nature's Gift DMSO Liquid Roll-On

works wonders

Works wonders, really has helped improve pain. Must recommend. Injury is 3 years old from boxing. Have tried several products and i have been using this for the last 4-5 months and swear by it. I have introduced my family to it as well. If you haven't tried this do give it ago you wont regret it.
- Ashiyana Khairati

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Very good

Very good. He gets the pain.
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Rs. 1,953 Rs. 1,493
Nature's Gift DMSO Cream with Aloe Vera

Great Cream

2oz 4oz this is great and works well combined with super lysine if you suffer from cold sores

It Works

Worked like magic for my frozen shoulder pain. Rubbing two times a day in two weeks I have been able to use my arm without restriction.
- RubyM
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Rs. 1,173 Rs. 897
Hyland's Leg Cramps PM

night cramps

I love this procuct because it helps with leg cramps but it also helps me get to sleep. So a good nights rest and no leg cramps. Two problems solved with a small pill.
- Barbara Polich

Grateful for this product!

My doctor has prescribed Quinine for leg cramps and then the government took it off the market. Well, that's okay. It was bad stuff because it was in a pill and not a capsule. Then my doctor, suggested this Leg Cramps with Quinine. Thank you, Doc. This stuff did the trick. It has no taste at all. Oh, gosh, the charlie horses late at night. But thanks to these meds, I have no more problems. I highly recommend this product.
- Cleverson Schroth
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Rs. 1,433 Rs. 1,086
Topricin Pain Relief and Healing Cream

I use Topricin on my Trigeminal Neuralgia trigger points (lips), it's as good as Zostrix but doesn't burn the eyes. I need to subdue the trigger points so I can speak or eat.
- Albert

I have inherited Degenerative Osteoarthritis & bone spurs in both of my knees. Along with the usual medical treatments I use several different creams to give me temporary relief & enable me to moderately exercise. Topricin is by far my favorite recent purchase! I usually apply in the morning & can get relief for 1/2 a day before reapplying. If the weather is damp or rainy, I will reapply as needed. There are no permanent pain relief creams, but this one lasts for quite a while and relief is immediate upon use. Also great on bruises & achy muscles. Highly recommend!
- K. Shaffer
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Rs. 1,810 Rs. 1,448
Advil Pain Reliever and Fever Reducer

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Happy with the purchase, I will repeat.

It is the only medication that works for my partner for headache, he arrived in Spain in less than 15 days, I recommend his purchase to anyone who likes this product. I backed out that he was sent from the USA because of the fear of they could stop it at customs or something like that, but there was no problem, I got there a lot sooner than I thought it would, I did not find it better on another website, I'll probably go back and make another purchase on the web when I finish.
- Daniel Prieto

- Pertew karim
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Rs. 1,586
Advil PM Pain Reliever and Nighttime Sleep-Aid

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Advil PM - excellent.

Product sold in Brazil, only the normal, not the PM drug against pain to be consumed at bedtime, excellent and important you buy 120 tablets whose price is 12 tablets in Brazil.

Taken sparingly for sustained use.

One pill is sufficient to induce a good night's sleep and taken with one ordinary paracetamol also provides arthritic pain relief without overdoing the doses of either. Also, it is worth noting that too much diphenhydramine may have some undesirable side-effects (mood swings in my case). So as a precaution against excessive build-up in the system and also becoming zombie-like during the day, I alternate this medication with a doxylamine/paracetamol pill.
- Stephen Hancock
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Rs. 1,098 Rs. 701
Now Foods Arnica Warming Relief Massage Oil

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Heat oil to relieve muscle aches.

It is a body warming oil with the addition of the arnica plant, where it relieves muscle pains, and soothes the tired body. Contains a blend of oils where they offer hydration and skin care outside of heating action. Its fragrance is intense but at the same time soothing and reminiscent of natural lavender, since it also contains it in its ingredients. The vitamin E that contains protects and regenerates the skin, as well as the olive oil it contains. It offers a mild heating action, a feeling, and does not cause a feeling of "burning". Personally speaking, it relieves significantly the tired and stressed body after 2-3 days of use. Very good choice for use of the product by athletes. Very good product!
- Maria Tsapi

Works fine as a massage oil, it has a lovely scent and is a great alternative to Rx painkillers.
- Valentyn
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Rs. 1,141 Rs. 767
Peaceful Mountain Arnica Plus

I purchased Arnica Plus for myself because of knee and hip problems that kept me from getting off to sleep. I couldn't believe the relief that it gave. My husband has a terrible time with pain in his neck, back and shoulder. He was a little skeptical but it is the first product that has given him the relief that he needs. My daughter was here Thanksgiving and her arms were giving her fits. She rubbed some on and said she could feel immediate relief.
- Ann Mc

This product has made an amazing difference in the relief of discomfort I've been experiencing for the past year. Highly recommended!
- Anonymous
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Rs. 1,132 Rs. 861
Boericke and Tafel Sciatic-Aide Natural Homeopathic

I have severe sciatic pain now for the first time in years, but am out of Sciatic Aide now and for the first time my pain is worsening. Sciatic Aide had always been my first choice for help and it ALWAYS WORKED and took away my pain quickly. I am ordering a case to have on hand again, and will once again be sharing it with others. It works!
- Anonymous

Sciatic-Aide Natural Homeopathic honestly works. I couldn't even stand up or walk, 20 minutes after I took them I felt great. Last time my sciatic nerve was inflamed I had to go to the hospital twice. They prescribed me pain killers, muscle relaxers and an anti-inflammatory. They did not work and I really don't like taking pills. Sciatic-Aide Natural Homeopathic works better then all of those and is natural and a heck of a lot cheaper. Last time I couldn't move for about 3 weeks and it finally felt better after a month. These pills are a miracle and they are a very quick pain reliever, they don't taste bad, are cheap and they work. I have nothing bad to say about them and would recommend them to other sciatic nerve patients.
- Veronica
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Rs. 735 Rs. 562
Boericke and Tafel Triflora Gel

I purchased this Triflora for my mom and started using it for myself. this really worked. I no longer have severe joint pain after my workouts. It's great.
- Lisa

What an excellent product! I have used it for arthritis, carpal tunnel, backaches, tendonitis. Works much BETTER than Arnica alone and no odor or staining! My local health food place stopped carrying it and sells something that costs 5 times more now. Try it, it works!!!
- Nancy
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Rs. 622 Rs. 446
Tiger Balm Pain Relieving Patches

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Excellent adhesives with tiger balsam.

I always use tiger balsam for bruises or any other pain in the joints, when I saw these patches on the site, I definitely ordered, as this is a very convenient format, cut off a piece of plaster, stuck it in a place that hurts, and after some time the pain becomes less It turned out to be much more convenient than such an ointment.
- Tatiana

Brilliant pain relief patch

First came across this in Europe 2015 best thing I have ever tried,it really works and lasts,didn,t think it would be available here was so glad to be able get some even my friend who came with was sorry she hadn,t bought as many as me and I just used my last patch FANTASTIC stuff HIGHLY recommended Lynne
- Lynne
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