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Immune System Reviews

Rs. 716.49 Rs. 457.92
Thompson Mineral Complex


an excellent mineral supplement for those who have a busy life and can not feed themselves adequately.
- Tito19Jr

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Excellent, my father and I took this product, we feel an improvement in our health. My 78-year-old father felt stronger and more disposed. And I also felt an improvement in my mood. I study a lot and spend a lot of energy. This product keeps me very ready for the day to day.
- jeffrey ferreira benencase
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Rs. 1,058.47 Rs. 675.62
Nature's Life Magnesium Malate

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Very good product. Tomo has already been thirty days and I felt more energy and disposition during the day.

Very good product. Tomo has already been thirty days and I felt more energy and disposition during the day.

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My aching joints are gone, I take it along with Vitamin D3 that I buy here in Evitaminas. This magnesium magnesium 1,300mg is very large and hard and as I have difficulties to swallow I have to chew with water, but not bad the taste is well tolerable. I liked my purchase, very satisfied.
- Nina
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Rs. 1,917.60 Rs. 1,266.16
Nature's Life Magnesium Malate

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Great product

I noticed a lot of improvement in my mood. Hair loss and back pain decreased considerably.
- Débora Helena Porto

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Very good, but I prefer magnesium in the threonate form because it is more effective because it passes the blood-brain barrier.
- Rene de Lima Barboza
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Rs. 6,004.69 Rs. 4,869.48
Olympian Labs Herp-Eeze

So, Herp-Eeze Next Generation sounds like it would be a good NATURAL alternative so I went ahead and bought it and thought I would be satisfied and make the best of things. Wrong! Once I received the product, I found a little disclaimer, which this page failed to show, that this contains a CHEMICAL which causes birth defects! Had I known this prior to purchasing it, I would have at least had a choice. Instead, it's money down the drain because I am not about to take THAT kind of risk.
- Jill

Before Herp-Eeze I was getting fever blisters from stress or colds once or twice month. I have been taking he dietary supplement for about two years now, and have not broke out since, with the exception of one occurrence, when I ran out of Herp-Eeze and didn't take them for about a month. This product is a miracle, NO more sores!
- April
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Rs. 2,751.70 Rs. 2,201.19
Michael's Quick Immune Response

Michael's Quick immune response- It makes a positive difference!

I take Michael's quick immune response regularly along with my multi-vitamin. No negative side effects. I ran out of these this month- I am sitting here with a head cold! After taking this product for years, I truly believe it does make a difference in keeping down all sorts of infections.
- Susan K.

Great product

As soon as I started taking this I noticed that I was experiencing less headaches and allergy symptoms. It improved my overall wellness, although I could tell the moment I stopped taking this that my immune system crashed! I don't know how to improve my immune system without long term use of vitamins.
- Emily Breitbach
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Rs. 1,063.48 Rs. 744.85
Source Naturals Wellness Formula

Highly Recommended.

Excellent product. Really helps with an easing of flu symptoms. Also helps just to feel good. Easy to swallow. Good also as a prevention - take every day.
- Vitaly Rozenfeld

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General health

This product is exceptional, can be used both before some pathological state and to improve and increase the immune system. It has the main antioxidants and vitamins that improve and much the general health. Can also be used by the elderly in a preventive way !!! I recommend the use !!!
- Roberto A Meirelles
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Rs. 2,001.01 Rs. 1,080.16
Now Foods Colostrum 500 mg

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Great product

My son almost did not catch the flu during the period that consumed the colostrum. It really boosted immunity.
- Lilian Kelly Costa Rodrigues

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Great result

Great product, I'm feeling quite different in my immunity, my skin has improved. I recommend the brand very reliable, I always look for this brand, because the price is good, great cost benefit.
- Maria Georgina M Tonello
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Rs. 1,292.86 Rs. 1,099.34
Nature's Plus Biorutin

Well, I purchased the Biorutin 1,000 mg for tinnitus. It was not helpful for that, at all. I did, however, notice that the veins in my legs are a bit smoother and the skin on my hands seems to have a little plumper look to it, making it appear a bit smoother. Hope I'm not imagining. Nevertheless it has prompted me to make at least one more purchase of the biorutin.
- Anonymous

The service was good and the biorutin seems to be helping. Thank you.
- Bertha Goodwin
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Rs. 1,778.30 Rs. 1,333.73
Irwin Naturals Immuno-Shield

First time order

Great prices and fast delivery. Had no issues what soever with the first order of this product. Compared to the same item locally, evitamins price is a lot cheaper.
- Peter B.

Immuno-Shield has no side effects no matter when I take it. I find it can stop a cold in its tracts if I begin taking this at the very first symptom of a cold. It also seems to stop cold sores from "coming out" if I take it at the first tingle of my lip.
- Anonymous
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Rs. 532.99 Rs. 340.31
Thompson Rutin 500 mg

- Helmuth Pacheco Salazar


Great product!
- Karren Matthews
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Rs. 3,919.44 Rs. 2,997.76
ESSIAC Products ESSIAC Herbal Tea

Fantastic Supplement for Immunity Boost

This tea has really helped improve my vitals and they did not go down even during the chemo therapy. I totally recommend the supplement for anyone going through immunity challenges (including cancer).
- Kusum

Before ESSIAC™ Herbal Tea I had blood in my urine, all my joints hurt and I had a spot on my lung. The Dr thought I had bladder cancer with all the blood in my urine. I lost my insurance for a year and a half and found Essiac. I took it because I smoke and thought it might prevent cancer. I drank it for a year and a half. I got a new job and insurance, went back to the Dr, it was all clean. Then like stupid here I stopped. Two years now and I have blood in my urine and my joints hurt, so on Caisse's 4 life. It works.
- Anonymous
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Rs. 1,834.19 Rs. 1,421.31
Enzymatic Therapy Immune Strong Wellness Booster Plus

It's always hard to tell when vitamins or things like that work because usually you don't feel any different but you just know they are providing you with intrinsic benefits. I have been taking Thymuplex since July and have not had a cold, avoided the swine flu, and the normal flu even though it has been around my office and friends. I started taking it because I was diagnosed with lo-risk HPV. A way of fighting that is building your immune system. While treatments and medications have made no progress with my HPV, I still feel like I have felt great and have avoided getting easy to catch sickness' and virus. So I give it a thumbs up!
- Anonymous

I have been taking this product once a day for two years now and I have been sick with a minor cold only once.
- Debbie
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Rs. 1,500.55 Rs. 1,162.32
Enzymatic Therapy Saventaro

I enjoyed the prompt service and great supplement. I will use your site again.
- Alan K.

I was taking a liquid form of Cat's Claw for immune system support to help ongoing severe herpes. However, the Saventaro was recommended by my vitamin store as a stronger version - I found it much more effective and faster in reducing/eliminating the severity and length of time for symptoms associated with this virus. Best taken in low steady dose to allow body time to purge toxins.
- Anonymous
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Rs. 2,414.72 Rs. 1,810.83
American Biotech Labs Silver Biotics

I'm still not sure yet. I have been taking 2-3 tsp/day, for 2 months.
- Kathy

Silver Biotics has prevented me from becoming sick. Especially when treating others. Every mother should have a bottle on hand at all times. It has also killed strep and the swine flu.
- Anonymous
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Rs. 1,000.09 Rs. 750.06
Nature's Way System Well Ultimate Immunity

I think that this product is an excellent way to make sure that your immune system is as good as it can be.
- Robert Dayus

This product is excellent. I highly recommend it!.
- Maria J. Alejandro-resto
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Rs. 2,000.17 Rs. 1,400.45
Source Naturals Wellness Formula

Perfect Formula

Excellent product!!! It helps a lot in the prevention of winter diseases. So far, perfect work (after 2 months of winter). As well it was very useful as a complementary treatment of UTI. Really - Wellness Formula.
- Vitaly Rozenfeld

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- Maria Georgina M Tonello
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Rs. 1,317.04 Rs. 1,000.09
Natrol Alpha Lipoic Acid

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Wonderful antioxidant, improves your handling of ingested carbohydrates, improves your skin, hair and general appearance, is like a kind of eternal youth pill.
- Martha Yaneth Becerra Prieto

I really like this product, especially the fact that it has a time release benefit. My doctor recommended it and I feel like it helps me being a Diabetic. I won't get another variety than the time release, I've done it in the past but don't feel like I'm getting the same benefits.
- Bill Burkel
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Rs. 1,700.73 Rs. 1,084.75
Thompson Royal Jelly

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liked it

I tried the royal jelly the first time, enjoyed it, felt better in my memory and mental tiredness. It's worth it, I recommend it.

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More energy and immune system

Very good the product makes you feel more energy in the day to day and still strengthens your immune system.
- Francisco Jaime
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Rs. 2,167.83 Rs. 1,517.23
Only Natural Berberine 1000

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If it is effective

I have insulin resistance and this product has helped me keep my glucose level healthy
- Rosa Ana De Alba

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Good cost-benefit

I liked the product, good value for money. Barberina is great for your health.
- Maria Gabriela Cordazzo
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Rs. 1,917.60 Rs. 1,437.99
A Vogel Echinaforce Immune Drops

Echinaforce Immune Drops are great to have at hand especially during the "flu" season. I have been taking the drops [which I bought at my local health food store] as a alternative to prescribed drugs. I feel more in control with their use. Being a music teacher and open to lots of viral posibilites while having to continuosly touch guitars and pianos. They seem to have a solid action that I can trust and I feel somewhat more active.
- Samuel Blake

We have been using this Echinaforce product for years and were afraid that it might not be available in america - but it is! It is the best anti-illness remedy we have ever used.
- Pat
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Rs. 966.72 Rs. 723.16
Natra-Bio Adrenal Support

It works! I get allergy relief, boosted energy, boosted confidence, and feel good about myself. Try it, you'll like it. I've shared it with friends a few times with positive results.
- Justin Bennett

It is a great product. It increases your energy and helps fight off allergies and infections. I have used it for years.
- Margaret Chase
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Rs. 4,045.39 Rs. 2,831.77
Source Naturals Wellness Formula

Great immunity booster

Great boost for the immunity system, I take it every time I feel that I’m coming down with something, and I always feel much better the next day. If it continues I keep on taking for few more days. It is my go to remedy...
- Yaara

my #1 go to for boosting the immune system

I love this product, whenever I feel like I am going to get a cold or the flu, I take it right away, and few hours later I'm totally fine, it is amazing... It is the allergy season here, so I decided to give it a try just to boost my immune system, and it definitely works, I take once a day 2 pills, and the allergies are much better. I am so pleased.
- Osnat108
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Rs. 2,001.01 Rs. 1,080.16
Now Foods Super Colostrum

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Pretty good I would say.
- Mat El

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Great for the immune system!

Now products are great and this Super Colostrum is great for boosting the immune system!
- Isaque Francelino
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Rs. 1,667.37 Rs. 899.99
Now Foods Immune Renew

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Helped me even with postoperative recovery

It helped me a lot to go through periods when the body becomes more debilitated, without flu or other diseases related to lack of immunity ... Whenever immunity falls, many things bother me ... I did very well in the period I took Immune Renew.
- Bianca Mounic Gava Nogueira dos Santos

Great product

Works wonders in boosting and modulating your immune system. Good as preventive measure when you are sleep deprived and under bad weather. It’s also a good idea to associate it with other immune boosters, like omega-3, vitamin D-3, cat’s claw, ginger, turmeric, etc.
- JV
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