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Buried Treasure ADDED Attention

"I heard about this product and I started immediately. It was Friday and by Tuesday she was taking the FCAT (state test in Florida) 3rd graders will need to pass it or they will be held back. I totally recommend this product. She passed the state exam!!!"
- Yaidelin S.

"My son is taking this with flax oil. Teachers have noticed a great difference. The only trouble I have with this is the ingredients. I have read that people with ADD/ADHD should stay away from grapes, sodium benzoate, artificial flavors, and sugars. That is all that is in it! Could the results be a placebo effect? "
- Heather
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Rs. 1,509.00 Rs. 1,153.77
Factor Nutrition Labs FOCUSfactor For Kids

"Comprei este produto pela segunda vez e notei avanços progressivos no TDA do meu filho. O comportamento ficou mais controlado e ele pode se concentrar mais nas aulas. O medicamento é gostoso, as crianças não tem dificuldade para ingerí-lo. A médica neuropediatra autorizou o uso, pois estamos caminhando para a retirada da ritalina, e acredito que ele será um excelente substituto. É uma pena que nao seja fabricado no Brasil."

"My son has been on these for a few weeks now and we have started to see great results. His teacher has said that he doesnt argues back anymore but will do what he has been asked to do. He is 9 and has said to me that he feels better being on them. I give him two a day in the morning and he is ready for the day. This is my second order and im happy with the results. I would recommend them and i am going to order the adult focus factor to give them a try for myself. I will review once i have tried them for a few weeks. "
- Melanie Swann
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Rs. 1,786.64 Rs. 1,519.07
Nature's Plus Pedi-Active

"We just tested this on our son with ASD. He seems better at sitting and taking instructions. We are getting our 2nd bottle of 120 caps. "

"I saw immediate results within the first 24 hours. My daughter went from hyper to calm within the first two doses. She was asked to make her bed and made it within minutes and it looked wonderful ... not just thrown on ... like usual. She has been respectful. I am beyond impressed! "
- Heather
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Rs. 1,844.52 Rs. 1,048.50
Enzymatic Therapy Sea Buddies Concentrate!

"This works very good for my son but I want this in chewable tablets!! Kids can't take capsule. "
- Happy Mommy

"I use this product on my daughter when she had enzyma this product cleared her right up."
- Jen
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Rs. 3,228.54 Rs. 2,580.57
Olympian Labs Pedia Calm

"My son is 6 years old, in 1st grade, and is (or shall I say "was") EXTREMELY hyperactive. Pedia Calm has made a great improvement in his ability to settle down and stay focused in school. He is also able to make better decisions. I would strongly recommend this product. This has been a life saver for us all!"
- Lisa

"My grandson is in the 2nd grade and has always been hyper. His teachers and principle know us very well as we are always being called to let us know what kind of trouble his been up too. For the past month we have not been called once. I think that Pedia-Calm has helped him a lot. He still has lots of energy but I think he can focus better. We are almost done with his first bottle and I will be ordering another today. Thanks Pedi-Calm"
- Anonymous
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Rs. 1,675.92 Rs. 1,173.48
Source Naturals Attentive Child Chewables

"Attentive Child Chewables seems to help my child concentrate tremendously. I can see a difference when he runs out."
- Anonymous

"Our daughter has been diagnosed with having ADHD and I started her on Attentive Child. It has done wonders - her teacher said she's really focusing now. They tell me she's doing a lot better. Even going to the store now she is looking at things instead of running all over the place. I'm very happy we found an all natural way to treat ADHD. Thanks Attentive Child!"
- Anonymous
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Rs. 1,843.68 Rs. 1,290.91
Planetary Herbals Calm Child Herbal Syrup

"My 5 yr old son has been on this for about 6 months. The teacher says he is able to sit at circle time and has also been finishing his assignments in a timely manner..instead of cutting them up."
- Ashley Selman

"My son was overbearing and unruly at school, and defiant at home. He had sudden bursts of rage, low concentration levels, and would cry at the smallest things. At a loss, I ran to my local herbal store for help where I was referred to Child Calm. Within two days, the behavior lessened and I even got notes home from school saying how wonderful he was! It works! Try it!"
- Phallon
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Rs. 3,686.53 Rs. 2,764.68
Zahlers KidsActive

"This product has kept our daughter off medications. It has changed our life significantly by helping her focus and stay calmer without drugs. I highly recommend this product to every parent striving to help their child with ADHD succeed. My daughter loves taking it which makes it much easier."
- Kendall Harrison

"I bought this product along with omega 3 for my son who had trouble focusing. The dosage is 6 chewables. he didnt love the taste at first, but then got used to it pretty fast. I promised him a new toy he wants if he takes it nicely and it's working out fine. I was excited when his teacher called me last week to ask what we're doing with him cuz she sees a positive change in him! now I definitely will be 100% on top of him taking it."
- Sheila
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Rs. 3,686.53 Rs. 2,396.45
Zahlers KidsActive

"When my 6 year was diagnosed with ADHD earlier this year, we decided to go for the alternative stuff because the over the counter stuff have side effects we were told. And so I came across this product. My son is taking it for 7 weeks now and his teachers are already noticing a difference. I'm really excited with this obviously and will continue to give it to him religiously."
- Stephany

"I ordered this for my daughter and its GREAT! She is much more focused in school and doesn't get distracted so easily anymore. Her grades are doing better because now she is focusing more on school and her work. I can tell when my daughter has, and hasn't taken it. She's in a better mood, is more focused, and all around more tolerable. It's so much better than taking ADD/ADHD medicine because there aren't all those negative side effects. Also I just put it in her water and it tastes like fruit punch. She loves the taste. "
- Erica Chafin
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Rs. 3,351.01 Rs. 2,848.56
Nature's Plus Pedi-Active

"Tasted yummy and easily administered for kids. Helps to calm nerves. "
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Rs. 3,145.50 Rs. 2,201.85
Planetary Herbals Calm Child Herbal Syrup

"Love this product and it works so fast!"
- Scott Vetter
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Rs. 4,193.16 Rs. 3,354.36
Bioray Kids NDF Calm

"This product has been absolutely amazing for my daughter! She suffers from pretty bad anxiety and panic attacks. It’s been so hard watching her and trying to help her cope, she did see a therapist for a while a couple years back to learn how to cope and seemed OK for a while but the anxiety and panic attacks have been back full-blown for a while now. After trying everything I could for her I made another appointment with a new therapist who could prescribe meds as well because I was at the point where nothing else worked to relieve her anxiety. She was not enjoying life as she should because of all the worries. This therapist told me about this product and that it has worked for her kids she has seen with great results. I wasn’t really expecting much from it but I ordered it and I can’t even begin to tell you the difference in my daughter! She is like a completely different child! She normally can’t eat breakfast in the morning because her stomach is too nervous before school she has eaten breakfast every day since starting this product. She normally goes to bed and comes back downstairs at least three times because she is worried about something this has not happened at all! She normally would follow me around every morning saying her stomach hurts and can’t go to school this has not happened once! She usually works her self up so much in the car on the way to school she has a panic attack, she has not had one! I haven’t seen a tear in the past 10 days since beginning this product! I could go on and on. I’ve seen nothing but smiles and heard so much laughter out of her that I just keep staring at her in amazement! This was my child before all the anxiety began. This is the way a child should live in enjoy life! She has told me she hasn’t had any worries at home or at school. I have gotten a wonderful report from her teacher that brought tears to my eyes! I’m not sure how long these may work for her but right now I’ll take all the day-to-day smile’s and a worry free child!"
- Jennifer Arsenault
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