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Now Foods Organic Flax Seed Meal

"This product is a great source of fiber and easily mixed in my breakfast shake; it has helped to regulate by digestive system. Its great you should try it!"
- Cynthia Brown

"Now's Organic Flax Seed Meal is great for digestive health. I use it to supplement my morning breakfast shake; and since I have been using this product I have not problems with irregularity. What a great supplement!"
- Cynthia
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Rs. 921.84 Rs. 497.41
Now Foods Flax Oil

"Good product, I have started using this two months ago and I noticed some improvement on my skin. It is very easy to take as well. "
- Andrea Almeida Reis

"Great product - No fishy aftertaste or burps!"
- Matthew Brooks
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Rs. 275.97 Rs. 251.64
Now Foods Organic Flax Seeds

"I love the Now Foods Organic Flax Seeds. I add them to my protein shakes or the smoothies I make in my Nutribullet. They add some extra Fiber too and they break down very well. Only issue with them, is if you do blend them up they do form a very thick consistency and can make shakes really thick. If I do add these, I make sure to add an extra 1/4 cup of liquid to offset it. Great product through. "
- Harley Kensington

"I normally add this to my shakes for extra fiber and omega. I'm not sure if its helping but I guess it is. Doing it cause a relative recommended it."
- Safraz Kasooji
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Rs. 1,760.64 Rs. 1,131.75
Flora Udo's Oil DHA 3-6-9 Blend

"My chiropracter recommended I take Udo's 3-6-9 Oil Blend due to dry skin patches developing around my hair line. My hair has fully grown back and is healthy. I have a one month old son. For the last several nights he has been quite colicky and irritable. Although tired from staying up with him, I noticed that I was not irritable at all, but I know I would normally be. I also have only six pounds left to lose to be back to my before pregnancy weight. Great results for only one month."
- Anonymous

"I used the Udo's Choice Oil Blend product for about 9 months while on a weight loss program. The Omega 3 and 6 and evening primrose oil are excellent for your heart, PMS, and I never felt better. Wish I hadn't stopped it; however I am back for more and can't wait to see the great results again. The weight dropped off quickly on a very healthy and nutritious diet."
- Mary Robbins
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Rs. 2,012.28 Rs. 1,086.25
Now Foods Flax Oil

"This flax oil is the only way to go. So easy to take, even though the caps are large I have no problems. Because it is in cap form, there's no taste involved and is a quick and easy additional to my daily morning vitamin consumption."
- Matthew Brooks
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Rs. 1,215.42 Rs. 911.78
Solgar Flaxseed Oil 1250 mg

"I was told that I have Endometriosis about 2 years ago and that was after years of being in pain and not knowing why. Since taking Flaxseed Oil the pain I feel during my period is almost non-existant. I used to take between 20-25 pills in 4 days just to get through my period. Now I take a Motrin and it lasts for at least 8 hours. Flaxseed oil is natural and it works better than anything else I have tried."
- Dime
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Rs. 2,196.82 Rs. 1,668.37
Health From the Sun The Total EFA

"I have used this essential fatty acid supplement for a couple of years. It has the advantage of a reasonable mix of omega 3/6/9 oils, and it doesn't seem to give your breathe a fishy smell. It does have beneficial (and quite noticable) effects on my skin, which is less dry. However, I haven't noticed any significant change in cholestrol levels as a result of taking the oils. However, I do take 1/3 the recommended dose to avoid acne breakups."
- Anonymous
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Rs. 2,138.10 Rs. 1,714.93
Olympian Labs Flax Seed Oil High Lignans 1000 mg

"The flax seed caplets produce an increased energy level in addition to other benefits."
- Anonymous
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Rs. 719.69 Rs. 604.77
Barlean's Forti-Flax

"I love this in shakes great for skin and menopause."
- Missy Buchanan
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Rs. 1,940.14 Rs. 1,629.79
Barlean's Lignan Flax Oil

"Замечательное льняное масло — хороший и натуральный источник незаменимых жиров. Я ем его с творогом, кашами, добавляю в салаты — очень вкусно! Бутылочка темная, поэтому свет не губит масло, сохраняя все полезности, также есть очень удобный дозатор, масло никогда с ним не прольется."
- Alex Wilke
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Rs. 978.88 Rs. 822.02
Barlean's Flax Oil

"Thanks for quick shipping on this Fish Oil. You are great."
- Gabil M.
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Rs. 3,605.16 Rs. 3,030.58
Barlean's Flax Oil

"Great product at a reasonable price from a great company."
- Jim R.
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Rs. 3,689.04 Rs. 3,108.59
Barlean's Lignan Flax Oil

"Best quality of flax oil."
- Cyndi Ciambelli
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Rs. 837.96 Rs. 640.42
Deva Organic Vegan Flaxseed Oil

"Llegó pronto... si tiene sabor a "aceite" pero creo que por eso puedo pensar que es genuino..."
- maria teresa chapa reyes
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Rs. 1,089.60 Rs. 588.00
Now Foods Flax Oil

"Na minha idade há produtos que eu devo ter e é um deles. Eu tenho tomado todos os dias. Isso me ajuda a ficar confortável."
- Claudia Poncy
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Rs. 502.44 Rs. 457.98
Now Foods Organic Flax Seeds

"I make my own Kiefer and then blend Kiefer with fruit to make a delicious shake. After blended I add a good amount of NOW Flax seeds and blend just enough to break up the seeds but give a crunch to the shake. My husband and I love it and I provides probiotic, fiber and protein to our diet."
- Jack Sparks
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Rs. 334.68 Rs. 305.32
Now Foods Organic Golden Flax Seeds

"M wife wanted Organic Golden Flax Seeds for baking. She seems to like it. It makes her bread more nutritious and filling. It seems to enhance the taste of it, too. "
- Safraz K.
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Rs. 1,505.65 Rs. 1,076.18
Jarrow Formulas Organic Flaxseed Oil

"Out of all the flaxseed oils this is the least expensive. I have tried the Solgar brand and others and found this brand was just as good as the pricey Solgar one. I have irritable bowel syndrome and CFS and take this for inflammation."
- Rachel Meidan
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Rs. 1,505.65 Rs. 978.88
Zahlers Flax Seed Oil

"I initially got Flax Seed Oil by Zahler to help with my digestive system and to prevent from feeling bloated after eating. After taking it for a couple of weeks I've noticed that I have more energy as well as it has helped with my dry skin, I even have less acne. I would certainly recommend it for anyone but especially those who don't like fish oil. "
- Chris
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