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Natra-Bio Reviews

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Rs. 865.18 Rs. 643.21
Natra-Bio Sinus Relief

"Sinus Relief Tablets has excellent result for my child who has sinusitis since 4 years old."
- Anne

"I've had sinus congestion to the point where I couldn't even drive a car. This has been going on for more than 4 years. I've tried everything - including doctors, tests and hospitals. In one day of taking Sinus Relief, I was happy again, and accomplishing things and thinking about things. I'm 60 yrs and have "never written a review" on a product until now."
- M. Schmieler
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Rs. 865.18 Rs. 643.21
Natra-Bio Acne Relief

"I have used this one supplement and I am sorry to say but it did not meet my expectations. This is the only product that i have bought from here that I am truly unhappy with yet. One dose does not actually do any thing! "
- krishna prasanth guttikonda

"Estou tomando já faz um mês e o resultado é muito satisfatório. Tomo apenas 1 cápsula por dia, antes de ir dormir. Minha pele apresenta uma textura bem macia e também não há mais tanta acne. vale acrescentar que esse tratamento é para acnes leves, ou seja não e um milagre e também não vai resolver todos os seus problemas, mas o resultado e notável e até quem convive comigo nota diferença na aparência da pele. É uma boa opção para tratar a acne."
- Vivian Mendes (insta: jubiando)
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Rs. 873.59 Rs. 648.26
Natra-Bio Thyroid Support

"I have been taking this product for 2 weeks now and I feel amazingly refreshed each day. My appetite has changed as well. Not craving sweets all the time. I think because it is in liquid form, it actually works."
- Marie

"I am no longer cold all the time! At the encouragement of my doctor I began taking Thyroid Support, an iron supplement and cayenne pepper. I can finally stop wearing sweaters in the house and my heating bill is back to normal."
- Keleigh H.
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Rs. 873.59 Rs. 648.26
Natra-Bio Allergy and Sinus

"Allergy and Sinus is not even close to Dr. Harris' allergy medicine. I didn't notice this one doing anything for my allergies. Give me my Dr. Harris' medicine back!"
- Ethea B.

"This is a great product. I have used the allergy tablets for several years and they worked great. I decided to use the allergy & sinus because sometimes my sinuses bother me along with my allergies. They work wonderfully. I prefer the liquid drops, however the tablets work just as well. I bite into the tablet, place it under my tongue and let it dissolve. There is no nasty taste, no side-effects, no drowsiness .... no complaints and the price is reasonable. I always prefer natural alternatives. "
- Iris
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Rs. 873.59 Rs. 572.58
Natra-Bio Allergy Relief

"I was a bit skeptical at first, but myself, my daughter and my son all have allergies. Allergy Relief really works. Now we just take it at night because if we take it in the morning, we feel a little sluggish. At night time, it has us fast asleep. The best part is that it does not upset our stomachs."
- Lynn

"I have been using Allergy Relief for close to 10 years. At the time I was working in a law office and had symptoms so bad I couldn't breathe through my nose and I couldn't taste food. I was looking for something that wouldn't make me feel like I was doped up on medicine and make me sleepy. Within 2 days, my symptoms were gone and I experienced no side effects. I tell everyone I know about this product. I use it, my kids use it (even when they were little). Side note: My kids prefer the tablets over the drops. This is amazing and affordable."
- Catherine B.
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Rs. 882.00 Rs. 676.00
Natra-Bio Sinus Relief

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"Хорошие гомеопатические капли, Хорошие гомеопатические капли, подойдут для разных видов насморка. Но сразу хочу предупредить, что эти капли не капают в нос, а пьют. В составе содержится алкоголь, который чувствуется, когда принимаешь капли. Легкий насморк на ранней стадии легко останавливает. Эффект почти моментальный."
- Anna Wilke
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Rs. 974.49 Rs. 728.97
Natra-Bio Adrenal Support

"It works! I get allergy relief, boosted energy, boosted confidence, and feel good about myself. Try it, you'll like it. I've shared it with friends a few times with positive results."
- Justin Bennett

"It is a great product. It increases your energy and helps fight off allergies and infections. I have used it for years."
- Margaret Chase
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Rs. 882.00 Rs. 577.63
Natra-Bio Insomnia Relief

"I love this product! I've tried many other natural remedies, but nothing has been as effective for me. Natra Bio's Isomnia Relief not only lets me fall asleep more quickly, and stay asleep, it allows me to wake up after 7 or 8 hours, without an alarm, feeling refreshed. There is no residual feeling of drowziness. I just wish the tablet form, as opposed to the liquid formula, was more widely available."
- Anonymous

"Insomnia Relief Tablets work for me even if I wake up with 6 or more hours of sleep and still need more sleep (due to heavy work, stress, or illness). Normally, when I've waken after 6 hours of sleep or near the usual rising time, I cannot fall asleep again. I keep Insomnia Relief Tablets by my bed. When I take one on those mornings, I fall asleep again, and wake an hour or two later when I've had 8 to 9 hours of sleep. It hasn't failed once! A miracle for me. Oh they are a bit hard, so I crunch them up before putting them under my tongue."
- Mindy
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Rs. 856.78 Rs. 659.61
Natra-Bio Candida Yeast

"Candida Yeast Liquid works great! I've been taking it for almost a week and the results were noticeable after a day or two."
- Anonymous

"Мне эти таблетки помогли. При первых проявлениях молочницы начала их принимать — их необходимо не глотать, а рассасывать. Помогают они очень быстро, правда ненадолго — всего на пару месяцев. Но производитель рекомендует принимать их в течение двух менструальных циклов."
- Alex Wilke
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Rs. 882.00 Rs. 596.55
Natra-Bio Allergy Relief

"I used this product for three days and I had my allergy symptoms under control. It worked for me. "
- Diana J
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Rs. 1,714.39 Rs. 1,307.86
Natra-Bio Stop-it Smoking

"I have got to say this product is better than anything you can buy that has nicotine in it at the stores and alot cheaper. I have anxiety, plus I had a stroke. I started using these and it was wonderful. No nervousness, no irritability, no urges. I was shocked since nothing else has ever worked for me before. I have wasted money on patches, etc. Just because it is inexpensive doesn't mean it doesn't work. Have a little faith, this is good stuff. "
- Teri McCloud
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Rs. 873.59 Rs. 648.26
Natra-Bio Cold and Flu Relief

"These are great, it stops me coughing and I can sleep. "
- Tara Klingssporn
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