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Now Foods UC-II Type II Collagen 40 Mg

"Aliviou as dores na articulação coxo femural."
- Carlois M Almeida Mendes

"Excelente colágeno UCII Now Foods. Maravilhoso para dores nas articulações. Eu tenho artrite reumatoide e já utilizo esse produto a quase 2 anos, claro fazendo algumas pausas, e tem sido excelente para a minha doença, pois sentia muitas dores por todo o corpo principalmente pés e joelhos. E apos utiliza-lo melhorei muito, minha doença esta estabilizada, também utilizei a vitamina d3. Então recomendo muito a loja e o produto. Obrigado."
- Maria das Graças Araujo Bezerra
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Rs. 2,773.80 Rs. 1,267.09
Now Foods UC-II Joint Health Collagen 40 Mg

"Excelente produto, eu estava com algumas dores em algumas juntas, principalmente nos pés e após o uso deste produto eu melhorei bastante. Agora posso andar sem sentir dores localizadas. A minha esposa já usava este produto há algum tempo tendo tido melhoras significativas nos sintomas que ela estava sentindo."
- Isaias Jr

"Moro no Brasil e o pedido chegou em menos de 1 mês. Achei um tempo bom e fiquei satisfeita com as condições de envio. O UCII da now é um produto de muita qualidade, auxilia na redução das dores articulares, perfeito para quem faz atividade física, por diminuir a percepção de dor e melhorar a mobilidade. Recomento o suplemento e o site. "
- Vanessa Cavalcante Lima
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Rs. 4,620.20 Rs. 3,392.63
Greek Island Labs Natural Joint

"I bought Natural Joint for my mum, whose arthritis in her hands didn't let her sleep. After three days use told me that on the forth night she had painless sleep. I bought it because it was highly recommended by other users -- well that wasn't a lie. I highly recommend it myself. "
- Lilian S.

"These vitamins for joint pain are the best I've ever used. They really work well. I had trouble even bending my left knee. When I am taking Natural Joint regularly, I can bend my left knee without any pain."
- Sandra
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Rs. 2,185.24 Rs. 1,523.53
Thompson Glucosamine Chondroitin with MSM and Turmeric

"I use this product for the arthrosis in my hips. My doctor recommended me this product with a side note that it helps some people with arthrosis. After using this product for a short time, I noticed that the burning pain I had, started to diminish. I would definitely recommend this product to people with similar issues. "
- Leroy Bakker

"Very nice, I started to feel the deference in my second day of using this high quality capsules, & very easy to swallow. "
- Sameer Al Qodwa
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Rs. 2,773.80
eVitamins UC-II Type 2

"Tomo esse suplemento há alguns meses. Indicação de um amigo, cliente da evitamins, para artrose. As dores no quadril direito reduziram de forma bem significativa. Vou continuar utilizando. Recomendo."

"Tomo esse suplemento há uns 6 meses. Minhas dores nos joelhos reduziram de forma significativa depois que passei a usar. Não posso mais ficar sem ele. Recomendo para quem tem os mesmos problemas."
- cleomar f s lira
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Rs. 2,518.20 Rs. 2,054.49
NeoCell Collagen 2 Joint Complex 2-400 mg

"Great product. It really works. "
- Ada Mercado

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Rs. 2,815.84 Rs. 1,795.95
Michael's Joint Mobility Factors

"It's hard to tell exactly, because there are many factors in to good health: attitude, exercise, avoiding inflammatory foods, taking minerals, etc, but it feels like this product is helping. Thanks. :) "
- Maestro Alex

"You miss Joint Mobility Factors if you stop taking them and realize how well they were working."
- Grania H.
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Rs. 2,801.55 Rs. 2,101.16
Irwin Naturals 3 in 1 Joint Formula

"Pros.. seems to work well, less pain and more movement in my knees. CONS.. you have to take 2 pill, 3 times per day. Bottle comes with 15 day supply.."
- William Hadder

"3 in 1 Joint Formula is a great product! I noticed the difference in 7 days! I tried the other glucosamine products but my fingers remained inflamed. This product is amazing. My inflammation is down. The only negative is taking the pills 6x/day. I highly recommend it!"
- Anonymous
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Rs. 629.76 Rs. 513.31
Boericke and Tafel Triflora Gel

"I purchased this Triflora for my mom and started using it for myself. this really worked. I no longer have severe joint pain after my workouts. It's great."
- Lisa

"What an excellent product! I have used it for arthritis, carpal tunnel, backaches, tendonitis. Works much BETTER than Arnica alone and no odor or staining! My local health food place stopped carrying it and sells something that costs 5 times more now. Try it, it works!!!"
- Nancy
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Rs. 2,518.20 Rs. 1,436.93
eVitamins Neptune Krill Oil

"I used this to help with my skin and heart health, I love a natural product, great price point as well. Highly recommend "
- Anna Edwards
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Rs. 2,521.56 Rs. 2,017.08
Gaia Herbs Turmeric Supreme Joint

"I work on a computer all day and experience joint pain. This product is unmatched for effectiveness and I recommend it to all my friends."
- Joey Wheeler

"Once I started taking these Turmeric Supreme Joint 60 Vegetarian Liquid Photo-Caps I could see a huge difference. I work on a computer all day for my jobs and was starting to notice my hands getting sore and my wrists bothering me. I heard some positive things about this product and once I started taking it i could feel the difference. Great product! "
- Harley Kensington
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Rs. 2,280.25 Rs. 1,710.19
Mt Angel Vitamins Go-out Plex

"Go-OutPlex helps on joint pain."
- James S Smith

"I have a knee problem and this product helps me incredibly. "
- Holly Nadeau
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Rs. 5,199.51 Rs. 3,856.75
Osteo Bi-Flex Joint Health Triple Strength

"Uso Osteo Bi Flex a mais ou menos 3 anos...tive uma melhora absurda no joelho...Eu o recomendo a todos que tem dores nos joelhos e articulações."

"eu amo e indico, nunca mais tive dores no joelho. "
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Rs. 2,647.68 Rs. 2,026.75
Natrol CetylPure

"Three years ago, I was in an auto accident. I never experienced pain before. But, this was unusual. Upon getting out of bed, up from a chair, or doing certain floor exercises, I would experience a dull pain in my side, as if a metal rod was digging into me. I had different diagnoses form 2 chiropractors and an acupuncturist. One said I had a disk problem. The other diagnosed it as a tilted hip. Chiropractic treatment and acupuncture afforded little benefit. After 6 months of each, the conclusion was "learn to live with it." As a favor to a friend, I was asked to pick up some glucosomine, for her. I purchased CetylPure. But she said this was not what she wanted. Not wanting the trouble of returning it, I started taking it, myself. In a matter of days, the dull pain, very suddenly and unexpectedly just disappeared. Nearly a year later, I don't even remember what side of me it was on. I told another friend about it. She was about to undergo surgery for a painful shoulder condition. She purchased CetylPure. Two weeks later she told me she was 90% improved. Before finishing the bottle, she called off the surgery. She feels great."
- Marlene
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Rs. 3,698.68 Rs. 2,495.91
Labrada Nutrition ElastiJoint

"Отличная добавка для суставов. Единственная из добавок, которая мне действительно помогла. У меня очень болело колено, после недлительного применения этой добавки, я вообще забыла об этой проблеме. Банки хватает на месяц. Но не надейтесь, что она поможет вылечить тяжелые формы заболеваний суставов."
- Alex
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Rs. 5,296.20 Rs. 4,299.43
Olympian Labs Fibro-X

"I have been using Fibro-X for 15 years and cannot do without it. It took a few weeks to see results, but the pain in the hips and center back stopped first. When I have difficulty getting the product and supplies run low I lower my dosage and feel the pain and fatigue returning .especially in my hands, hips and neck. I usually don't let it get further than that. "
- Iris D.
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Rs. 2,938.60 Rs. 2,011.61
Inholtra Premium Lubri-Joint

"I was very skeptical that any product could ease the pain in my feet and hands that I was experiencing at the onset of menopause. I bought Premium Lubri-Joint at the recommendation of a clerk in a health food store. I felt results within days, not weeks, of taking the product. If I skip a day or two the pain returns so I am sure that this product is helping my joints directly. Great product - will continue to use it daily!"
- Barbara Wolf
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Rs. 4,750.52 Rs. 3,563.31
Carlson Labs Nutra-Support Joint

"My knee that has been scoped for a meniscus tear feels a lot better since I have been taking this."
- George Harrison
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Rs. 1,625.27 Rs. 1,243.54
Natural Balance Super Flex Joint Formula

"Com apenas 4 dias de uso minhas dores e estalos no joelho e punho acabaram, excelente produto. Excelente atendimento da evitamins, produto chegou com apenas 15 dias."
- Evandro Teixeira
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Rs. 3,594.42 Rs. 2,516.51
Source Naturals Inflama-Rest

"This is the only product that has helped me so far! I've tried all drugstore stuff but would still get a super bloated abdomen due to inflammation. Highly recommended for endometriosis."
- Dianne
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Rs. 1,680.76 Rs. 907.22
Now Foods Celadrin Liposome Lotion

"NOW's, Celadrin Liposome Lotion is a great product to use on achy joints. I have some mild arthritis in my finger joints. When I rub this cream on these joints the pain subsides. The cream has a silky texture when you rub it into your skin. As the bottle says, It is fast acting. It relieves my joint pain quickly."
- KHiller
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Rs. 1,260.36 Rs. 680.21
Now Foods Joint Support Cream

"Άριστο για τα καταπονημένα γόνατα της μητέρας μου 87 χρόνων και τα δικά μου καθώς η δουλειά μου είναι χειρωνακτική."
- ?????S G?O?G??S
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Rs. 3,353.11 Rs. 2,850.31
Buried Treasure Joint-Ease

"My husband suffers from shoulder problems and has for years. He is very active and works out 5 days a week lifting very heavy weights. He was almost sidelined by this shoulder pain. I found this vitamin and thought we could try it since I already used and enjoyed this same brand's multi vitamin. He took this product for a month. Then due to holiday travel was off of it for 5 days. He noticed a difference in his pain increase by not taking it for those few days. He is a believer and has since asked me to order more for him. I am happy with the other vitamins this brand has as well."
- Anonymous
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Rs. 3,106.76 Rs. 1,981.35
Naturally Medizym

"I have been using Medizym for about 1 month. Originally I started taking Wobenzym N about 3 years ago, then it seems I had a hard time getting it. I switch over to a product called Vitalzym. It worked for a while for me, but a friend of mine told me about Medizym. Since I started taking this supplement, I seem to have more energy and my knees don't hurt as much. I'll post back again in a few months to let you know my progress."
- David R.
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