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Nature's Plus Animal Parade Multiple

"My kids love this product! Now they are 21 and 18 and still using it."
- Andrea B.

"My kids love the Animal Parade Multiple. They think they're candies! "
- Liza D.
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Rs. 1,669.21 Rs. 1,419.25
Nature's Plus Childrens Vita-Gels

"Finally a multivitamin that my child can swallow."
- Kristin

"Much better alternative for my son. He was not a fan of gummies or chewable vitamins and it is impossible to find anything like this in the stores for children. Very satisfied with this product. They are easy to swallow and I get no arguments with taking them daily."
- Stephanie Frenette
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Rs. 1,421.77 Rs. 1,087.08
ChildLife Multi Vitamin and Mineral

"Good!! I've used this product a lot in the last 6 months and it works very well. It's a great taste and my kids love it!"
- Anonymous

"I've used this for my baby girl and it's awesome, great taste my daughter loves it. "
- Stephanie
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Rs. 837.96 Rs. 640.42
Nutrition Now Rhino Gummy Bear Vitamins

"My children love these vitamins, and so do I! They are inexpensive, for starters. They also are very appealing for little ones, since they are cute and colorful teddy bears that also smell & taste very good. They are pretty soft chews, so I don't worry about my three year old being able to yum them up. They're excited to take these vitamins, and I'm thrilled to give them to my little ones each day. I am very satisfied with this purchase!"
- Keisha Gardner

"My kids love these vitamins, and so do I! They are appealing to my little ones because they are cute and colorful teddy bears that also smell and taste delicious! The chews are soft enough that I don't worry about my three year old chewing them up easily. My children look forward to getting these vitamins each day, and I feel good about giving them to them. They are a great value for the money, and I'll be buying again! I'm very satisfied with these vitamins for my children!"
- Keisha Gardner
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Rs. 754.08 Rs. 460.87
VegLife Vegan Kids Multiple

"My daughter 21 months LOVES to get her Vegan Kids Multiple vitamin everyday. She asks for it first thing in the morning!"
- Amanda Shoup

"Absolutely LOVE these vitamins for my vegan son. Would recommend them to any vegan parent."
- Amanda D.
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Rs. 6,370.69 Rs. 6,122.40
Kirkman Labs Speak+d Twist-Off Capsules

"Excellent results"
- Plotnikova Zoya

"Best product ever. Thanks "
- Michael Hegos
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Rs. 1,970.34 Rs. 1,675.08
Buried Treasure Children's Complete Vitamins  Minerals

"This is one of my favorite supplements for my children! I can add them to oatmeal or juice and they get their vitamins and minerals. Recommend to all parents."
- Vitalina Khasaynovskiy

"I have had my daughter on Children's Complete for years, and it's awesome! You can't find anything like this anywhere. I recommend this to everyone with children."
- Mitzie S.
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Rs. 1,509.00 Rs. 1,056.05
Garden of Life Vitamin Code Kids

"This is undoubtedly the best and most potent multivitamin available for kids. No after taste and the kids absolutely love it."
- Ankit Bhatia

"Vitamin Code Kids is a great product for children. It beats any candy and kids enjoy them, too. "
- Sunder K.
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Rs. 1,425.12 Rs. 769.18
Now Foods Kid Vits Chewable - Berry Blast

"Our son has taken these for several years and loves the taste. Every morning he asks for his vitamins and he loves the different animal shapes. It gets him excited about taking his vitamins every day."
- Eric Ingalls

"Minha filha não gostou do sabor, isso interferiu pouco para avaliação total. Sendo assim deveriam ter mais opções de sabores, pois as vitaminas são de otima qualidade."
- fraancisco roberto nascimento da silva
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Rs. 1,299.30 Rs. 828.73
Michael's Pre-Teen Girls

"Living with a teenager, it's hard to keep up with there busy life and to keep up with their vitamin intake, so I give them this product and there on the go."
- Jen

"Pre-Teen Girls has made a massive positive change in my daughter! I would highly recommend it to anyone with a over-emotional, teary and highly irrational pre-teen girl."
- Olivia K.
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Rs. 2,059.25 Rs. 1,750.58
Nature's Plus Animal Parade Shake

"My son has been drinking the Animal Parade Shake since he was 1 1/2. He has reflux and wouldn't eat anything solid. The docs wanted him on Ensure, but I brought this to the specialist at the childrens hospital and they said it was great. He was underweight and not eating. He's 3 now, still drinking Animal Parade and gaining weight and I'm not worried about his dietary needs anymore. What a blessing!"
- Anonymous

"My now 3 year old has been enjoying this product for about 2 years now! I mix it with milk & he thinks he's getting a treat! The best part is that I feel like he is getting a lot of good stuff that may fill in some of the gaps that his picky appetite leaves."
- Lori Ebner
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Rs. 1,114.77 Rs. 851.80
Dynamic Health Laboratories Multi Vitamin with Minerals For Children

"My child loves this Multiple Vitamin. It tastes great and has a good amount of the vitamins kids need. I especially liked it because my child needed more iron and this one has a high amount compared to other vitamins I looked at. I also liked what it didn't have in it, meaning dyes, artificial sweeteners and synthetic vitamins. "
- Dennis

"Multi Vitamins & Minerals for Children has potassium sorbate which isn't listed in the ingredients. I prefer vitamins with no preservatives so I didn't try it. It would be helpful if there were better details on ingredients."
- David Terray
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Rs. 1,072.83 Rs. 684.46
Thompson Children's Chewable Multi

"Kids loved the punch flavor!"
- K E Blomfield

"As crianças gostaram do sabor! Muito palatável e com gosto não tão forte. "
- Liza Bassani Haeberle
Read 3 Reviews >
Rs. 1,509.00 Rs. 1,351.31
Hero Nutritionals Yummi Bears Whole Food Plus Antioxidants

"Great source of vitamins. Better variety of vitamin shapes could help children get more excited about taking them."
- Juan O Garcia Jr

"My 2 and half year old loves Yummi Bears Whole Food Plus Antioxidants. I love that they are whole food and organic!"
- Eden
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Rs. 1,634.82 Rs. 981.40
Michael's Children's Chewables

"Michael's Children's Chewables are the only chewable children's vitamins without artificial colors or flavoring and are sweetened without sugar, corn sweeteners or artificial sweeteners. My kids love them!"
- Katelyn V.

"Children's Chewables is a great product!"
- Katelyn V.
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Rs. 1,509.00 Rs. 1,207.03
Twinlab Infant Care

"We use to give our baby regular D-Drops and then came across this product. We showed it to our Pediatrician who was very happy with the ingredients in it. Very Beneficial! Would recommend this product with no hesitation. Baby likes the taste too :)"
- Danny Carvalho

"Its an excellent product, I definitelly recommend it, its a total Infant-child development booster; my doughter love it and she seems to enjoy taking her vitamins every morning. An A+ Vitamin drops!"
- Carlos H. Barrientos
Read 2 Reviews >
Rs. 2,347.80 Rs. 1,643.21
Rainbow Light Kids One Chewable Multivitamin and Mineral

"Great product, tasteful and my kids loved it. Buying it again."
- Lilian Souldatou

"My son like it very much! :)"
- Andrey Ssdovnikov
Read 2 Reviews >
Rs. 1,676.76 Rs. 1,501.03
Hero Nutritionals Yummi Bears Children's Complete Multi-Vitamin

"Kids love these, they look forward to their daily dose! The taste is good, these vitamins do not cause allergy. "
- Valentyn Melnychenko

"My girls loved these vitamins and the great part is that they are healthy and vegetarian. "
- jen
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Rs. 1,509.00 Rs. 857.25
Nature's Way Alive! Children's Multi-Vitamin

"They have more of a vitamin taste than I expected. I gave it to my grandson and it took him a minute to accept it. He had it in his mouth when he left the room. Hopefully he continued to eat it. I've RNY and I purchased them for myself, however I'm not sure I'd buy them again. The other chewables that I normally purchase taste better I think. Only been taking them for 3 days. "
- Pam

"Multivitamínico completo para crianças com 26 frutas e varias verduras. As crianças adoram!! Tem vários sabores e o gosto é delicioso. Da até vontade de comer tudo. Tem todas as vitaminas essenciais e na dosagem ideal para criança. Não vai ter excesso de vitaminas e nenhum efeito colateral. Estou adorando esta marca. As crianças adoram e sempre pede esta vitamina após as refeições e até querem mais. Se deixar querem tomar toda hora. Além disso, tomam sem reclamar e com satisfação o que era muito difícil nas marcas anteriores que eu usava. Vitaminas de alta qualidade, eu recomendo a todos!! Da prazer de comer esta vitamina saborosa e muito saudável. Essa vitamina é excelente para criança com Vitaminas de A a Z, ainda tem composição ideal de frutas e verduras para aumentar o sistema imunológico. Diga adeus a gripes, resfriados e febres. Alive! é totalmente fantástico! "
- Mike S.
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Rs. 2,347.80 Rs. 1,509.00
Lil Critters Gummy Vites

"My little ones like it in every aspect. Easy way to give all vital vitamins to children. "
- Naresh Sood

"Сообщите, что вам понравилось, а что не понравилось в этом продукте."
- Aleksandr Lavrentev
Read 2 Reviews >
Rs. 611.49 Rs. 459.66
Solaray Vitamins  Minerals Children's

"Meus filhos gostaram do gosto das partilhas. São um poucos grandes mais é tranquilo porque são mastigaveis."
- Vandressa Pereira
Read 1 Reviews >
Rs. 2,285.73 Rs. 1,942.66
Nature's Plus Animal Parade Multiple

"Meu filho adora essa vitmamina. O sabor é muito bom e as concentrações também são boas. Pedi de outro fabricante uma vez e ele não gostou muito do sabor. Estou pedindo novamente de sabores diferentes para fazer o teste, mas creio que ele vá gostar. Vitamina que vale a pena dar para seu filho!"
Read 1 Reviews >
Rs. 1,014.11 Rs. 608.97
Kal MultiSaurus Vitamins  Minerals

"All three of my young children love the shapes, colors, and especially the flavors of MultiSaurus Berry, Grape & Orange Multivitamins. What I like most about the MultiSaurus Berry, Grape and Orange Multivitamins is that they are all natural without added sugars to flavor them."
- Colleen Hotz
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Rs. 2,512.21 Rs. 2,135.58
Nature's Plus Animal Parade Gummies

"Muito bom, minha filha adorou. Ótimo para crianças que não gostam de tomar remédio, o gosto é bem agradável."
- Priscila Pereira
Read 1 Reviews >
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