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Rs. 2,167.39 Rs. 1,625.54
Irwin Naturals Advanced Yohimbe-Plus

"Advanced Yohimbe-Plus is very strong product! I only need one or two softgels for a good and fast result. I highly recommend this supplement."
- Frank V.

"I have used Advanced Yohimbe-Plus for the past one month one tablet daily. Initially (2 or 3 weeks) the results were great but now I see no difference. It is as good as not taking the tablet. In fact I took 2 tablets yesterday night and still I feel nothing. I have decided to stop taking this tablet. In fact I feel better now by not taking this tablet."
- P
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Rs. 4,279.14 Rs. 2,139.14
M.D. Science Lab Max Size Male Enhancement

"Terrible! I don't recommend this product. It made me restless and sleepless, sort of like I was on an anti-depressant. Caution!"
- Allan Tan

"I just received my order today and tried the Max Size Male Enhancement. I felt it within an hour and I have not been this hard in a long time. I am definitely buying more of this stuff."
- Cornell
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Rs. 4,279.14 Rs. 3,423.14
M.D. Science Lab Max Load

"Kinda makes you feel a bit wired up, but all in all pretty effective. I haven't noticed any side effects and I've taken it several times over the course of a couple months. I would recommend trying the product. "
- Trenton Robinson

"Not really any difference."
- Broncomenard
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Rs. 2,281.24 Rs. 1,711.14
Irwin Naturals Men's Living Green Liquid-Gel Multi

"This is a wonderful product FOR ME, I can feel it working, during exercise, and recovery. I love the omega which does boost all the other vitamins. I can take this anytime, with or without food. Drinking, preferable H20 is essential. "
- Joseph Roberts

"Men's Living green is the best multivitamin. I have been using it for the past five years!"
- Jermel A.
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Rs. 4,279.14 Rs. 3,423.14
M.D. Science Lab Max Size Male Enhancement Formula

"This product has good qualities m- provides sensations "
- Norman B Smith

"Max Size Cream works wonders. It worked instantly and increased my size slightly. My wife even noticed the change!"
- Allan T.
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Rs. 2,952.34 Rs. 1,771.92
Michael's Male Reproductive Factors

"I love this products. It's been quite some time since I took the product. In retrospect, it really boosted my function, as I could feel it conspicuously. And I would make another purchase when I need it."
- Luting Xiao

"My husband had used a home sperm count kit and the results came out as low twice. After a month of taking Male Reproductive Factor he retested and he got positive results for the sperm count. We have been trying to conceive for the past 11 months and after he started taking Male Reproductive Factor and I started taking Female Reproductive Factor, the results are that we are pregnant after one month. We wish we had discovered Michael's Male and Female Reproductive Factors sooner. Thank you!"
- Anonymous
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Rs. 4,279.14 Rs. 3,423.14
M.D. Science Lab Max Hard

"It's not good for your stomach... nasty feeling... plus it doesn't work "
- Martur M

"Good product. Worked well for me with no side effects. I have been felling with low sexual energy lately and this product has brought me a noticeable effect. I recommend."
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Rs. 2,991.72 Rs. 1,642.66
Natural Research Innovation Venicore

"As advertised!, Great sexual enhancement. Increased pleasure for both."
- S. M.

"I have tried many others on the market and Venicore is one of the better ones. I usually have to cycle it every 3 weeks but for the cost I prefer this one over alot of the others. I seem to always come back to it."
- David
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Rs. 3,936.74 Rs. 2,125.45
Now Foods Prostate Support

"This product is great! It helps the bladder to discharge easily and comfortably, with no need to constantly be going to the restroom."
- Ahinoam Mckinney

"I have done a lot of research into what will help with BPH and all the ingredient in this product work synergistically to help tighten up the prostate. After taking this product for one year I now have the best flow I have had in the past ten years. Don't get fooled into the pharmaceutical illusion, go natural and be natural. "
- Kashif Islam
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Rs. 2,866.74 Rs. 1,828.42
Natural Balance Yohimbe Power Max 2000 Liquid

"This worked for me. I do recommend to start low and work up to the amount that works for you without getting the side affects. This is why I like the liquid."
- Everett

"I bought the Yohimbe Power Max 2000 Liquid so I could better control the amount I take since yohimbe is known to have bad side effects. I have no problem taking 1 dropper full twice a day and I did get results the first day. I'm very happy with the liquid yohimbe. Give it a try but just start out with low dosage and work your way up to till you find what works for you but doesn't give side effects. "
- Anonymous
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Rs. 898.80 Rs. 629.16
Source Naturals Swedish Flower Pollen

"My husband has taken so many different prostate products and Swedish Flower Pollen has helped a lot. Night visits to the restroom have eased up a lot."
- Vicky D.

- Anonymous
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Rs. 2,190.50 Rs. 1,396.99
Natural Balance Yohimbe Power Max 2000

"It almost killed me, and I have been weight training for 19 years. It made my heart beat 241 bpm and I was rushed to the ER where the doctor had to stop and reboot my heart. That was scary - I will never touch the stuff again."
- Mark

"I just have used Yohimbe Power Max 2000 with excellent results. You will last way longer and be much firmer. Also, I seemed to get back in the game quicker too, something that sometimes never happens. I drink a green tea with Ginseng also while taking the 2 pills as described. I believe the tea helped to activate the effect better(for me anyway). No side effects other than an exhausted partner. I am trying the liquid yohimbe next."
- Anonymous
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Rs. 2,567.14 Rs. 1,458.62
Nature's Way Alive! Men's Max Potency

"I should say this is a product providing comprehensive nutrients to me. It would be even more convenient if I would just need to take only one tablet at a time."
- Luting Xiao

"This stuff rocks. Very potent loaded with different vitamins and no burping taste after"
- Anonymous
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Rs. 1,878.92 Rs. 1,436.80
Futurebiotics Hair Skin Nails for Men
Rs. 2,563.72 Rs. 1,960.67
Yerba Prima Men's Rebuild Internal Cleansing System

"I've used this item for several years now. The effects are mild without any side effects. Although it's a lot of pills to take, it's not at all intrusive. Effects are as indicated on labeling. "
- Timothy Judkins

"Хорошее качество по доступной цене. Замечательная комплексная чистка всего организма. После применения я почувствовал легкость и у меня сразу снизился аппетит. Препарата хватает на несколько циклов. Когда закончится, буду заказывать снова."
- Alex Wilke
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Rs. 3,508.74 Rs. 2,455.86
Only Natural For Men Only II

"It's been some time since I took the product. I still maintain my view that it provides a comprehensive range of nutrients."
- Luting Xiao

"My husband loves the For Men Only I product - this product makes him break out into a sweat when he takes it!"
- Veronica Lewis
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Rs. 4,279.14 Rs. 3,423.14
M.D. Science Lab Max Stamina

- Mark Kahn

"Max Stamina is a terrible product. It did not work for me at all."
- Anonymous
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Rs. 1,993.62 Rs. 1,271.16
Natural Balance Long Jack PowerMax 200

"Long Jack PowerMax 200 works, you just need to be consistent with it."
- Vusi S.
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Rs. 2,353.14 Rs. 1,800.17
Mill Creek Biotene H-24 Tri-Pack

"Comprei esse Kit porque meu cabelo estava caindo muito, estava um pouco ralinho, e eu adorei ele realmente ajuda muito, meu cabelo parou de cair e encorpou tanto que eu nem cheguei terminar os produtos. A única coisa que senti que incomodou um pouco, é que arde o olho o shampoo. "
- Tata

"Просто потрясающий набор для всех, кто хочет иметь красивые волосы.Все дело в том, что сейчас период между сезонами, когда волосы особенно подвержены выпадению . Действие набора я совместила с приемом биотина и эффект, меня, конечно, поразил. За месяц использования волосы подрасли на 4 см. Расскажу по очереди о каждом продукте: Шампунь. Очень густой, расход экономный, по волосам легко распределяется, обладает потрясающим ароматом. Помещен в удобный флакон с удобным дозатором. Бальзам. Тоже имеет густую консистенцию просто распределяется по волосам. Очень нравится, что этот аромат еще какое-то время присутствует на волосах. Потрясающий продукт. И сыворотка. Я наношу экономно и только на корни волос. Кстати, когда пользуешься ежедневно, волосы приходится мыть чаще. Когда заметила рост волос и отсутствие выпадения, моему счастью не было предела, но не буду сводить все на продукты, ведь я еще и употребляла биотин вовнутрь. Составы у всех трех продуктах очень хорошие. Очень жаль, что в своем родном городе я не могу найти этот набор, но слава Богу, что теперь есть где заказать! Результат после использования: -волосы перестали выпадать; - увеличилась длина волоса; - волосы стали более послушные; - волосы мягкие, шелковистые и на вид выглядят очень ухоженно. Уменьшилось количество посеченных волос на месте резинки, теперь с распущенной шевелюрой ходить не страшно))) Конечно я буду всем рекомендовать данный продукт, особенно тем женщинам, которые очень озабочены внешним видом и здоровьем своих волос!"
- ???????? ???? ?????????????
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Rs. 897.94 Rs. 600.91
Nature's Life Prostate 600+

"I'm not certain. But I'm pretty sure, Prostate 600+, it is helpful."
- Howard S.

"I have been using this product for 1 year now. It has helped me in relieving all the symptoms of asymptomatic chronic Prostatitis. Highly recommended for someone suffering the same. I take 2 Pills once a day."
- Jasmeen Sethi
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Rs. 1,890.90 Rs. 1,205.68
Natural Balance Avena Sativa Wild Oats Liquid
Rs. 1,108.52 Rs. 798.65
Futurebiotics Prostab Plus

"The on going use will bring a prostate health. You must follow the directions."
- Pedro Oriccho
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Rs. 1,279.72 Rs. 978.41
Yerba Prima Men's Rebuild Caps

"I have been taking Prima Cleanse for about three weeks. I will tell you that my stool elimination went from twice a day to four times a day with this product. I was really eliminating a great deal and not feeling at all hurried to use the rest room. I didn't feel fat either. I am 6'2" and 255 pounds solid. I needed a product that would allow me to loose weight and still feel full."
- Brian
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Rs. 2,566.29 Rs. 1,925.14
Irwin Naturals Prosta Strong

- ???
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